Value/importance of sports and games essay in English in student life

Importance of games and sports essay for 9th, 10th 12th class. 3 The value of games and sports paragraph is writen in 150/200/250/500 words

Long essay on value of games and sports in 1000/1500/2000 words very well explain in points also. Short paragraph can be easily learned and writen in the exam to get good marks for students. 

Students can know easily by reading the What is the importance of games and sports in student/your/our life?

Essay on importance of sports & games in English 1000 words

1. Essay on games and sports for class 10 in points (100/150 words)

  • Games are a part of education. It is true that a sound mind lives in a sound body. 
  • That is perhaps the reason why hockey, football, and cricket are the favorite games of millions of people. 
  • Olympic Games and World Cups attract millions of players and spectators. 
  • Games keep our minds sound and healthy. 
  • They develop the spirit of sportsmanship and teach us to be honest and fair to others and regard them as our equals. 
  • Players always look healthy and well-groomed. 
  • Games keep us free from anger and calm us. 
  • People living in different parts of the world and having different tastes, habits, and ways of living meet at one place and live.
  • Games teach us to work there in the spirit of cordiality and brotherhood to increase social values. 
  • Games teach us discipline and patience
  • Those players who excel represent the country in  Olympics. Players win name and fame through games.
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2. Essay on games and sports for 12th class in 200 words

Games play an important part in one's life. They are important for the health as well as all-around development of the body. 

They provide a lot of physical exercises which is necessary for a man to fight the battle of life. Games are important for the development of body, mind, and spirit. 

A sound body has a sound mind. Thus, they keep us healthy and strong. They refresh the mind. They give recreation after the day's hard work. 

In schools, the students' much spent up energy is recharged with their participation in games. 

Games are the best way of utilizing the spare time. The child, busy in games, does not indulge in making mischief. 

They keep the child disciplined. They teach the lesson of cooperation and team spirit. Games also teach us the lesson of personality. 

They teach a sense of discipline and duty. A good sportsman follows the rules of games and obeys his captain. 

Games and sports build the character of the man. Games teach us to play the game of life honesty. They bring the countries of the world together. 

3. Essay on importance of games and sports in 250 words

Sports and games are part of education. They are just as important as the study. In fact, education is incomplete without sports. 

Lessons learned on the playground are just as important as lessons learned in the classroom. Games are for the body, books are for the mind. 

They develop our personality. They broaden our horizons and make us big-hearted. They create a sense of sport in us. 

This is why all schools, colleges, and universities are beginning to understand the importance of sports. 

Sports make us physically strong, healthy, and smart. They improve our digestion and sharpen our appetite. 

They increase our endurance and harden our bodies. They free us from the worries and anxieties of life. 

They make us forget the fever and stress of the world. Sports also have a social significance. They teach us a lot of lessons like displine team spirit, obedience, punctuality, patience, fair play, etc. 

True players are famous for sports. He plays the game of life and later becomes a player. Good players are the future leaders of the country. 

"The Battle of Waterloo was won at Eaton's playground," said Wells Wellington. Sports thus play a very important role in our lives.

4. Essay on importance of games and sports in 500 words

Introduction:- In today's modern and progressive era, man wants to develop himself soon and wants to get everything soon. He runs so fast with time that he is unable to maintain his physical and mental balance. 

At such times, he again turns to sports to bring balance in his life. Sports Anyone of any age can play any sport, in order to get away from the busy and stressful life of today, a person has turned to sports.

The importance of sports in the world is not from today, but in history, an attempt has been made to explain its value in the life of a person, sport helps in the physical and mental development of the person, there it becomes a helpful form to overcome any stressful situation and in the person. 

Brings new courage and vigor. Sports is an integral part of students during their school period. Students love to play games. Games which are played between two persons or two groups. Games are also played for reward or pleasure.

Types of Games and Sports

There are two types of sports, one type of game is an outdoor game which is mostly played in the field like cricket, hockey, running, volleyball etc. 

Playing outdoor games develops qualities like perseverance, regularity, patience, etc. in the students. Develops qualities like group work and discipline for the future life of the student, along with it also develops the physical and mental ability of the student. 

Another type of game is indoor games which are played indoors or even inside the school. Games like chess, sudoku, etc. develop the mental power and ability of the student to concentrate. 

There are some games that also come in both types, playing which develops the physical and mental ability of the student.

Importance of sports and games

The true joy of sports comes more in childhood, children never get tired of playing sports, whether that game is at home or in their streets. 

Children do not expect any reward for playing, nor any name, they just want to enjoy playing games with their friends, for them play is just a means of getting pleasure. 

Each game has its own rules and different modes of play. Which is to get information about the importance of children in the life of children and the benefits they get from them by including schools in its curriculum nowadays.

In today's time, there is also a subject of sports and cards in which sports are taught to children by the experts of sports, due to which children develop qualities like discipline, time change, group work from childhood, which later in children's life can be very useful. 

Sports is not only seen in schools but nowadays it is also seen as the identity of the development of the country. In foreign countries, special games are organized in which different countries participate in it and their players win by playing the game. 

Sports are also chosen as their career nowadays, in which the player can get fame, father, fame etc. To be successful in any field, hard work, true dedication is needed, in the same way, it is very necessary to be healthy both physically and mentally to move forward in the sports world.

To promote sports nowadays, incentives and rewards etc. have also been arranged by the government in which every player plays a game for the country, then along with that player, the name of the country is also illuminated, regardless of the type of game played. If it is played with true mind, passion and confidence, then he definitely succeeds in it.


The importance of sports is very important in the life of the country and everyone, only through sports we can develop our whole, that is why in today's era every person has known, understood and accepted the importance of sports for human beings. very important in life

5. Essay on importance of games and sports 1000 words

The importance of games and sports paragraph: Sports are very important in our lives. From the day a child is born, sports are associated with it. 

Mothers and many other family members pamper and play with their children. The child plays by shaking his legs and arms until he learns to sit. 

And as he gets older, the way he plays games changes.

So we can say that sports start as soon as we are born. This process is seen in the offspring of animals. Just as the relationship between animals and humans is good. When an animal is born, it starts jumping after a few days. 

Both animals or humans are associated with sports and other games such as dog shows. programs. Everyone understands the value of games and sports in life. 

In many games, both humans and animals play together. There are sports tournaments like horse riding, polo, etc. The difference is that sports and games are more important in human life.

Laughter and play are connected with our mind and body. Because sports always have a positive effect on us. Sports develop our bodies. 

These sport and games make the brain sharp and intelligent. And also relieves mental stress. 

Ever since man was born on this earth he has always been playing some of the other games. There are two types of sports: Indoor sport and outdoor sports

Games and sports that are played outdoors are called outdoor sports. Such as cricket, football, athletics, gymnastics, etc. 

Indoor Sports are those that can be played in a small space or at home. Such as cardboard, cards, chess, etc. Each game has its own significance and value.

 All games and sports teach us to be disciplined. Discipline plays a big role in every game to get a win in any match.

A match is between two teams or two individuals. One team always wins. Each team wins and loses the match. 

Sports also give us an important lesson that there are many challenges while playing sports and we know how to face them. In the same way, there are many challenges in life, we learn to face them. 

That is why we should understand the value and importance of games and sports in our life.

Advantages of sports and games in life

Physical Fitness: Playing outdoor games and sports keeps the body fit. Excess body fat does not accumulate. Blood flow is constant. 

The body does not age quickly. Our heart and mind keep working well. And many other diseases are cured.

For example, if we play or we see players playing, they are very fit physically. They are always full of enthusiasm. 

If a person is overweight, he should start playing. Self-confidence increases and weight decreases.

Stress Relief: Playing sports is very important to get rid of any stress. Sometimes people lose their mental balance for some reason. 

And become victims of stress. So if we play any outdoor or outdoor games in our routine every day then there is no stress of any kind.

The importance of games and sports for our mental health: It is important to keep balance our mental health in life. The power of thinking also increases. 

Bad deeds are not noticed and negative thinking automatically disappears and positive thinking starts coming. The face also stays open. IQ also increases a lot.

Stamina increases: Sports increase physical strength. Our body becomes more agile than before. Stamina increases compared to normal people. 

The lungs become much easier to breathe. Athletes who run frat races or long runs have a lot of stamina.

Athletes run marathons comfortably. Usain Bolt has set many records in the 100 meters. Players like football or hockey, rugby, etc. have a lot of stamina. They do all this with their practice. The body feels less tired.

Teamwork in games and sports: Playing sports brings a lot of changes in daily life. With the increase in thinking power comes positive thinking. We know how to work with a team.

In sports, the whole team comes together and defeats the opposing team. It shows how to work as a team while doing business or a job in our life. Our work automatically starts to grow.

Importance of sports and games in student life: The games and sports are also very valuable for student life. Every student should play outdoor sports as well as study. 

Students should be told that playing sports keeps us fit and makes it easy to progress in any field. If students want to get good marks in life studies then it is also important to play sports.

Students have a lot of time to study. They can also make their career in sports. Players also get money to play in each game. 

For example, in England, football players are sponsored by good companies. When there is an IPL in India, crores of rupees are given to many players.

Sports in student life keep them away from drugs. There is protection from any kind of bad company.

If any student works hard, he can become an international player in his favorite sport. That student can make his country famous.

The importance of Olympic games and sports in life all players. The Olympics began in Athens around 1896. The Olympic Games are held every four years. 

Players from every country take part in it. There are many sports that we can learn to protect ourselves. Such as judo karate, various other martial arts, etc.

At that time there are not many rules in the Olympic Games. But today rules have been made in every game which is easy to play. 

In boxing, many famous boxers like Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson etc. raised the name of their country and also earned money by adopting sports as a career.

Many cricketers like Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, etc. have made their mark. These players started playing cricket in their student life. And there are successful players today.

Each school should have a student sports team and understood the value of games and sports. At least sports like volleyball and basketball must be played. 

This makes it fun for the children to play with each other and learn about teamwork. Humility remains in them.

There may be a school in the world where children are not taught about sports. Playing sports instills in students a sense of tolerance and humility. 

Every student should play at least one hour of indoor or outdoor games every day. That will keep them healthy.

On the other hand, indoor sports also have their own importance as they increase brain power. Like chess, it's a mind game. 

This game is played between two people. And there are many other games. In normal life we ​​play many other games which are common, such as hide and seek, slingshot, playing glass balls, etc.

These games have no future nationally or internationally but they are also an important contribution to our lives. Automatically outdoor games help the children to stay fit and no need for much physical exercise.

The games and sports are important but these have some disadvantages as well.

It also makes the body feel tired when we play sports. Constant playing also depletes the body of energy. 

So in every game, a break of 5-10 minutes is taken after a short time. But on the other hand, too much fatigue can lead to sleep problems.

Children or students play beyond their means. Sometimes they do not pay attention to their studies due to their focus on sports and pass with low marks. Therefore, the time for studying and playing games should be fixed.

There is also a risk of injury. Many players are not allowed to play for long periods of time due to injuries sustained during the game. But there is very little chance of players getting injured.

It costs a lot to get professional training. Not everyone is able to afford it. It becomes difficult for that person to make a career in sports. There are many other costs as well.

Sometimes players get bored while playing the same game and get bored. Or players who can't focus on their game can't move on.

When playing outdoor games, the weather is different in different places, which leads to many such problems. We have seen that if it is raining the match is not closed like football, hockey, etc.

Teams are sometimes mistreated by coaches, captains, or opposing teams but all this has to be endured. Misbehavior becomes a matter of concern. Sometimes players get stressed due to not being able to withstand much pressure.

There are always defeats and victories in sports. When a team loses a match, the players of that team have to face difficulties from the people, the media, the sports committee. It's all part of the game.

Politics works in sports. Sometimes good players do not get the chance to play in a team or they are not selected in the team.

Sometimes captain selects those players who do not have the experience, they do not play well and the team has to suffer the consequences.

There are many players whose careers are ruined by sports. So think carefully and adopt the game that you can play well and want to make your career in that game.

If you want to live a long life then need to understand the value of games and sports and always stay fit, then it is important to play sports and games. 

It is very important for our health. Whether the games are indoor or outdoor, just keep in mind that the purpose of playing these games should go in the right direction.

Some people make money in the wrong way through sports like match-fixing which is wrong. Such allegations end a player's career. 

Nowadays children who are always playing video games on mobile phones or TV lose their mental balance. 

These games cause us to become disillusioned. There are many such video games that have caused many people or children to commit suicide. 

Therefore, everyone should play at least 30-60 minutes of outdoor sports every day so that our health is to stay good and our mental balance stay the same.


Everyone should understand the importance of sports and make students and children aware of it. Mostly Teacher says to students to write essay on the importance of games and sports paragraphs. This article on games and sports essay will help them.


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