Essay on Health is Wealth expansion of idea in English  1000 words

Essay on health and fitness in English 100/120/150/200/250/500/1000 words long essay/paragraph/speech written for Students in points, class 9/10, and for junior classes. 

In this essay, I have written about the importance of health and physical exercise and how health is wealth for us and how to keep the body strong and healthy

What are the benefits of staying healthy in life and we can do anything in life if we are healthy? Let's see what this essay on health is wealth long life smile.

Essay on Health is Wealth expansion of idea in English

1. Essay on health is wealth 100/120 words

  • Health is the real wealth.
  • We must take care of our health.
  • Junk food should be avoided. Because junk food is bad for your health.
  • We can easily make money if we are in good health.
  • Always eat healthy foods such as green vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Eating good food keeps our body active. Increases mental and physical strength.
  • If our body gets an incurable disease then the money is of no importance.
  • Make sure you do physical exercise and walk every day.
  • Eat your food on time and protect yourself from diseases
  • Health is the most precious treasure in the world.

2. Essay on health is wealth in 150/200 words

  • Good health is far better than crores of rupees in a person's bank account. 
  • It is the great blessing of God. Life is a burden without health. 
  • A sick person can neither work nor enjoy life. 
  • His bad state of health keep him worried about his unhappy life. 
  • He can not taste good dishes. 
  • He cannot move for recreation. 
  • We should know that our body is the temple of God. 
  • To make it a real temple we should avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. 
  • As we know that a sound mind to keep our body fit. We must remember, Health is Wealth.

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3. Essay on health is wealth expansion of idea with example in 250/300 words

Life can never be meaningless if you have good health. With excellent health, you can enjoy good food and the world.

A healthy person can live a happier and more peaceful life than any rich but unhealthy person. That is why we can say that the real asset of a man is his good health.

Health is not only the name of freedom from disease and weakness but also the state of complete physical, social and mental well-being.

Wonderful health is the state of mind, body, and soul of a person in which he is free from any kind of disease, injury, and pain.

If you are strong and healthy then you can be a great example to others and also teach them how to achieve good health.

The sick person, even though rich, remains poor in health. To achieve great health, people must follow a healthy lifestyle.

People who are obsessed with health or do not follow a healthy lifestyle may have high blood-pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, kidney problems, liver disease, and many other health problems.

Best health is also a great blessing from God. Living a disciplined life is essential to maintaining good health. We should always eat a simple and balanced diet.

Exercise is also very important for a healthy body and a healthy mind. So we should exercise daily and take long walks. Good sleep is also important for our health.

Having a clean environment is also very significant for a healthy body. Keeping our body, our home, and our surroundings clean for a healthy life protects us from many diseases.

Drinking plenty of water and laughing a lot is also the best way to keep the body healthy. In addition, we should avoid bad habits, such as smoking and drinking.

A healthy person can earn a huge money but an unhealthy, sick person cannot do all this due to a deficiency of motivation, interest, and strength.

Wealth is very important to live life but good health is the source of living a happy life. So good health is more significant than money. Maintaining excellent health is real wealth.

4. Health is a wealth essay in English 1000 words

What is meant by the proverb Health is Wealth?

Health is a wealth proverb commonly used saying in life. The deep and simple meaning of this saying is that if you are healthy on all sides, then fitness is your real treasure.

If you are not healthy then all the wealth of the world is useless to you. All the great intellectuals of the world have emphasized that it is health that is real wealth and must do physical exercise not pieces of gold and silver.

This proverb means that you must be mentally, socially, and physically healthy. Your thinking ability should be positive, work-efficient, and physically fit & wealth is nothing without health.

In this essay on health is the wealth you can learn more about yourself also. Every human being needs to make changes to keep himself healthy. 

Such as focusing on eating, the way you live your life, how much your thoughts are going forward.

The reason for being the most healthy depends on our surroundings as well as the environment. If you keep clean around you, your thoughts on yourself will also be a positive and mentally healthy life.

Every healthy person can progress quickly in life. And can easily cope with all kinds of difficult times, distresses. The reason is that he will be mentally strong as well.

The ability to reach your goals will be even greater. Therefore, we must take care of every aspect of our health and so good health is the best wealth.

So everyone says the right health and hygiene is the real wealth and one must understand the importance of physical exercise also. Because if you do not stay well then the point of having something in your life, then you will become a burden to others. 

People will be reluctant to talk to you. They will start to stay away from you. Mentally, if the person is not healthy, then the stress increases.

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How to stay healthy while working 

You can become a negative thinking person. And many other factors affect health. Before you even do anything, you start thinking negatively. You cannot finish your job.

Instead of moving forward, you feel yourself falling whereas it is important to be mentally healthy. Only then will our brain easily be able to cope with life's problems.

Everyone wants to have health wealth and prosperity in their life but they should understand prosperity will come if you are physically and mentally fit.

Many people who are not mentally strong sometimes commit suicide. As we read in the newspapers that some children do not get good marks, or if some students fail the exam, they kill themselves.

Therefore, students and all people should take care of their health. You can read this article as health is wealth speech & spread awareness to be healthy. 

In today's world, people think of making only and only money. The reason for this is money, if we have money, is our life will be prosperous.  

When the person is just making money does not pay attention to his health and suffers from many ailments. 

Stress begins to overwhelm. A disease that causes stress can include diabetes, negative thinking, etc. 

Generally, health and wealth are two different factors but people think that if a person is rich, he is much healthier. This assumption is absolutely wrong.

You have seen many rich people are not healthy despite having money because health is the best wealth.

You may have noticed that the number of patients in a hospital is some of the rich and some are poor.  If you ask any patient to see what is most important to them then their answer will be that my health just gets better. I don't need anything else

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What is the importance of health is wealth and physical exercise

  • First of all, one should create a time table. In which everyone writes carefully about what he is eating and what he should eat. That means making a balanced meal list. 
  • All sorts of junk food, soft drinks must be avoided because health is the greatest gift of contentment the greatest wealth for all.
  • Everyone must try to eat a balanced diet because nowadays people are fond of food and do not like to cook their own food which is not good for health.  On the other hand, while eating healthy food, exercise is also important for everyone.
  • Get up early in the morning for a walk. In the morning, the air is clear and pure. Each person should walk at least 10,000 steps, which is approximately 8 kilometers. 
  • Drink as much water as you can. Drinking much water does not accumulate fat inside the body and makes the body active.
  • The gym also plays an important role in making health a value. Exercise at least 30 minutes in the gym every day or so.
  • Technology is evolving as it is, but human beings are becoming lazy when it comes to their fitness and forgetting the greatest wealth is health for life.
  • Being lazy can slowly spread the disease. Then when the doctor gives advice, the person also starts exercising. Don't quit exercising and keep it up. At least everyone should read about true wealth is health articles.
  • Abstain from alcohol, smoking, tobacco, etc. Because alcohol causes liver and kidney damage quickly.
  • Smoking and tobacco can lead to mouth and lung cancer. Many people make the excuse that little to nothing happens with drugs. However, any kind of intoxication slowly destroys our bodies. Always control anger. 
  • An angry person always causes headaches for others. It has an effect on the body and also on the nerves. Excessive anger or over-acting can also be a sign of stress. so it's better to speak with love. A healthy person always treats with love.
  • Use your free time. Because someone really said that the idle brain is the home of the devil. Get into the habit of reading books in your spare time & get knowledge about health is wealth information available on the internet also. 
  • Read the good articles & spending time with books provides keep your mind busy. When you read good articles, it will have an impact mentally, socially, and physically. It also relieves the tension in the mind.
  • Articles also bring happiness to our lives and change the thinking level. If you are strong mentally, the body will be healthier as well. Avoid negative people because living with negative thoughts can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health. 
  • Negative thoughts always stop moving forward in life. A wrong ideology causes many mental illnesses. Always meet the people who are positive, who inspire us to move forward. And positive thoughts make us healthier. 
  • Use the Internet Properly & watch YouTube which is a social media platform. There are many videos related to health is wealth of information available.
  • These videos talk about making the body healthier. You can exercise by looking at them. People tell about their gym workouts, yoga, eating, etc. We can make our bodies healthier soon. 
  • Cycling makes our body fit. Cycling about 5km daily. You may have noticed that many people in foreign countries value cycling because one keeps the body fit and does not spread any kind of pollution.
  • Most people in India do not like cycling on the road but pay money for cycling in the gym. While exercising in the gym, the blood pressure of the body always stays under control.
  • Always try to be happy and peaceful. Be nice to friends, family members, etc. The burden of people's work is high in foreign countries 
  • But they try to be happy by not giving too much importance to money. Because those people emphasize that health is wealth and with money, you can only buy things. 
  • But sometimes money does not work to improve health. Live life your way Where necessary, seek the advice of others.
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In this health is wealth essay shows us that Everyone doesn't care what people say. Most people have a habit of demotivating you in a dramatic way & giving unsolicited advice. You should live life in a way that people appreciate you. People also salute the rising sun.

When you are successful everyone wants to join you. Then those who have never spoken to you say that they say he/she was my classmate I or we are very good friends. 

To be successful you must first take care of your health and if you are healthy in all aspects, you will easily succeed in any field. So the wise have rightly said health is wealth.

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Why health is important in our life essay?

Ans: We can get success. If we are healthy, then take care of others also. Being healthy we can make happy with others and concentrate on work, study, and other activities. We can perform well in any field. 

How do you write a health is wealth or importance of physical exercise essay?