Environmental pollution essay in English 300 words for class 10 

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Today we need to decontaminate our environment otherwise our environment will gradually become uninhabitable.

1. Write an essay on Environmental pollution in 100 words

  • Pollution is the greatest problem facing a man. 
  • We are living in a polluted world where air, water, food, etc. 
  • It is increasing day by day. 
  • So our health is getting poor. 
  • We are facing many health problems. 
  • Human beings are creating this problem. 
  • They use chemicals gases, acids. 
  • They make nature polluted. 
  • We should save our nature and stop pollution. 
  • We should grow plants and trees. 
  • Then can live a long and healthy life. 
Environmental Pollution Short Essay in English for Class 10

2. Paragraph/speech on environmental pollution in 150 words

  • Pollution is a world-wide problem. 
  • The seas, rivers, and the sky of this world are being polluted by all industrialized countries. 
  • This planet is sinking into the mouth of pollution. 
  • The Indian sub-continent is also a victim of pollution caused by industrialization and over pollution. 
  • The Forests of India are disappearing. 
  • The rivers are filled with industrial waster. 
  • The water of the soil is becoming unfit for human consumption. 
  • Smoke emitted by millions of vehicles on the roads is polluting the atmosphere. 
  • The ozone layer which protects the earth from the harmful rays of the sun is being destroyed. 
  • In Addition to this damage to nature, there is awful noise pollution is our towns and cities. 
  • Remedial measures should be taken to protect this beautiful planet from the harmful effects of pollution. 
  • These measures should be taken immediately, otherwise, the earth cannot be saved. 
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3. Essay on pollution in 200/250 words

  • We are living in a highly polluted world. Industrial wastes and carbon-dioxide have polluted air, water, food, etc. 
  • In short, we can say that everything is polluted. 
  • Our scientists listed the dangers of environmental pollution. 
  • They say that the ozone layer is depleted by carbon-dioxide, and sun rays have become very dangerous to our life on the earth. 
  • Glaciers are melting and the level of seawater is rising. 
  • Many small islands would disappear within the next twenty or thirty years. 
  • These are warnings about a terrible disaster. 
  • All government is worried by this problem. 
  • Man himself is responsible for this disaster. 
  • The excessive use of fertilizers and regular nuclear testing are also responsible for pollution. 
  • Several deadly diseases like the bird flu have already caused great harm. 
  • Contaminated water is also responsible for several deadly diseases. 
  • Unless strict measures are adopted for immediate control of this pollution. 
  • Millions of people on the planet earth would become victims of dozens of new fatal diseases.

4. Essay on air (Environment) pollution 300 words in English

Excessive amounts of dust, fumes, gases, odors, vapors etc. present in the atmosphere layer which are harmful to plants or organisms and disrupt life are called air pollution.

As a result of various activities, various pollutants enter the atmosphere which make the environment toxic and polluted and spoil the natural beauty.

Due to unnatural, unbalanced development and so-called modernity, suspended particulate matter (elements that should be negative from the air) and nitrogen oxide poisoning are increasing in the atmosphere.

The amount of SPM in the air is required to be 100 to 200 micrograms (micro grams) per cubic meter but in most areas it has gone up to 296 to 586 micrograms per cubic meter.

The amount of nitrogen oxide should be 30 micrograms per cubic meter but it has reached 46. The prescribed amount of sulfur dioxide is less than 30 micrograms but it has also increased.

In India, the presence of air pollution particles (PMC) is 71 micrograms per cubic meter, which is ten times higher than the World Health Organization standard. That is why our country has become one of the most polluted countries in the world.

According to the Energy Policy Institute, 40% of the population, especially in the Ganga-Jamna-Sutlej Doab region, has been badly affected by air pollution. As a result, the average age will decrease by three years and in the case of children by nine years. According to the Lungs Care Foundation, one third of our children are overweight or have asthma due to polluted air.

Burning coal, petrol, etc. releases toxic gases like sulfur dioxide carbon and oxide, nitrogen oxides from diesel, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into the air.

Smoke from munitions, rockets, and aircraft pollutes the air above. The smoke produced by burning forest and crop residues is highly polluted due to the occasional high-humidity winds.

Coins, chromium, nickel, vanadium, sulfur, cadmium, etc., which are mixed with fumes and dust due to casting of metals, are highly toxic.

Dust particles and carbon dioxide have a very bad effect on the weather. In the 1970s, the amount of carbon in the air was 311 ppm, which has now risen to 388. One million parts of carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere annually.

If growth continues at this rate, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will reach about 61,500 million tons, or 470 ppm, by the third decade of the 21st century.

In sunlight, many types of hydrocarbons react with nitrogen oxides to form aldehydes. These are called photochemical accidents in scientific terms.

These cause photochemical smog (smoke + mist). It is more common in crowded or industrial areas. In many seasons, especially burning of agricultural residues, and during wars, it increases dramatically.

As the amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere increases, these substances begin to scatter more light coming from the sun, resulting in a decrease in the amount of heat energy reaching the earth.

According to scientists, if this continues then the ice age will come on the earth once again. The opposite is true of the greenhouse effect, which is caused by the large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

It is estimated that if the amount of carbon dioxide at the current rate continues to rise, the earth's temperature will rise by 4 degrees Celsius in the next few decades.

According to experts, rising temperatures will melt the Earth's ice caps and cause flooding. Then the streams will dry up. This population erodes the natural beauty and historical heritage.

Large-scale industrial development in European countries has led to an increase in the amount of acid rain, which has led to a decline in forest development. Thousands of lakes have been damaged by acid rain. This changes the original environment.

Deforestation has created an imbalance in oxygen, weather, and rainfall in the atmosphere. Human life needs as much oxygen as 16 conventional trees produce.

If there are 10 trees in the house then the life span of a person increases by 7 years. A tree can digest 20 kg of dust and 70 tons of carbon annually.

It also contains 85 kg of aerobic mercury, lithium, copper, and other toxic metals or gases. It sucks our toxins and in turn gives us 700 kg of oxygen but we are very ungrateful to these benevolent trees.

Air is not only the life-giver of a human being but all living beings and plants are alive because of it. If it contains a large amount of gases or substances that are harmful to life, then this life-giver becomes deadly.

Today the need is to take good care of the environment, maintain the natural balance and natural beauty. This is not yet on the agenda of our governments; This is not the job of governments alone; We want you to take part in it.

5. Long Essay on Environmental Pollution in 500/1000 words

What do you mean by environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution: Introduction about environmental pollution is that it has become such a problem nowadays that it has become very important to solve this problem. 

Man is responsible for pollution in the environment because the man did not leave nature to make money.  The man was born millions of years ago. 

Mankind has made a lot of progress so far. The world has developed a lot and is constantly evolving. But with this development, human beings have also harmed the climate of our earth and the beauty of nature.

This is the situation today, The air, water, land, food, etc. of our planet have become very polluted. A human being can easily travel in the universe today through a rocket. 

Environmental Pollution types causes effects 

Global warming pollution is on the rise due to the increasing temperature of the earth which has become another fact of environmental pollution. But the things he has made are doing more damage to the climate. 

For example, factory smoke, gasoline in vehicles, exhaust fumes from diesel engines, pesticides used for crops, non-availability of sewerage systems, river and canal water being contaminated with waste products, etc. 

The environment is polluted. Which is having a direct effect on human beings and animals? Many diseases are on the rise. Admittedly, scientists are succeeding in finding all kinds of diseases. 

But on the other hand, every country in the world has failed to keep the environment clean despite taking several steps to solve this problem. 

If we want to live longer on earth, today's humans will have to enforce strict laws to keep the environment clean. Atmospheric pollution is on the rise. When a fire burns like smoke from houses, outdoors, industries, and vehicles. 

It is mixed with smoke and sulfur mist. Which is harmful to humans and animals. And the combination of sulfur fog and smoke causes a very thick concentration called photochemical smog.

Types of environmental pollution

Environmental air pollution particulate matter: Dirty chemical elements are found in the air of our earth directly or indirectly. It spreads pollution in the air by mixing pollutants. There are many causes of air pollution in our climate. 

For example, smoke from petrol and diesel engines and vehicles gets into the air. Chimneys emit smoke from factories.

This smoke poisons our air and surroundings. Increasing impurities in air decrease oxygen levels. As everyone may have noticed, global warming is on the rise. 

This is due to the presence of chemical elements and pesticide stink in the air which is very harmful to human beings and other living beings.

People who smoke also pollute the air. In addition, volcanoes pollute our environment. Because when a volcano erupts, the chemicals in it make the air very polluted. 

Today, air foulness has increased so much that there are huge holes in the weight layer. The ozone layer is the layer that blocks ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

Ultraviolet rays cause skin diseases. This is how environmental pollution is rising day by day.

On the other hand, many diseases are on the rise due to increasing impurities such as difficulty in breathing, asthma, etc. 

Indian farmers burn the straw left after harvesting the wheat or paddy crop and the silica in the straw gets into the air and pollutes the air. 

With so much smoke, the roads are invisible and there are vehicle accidents. Heat pollution is spread by thermal and increase foulness in the air.

Major causes of water pollution on the environment 

Everyone needs water to live in.  Just as the air in our climate is getting polluted and so is the water on earth. Natural water resources are already declining.

 If Human not aware of this fact then surely environmental pollution will increase.  The water in rivers, streams, and lakes is getting so contaminated that the deadly disease like cancer is increasing day by day. 

There are a lot of causes of water pollution such as the dumping of chemicals by factories in rivers and canals. That water reaches our homes. It affects other living things and our health.

Creatures living in rivers and lakes die. Other living things depend only on natural resources.

Humans travel from one place to another by sea. Those useless things are thrown into the ocean. We have seen many times on TV that substances thrown by human beings pollute the water and endanger the lives of living beings. 

That is why water pollution matters is the biggest issue for us. Plastics also make poison in the water. Sometimes sewage and water mix with drinking water which spreads bacteria and causes diseases. 

The mining pollution comes from digging mines for coal and labor use water while digging then all wastage mix with water. 

So we can say water pollution is the biggest issue for every country and needs to work on this matter to save natural water resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Health effects of soil pollution on the environment

Man has become so selfish that he does not care about any kind of spreading foulness everywhere. In order to make more money, he has polluted the soil of the earth.

Many causes of soil pollution like Man sows crops & uses chemicals, pesticides instead of organic farming to get higher yields from crops.

 This is a major reason for environmental pollution. Soil gets dirty with those chemical elements. Those chemicals get into our body which causes many diseases. Many birds die each year from the spraying of these chemicals.

Waste material comes from factories that also taint the soil. Land soil pollution is increased when acid, engine oil, and many other harmful oils are released into the batteries.

Impact of nuclear pollution on human health

Increasing radioactive pollution has a huge impact on humans and animals. The benefits of nuclear energy go hand in hand. But if it is misused, the world could end. 

As we all know, in World War II, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan, destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This was the biggest negative effect of pollution on the environment that we can see even today the organs of people got affected, skin diseases, etc. 

When a country tests an atomic bomb, the temperature suddenly rises. It is very difficult to stop the rays coming out of it.

Fear of leakage wherever nuclear plants are located, waste products are thrown out of the plant, etc. cause cancer. Today, every country has an atomic bomb or a nuclear plant which also causes taint to our climate.

Light pollution is a minor problem in environmental pollution

This is not a big problem but in cities when street lights, airports, programs are on, it raises the temperature. Lighting also increases foulness. Excessive lighting affects our sleep.

Like today's young generation has android phones. They keep using these phones until late at night. This affects their health and sleep. 

At night when vehicles pass on the roads, The bright lights of the vehicles are made invisible to humans and animals and cause accidents.

Effects of noise pollution on the environment

Nowadays, as man is progressing, with it all kinds of pollution have also increased. One of them is noise pollution. 

When there is any program, people turn on the speakers with a lot of noise which creates noise problems in the surroundings.

There are many noise pollution types and examples such as making too much noise of vehicles, making too much noise with speakers in temples and gurudwaras, putting loud bells on vehicles, pressure horns, etc. 

High volume has a direct effect on our brain and. It also causes high blood pressure. Hearing loss occurs. The concentration power of a human being decreases. Noise pollution affects sleep. 

The Waves emanating from telephone towers are another reason. This has a direct effect on birds. You may have noticed that the number of birds in the cities is decreasing day by day.

Every day and night visual pollution occurs on our earth

Nowadays more and more difficulties in seeing human beings start coming from a young age. This is due to the accumulation of foulness in our climate and surroundings, accumulation of smoke, etc. 

People who do welding find it difficult to get pearls. Garbage on the side of the road causes rot. The formation of gases in this waste increases visual pollution. 

The road does not look clear with the smoke coming out of those moving vehicles. Examples are flying dust. With which our environment gets contaminated every day and visual pollution is also spreading due to many other reasons.

Effects of land pollution on the environment

Pollution is the contamination of air water and land from man-made waste. When garbage is dumped on the ground, it pollutes the land. 

Here a lot of examples of land pollution such as Wastage is mixed with land in many ways which do not rot. The stench starts because of garbage. 

As everyone knows, when we go out of town or village, there are heaps of garbage in many places. 

These wastage heaps mix directly or indirectly into the ground which increases the level of land pollution and causes deadly diseases.

Stray animals sleep on these piles of rubbish or put their mouths in them which can also lead to diseases. In other words, it can also be called solid waste pollution.

When it rains, the water collects in one place. Due to the lack of drainage, the water becomes dirty. Slowly dirty water enters the earth which also increases foulness in climate.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, which causes diseases such as malaria and dengue. Stray animals, cattle they drink dirty water and get sick. Everyone should have knowledge about land pollution to keep and clean all around.

Impact of Human pollution and environment 

No climate can be prevented unless people are aware of environmental pollution. Man is responsible for spreading all kinds of foulness. The whole world is developing a lot. 

But there are many countries where pollution levels are rising sharply. In underdeveloped countries, people use open toilets. They do not have washrooms in their homes.

The government of India has asked the public to build bathrooms under the Swachh Yojana and The government has provided latrines. The effect of which has been seen. But many people still go to open defecation which makes our land defilement.

Many people smoke and eat tobacco. Like smoking, pan masala, then they spit in public places who increase dirtiness. 

But people need to resist going out in the open and reduce human-caused pollution. So humans are responsible for environmental pollution explained in this article.


People must be made aware to control pollution. All kinds of pollution in the environment can be reduced if every common and special person is aware of pollution. The government of every country uses various methods to keep the environment clean. 

This is an article on environmental pollution essay in English. Everyone can know about it and spread awareness to all people and hope paragraph on pollution will help to be aware 

But if every citizen of every country acts responsibly, the problems that arise in the atmosphere can be easily solved. Here are some common ways to How can you control the pollution

Prevention and control of environmental pollution

  • Get your vehicles checked for pollution.
  • Use mostly electric vehicles.
  • Smoking, tobacco should be banned in public places.
  • Install separate dustbins for different waste items. So that these wastes can be recycled again.
  • Oil or grease the machine to reduce noise pollution. Use loudspeakers up to a limit. Pressure losers should be banned.
  • Do not throw any waste material in rivers and canals which contaminates our water.
  • Drains and sewerage should be cleaned in a timely manner.
  • Use Organic fertilizer for crops Because chemical pesticides spread environmental pollution that harms humans and animals.
  • Do not throw any kind of useless stuff in the sea.
  • Do not cut down trees & Plant new trees to prevent soil erosion. Global warming is increasing due to deforestation. And glaciers are melting.
  • Factories through which pollution is most prevalent should be inspected.
  • If biogas plants are installed then the gas produced in them can be used.
  • Use the bicycle and adopt the ecosystem.
  • Make some tanks like this water garbage stay one and water can be used for trees etc.


What is environmental pollution a short note?

Environmental pollution consists of two phrases, i.e. surroundings and air pollution. the dictionary that means of surroundings is a combination of surrounding issues, situations, or influences. 

It contains land, water, and air. That means of pollution is to make the surroundings soiled by including dangerous substances to it. 

Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution are the primary forms of environmental pollution.
The issue of environmental pollution has grown to be a horrible drawback. Trendy life fashion, industrialization, urbanization, deforestation are the primary causes of environmental air pollution. 

In all places, we are able to see the heaps of rubbish, emitting foul scents. Darkish clouds of smoke of horns of buses, vehicles, three-wheelers, and energy horns of motorbikes deafen our ears. 

Water pollution by industries dumps their waste merchandise into the rivers. The identical water is used for irrigation and thus pollutes the meals. 

It's unsafe for consuming however individuals dwelling close to the canals and rivers have to make use of it. 

The reason for land pollution is a strong and liquid waster of paper mills, energy vegetation, fertilizer, and pesticides. Then there's noise pollution. Noise may cause harm to the eardrums.

Environmental pollution and well-being hazards go hand in hand. To an incredible extent man himself is accountable for this. 

Consciousness must be created among the many individuals to save lots of the surroundings earlier than it's too late.

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