The king and his seven sons story in english for kids

Story of the king and his seven sonsOnce upon a time there was a king in a country. The king's name was Bhim Chand. His territory was very large. All the people respected the king. He considered everyone equal. No one in his kingdom discriminated. He had seven queens. 

The seven queens had no children. The king treated himself and the queens a lot, but the child was not born. This made the king very upset.

One day the king rode out of the palace on his horse. As he was walking around, he suddenly saw a mango orchard. He went into the garden. There were many other birds chirping in the garden. The trees were covered with mangoes. 

The king was thirsty and saw a pot lying in the shade of a mango tree. And there is a small hut nearby. When the king started drinking water, a voice came from inside the huts, who is outside? 

The king said that I am Raja Bhim Chand and I am thirsty, I want to drink water. A saint came out from inside the huts and gave water to the king.

After drinking the water, the sage asked, 'O Rajan, Are you sad about something? What is the cause of your sorrow? The king said that I have seven queens. The seven queens had no children.

Have mercy on me that I may have children. May my palace be filled with joy with your blessings. The sage listened to the whole story and gave seven mangoes to the king and blessed him to distribute the seven mangoes among his queens and after one year seven sons would be born. 

The king distributed mangoes among the seven queens

The king returned to his palace with the mangoes. The king did as the sage told the king. The first 6 queens ate mangoes and when the king went to give mangoes to the youngest queen

That time the youngest queen was combing her hair, she told the king to put the mangoes in the net in front of her and she would eat later. The king kept the mango. The queen got busy getting ready and forgets to eat mango.

 When she sees that the cat has eaten half of her mango, the queen gets upset. She thinks that if the king finds out then he can punish the king so she eats half of the cat's false mango.

One a year later all the 7 queens gave birth to seven sons. But the youngest queen has half a son physically, meaning he doesn't have legs. The queen and the king got disappointed. 

The 7th queen then tells the king the whole story that half of her mango was eaten by the cat. The king tells the queen that she has got what was in her destiny. Because the king's youngest son has no legs, his name becomes “Half Prince”. 

The other sons of the king tease him. But Half-Prince always laughs. He says what if my body is half but the rest of my body is fine and I have a mind and intellect. All the princes were getting all kinds of education such as arms education, Sanskrit education, horse riding etc.

The king wanted to test his seven sons

Time passed slowly. The king called all the seven sons to him and wanted to test them. The king ordered all of you to ride your horses to find gold in the forest. If night falls in the forest, anyone can find a place to stay and sleep there. The one who finds more gold in the forest will be the first to get married.

The next day the seven princes, with their horses and other weapons, set out for the forest in search of gold. But no gold was found and night fell in the forest. They went to a nearby village to stay overnight and advised that they would all drop their arrows one by one.

The arrow will fall on the house and he will sleep in that house. They all took turns aiming at the village. The eldest 6 princes found good shelter to live. But when the youngest prince marked with an arrow, his arrow fell in front of an empty old house.

The youngest prince was riding his horse towards the house when a man asked him where he was going. The little prince told the man the whole story. The man said that the house is in ruins and no one comes to that house.

There are knocking noises from this house at night. The youngest prince was wise and cunning. He did not believe in demons stories. So he thought that someone must have come to that house at night and he must have slept there.

When he gets to that house, he sees that there are two raw rooms in that house. There is a clay stove in the house that has been made fresh. He tied his horse somewhere else and slept in a room at night. Just after midnight, two men came and deliberately started knocking. 

They were talking among themselves that the treasure which was stolen in the palace was weighed in a pot under the stove. And no one ever comes here. So we visit our family for two days. 

The Youngest son of the king was a brave boy

The youngest prince was listening. In fact, the two men were famous thieves. When the thieves left, the prince came up with a plan. He took out a jar from under the stove and saw that it contained the gold seals of the royal family. 

He took all golden seals out of the pot and put them in a big bag and put them next to his horse. When he returned, he put the empty pot under the stove and made the stove as before.

The next day when all the princes get together they all ask each other how the night went. They ask the youngest prince how his night was. The little prince says his house was raw, but he had a good night.

No one would have spent such a night. Everyone is amazed to hear this. The little prince says that he has also found a gold seal. Everyone laughs and says that nothing happens with a gold seal. We will return with more gold than you.

The other princes ask what he has wrapped in the big bag. He says that in the house where I slept, they have given me some gifts for the king which I will give to the king. So the little prince goes to the palace. Upon reaching the palace, the prince tells the whole story to the king.

The King laughs. By evening all the other princes also return empty-handed. The king orders that those thieves be caught and brought as soon as possible. He also rewards his youngest son for his compliments.

Moral of Story: Everyone has their own destiny. Never blame your destiny.