Unity is a Strength story in English short stories

The story of unity is strength in English: Once upon a time, a village sultanpur, was very prosperous. The people of that village were very wise and settled. That village had made a lot of progress. His sarpanch took care of everyone. 

The sarpanch would not let anyone get in trouble. He always advised people to stay together and said unity is strength. Sometimes he tells about the story of unity is strength.  But many people did not listen to him. 

Unity is a Strength story in English short stories

Suddenly, a new problem arose in the village. Fear and trembling arose among the people. Because someone was picking up the baby in the village. Someone said that the children were taken away by Hyena.

What happened in unity is strength story in english written interesting way: The silence started spreading in Sultanpur village as the evening progressed. This was not so until some time ago. Every evening, the villagers would gather in the chaupal, singing a lot.

But for the last one month this village was plagued by Hyena’s terror. There was a strange fear on everyone's face. Everyone's laughter had vanished. Before the end of the day, all the people of the village used to close their doors and lurk in the house.

Especially They keep their children under strict supervision. The children were so frightened that they were afraid to get out of the house even during the day. Children left going to school. Within a month, the hyena had taken away three children from the village.

Seeing the condition of the village, the village Sarpanch (head) was also worried. He could not understand how to free the village from Hyena’s terror. The patience of the villagers had answered.

Sarpanch called all villagers to tell stay in unity is strength for us

Finally, after much deliberation, the Sarpanch(head) of the village summoned all the villagers at one place. The sarpanch knew that many in the village did not believe in the power of unity because they did not understand the true meaning of unity is strength.

In the meeting, everyone expressed their views. Some would say that hyenas are very powerful, then some would say that He like the meat of the child very much. If he is less able to get children, then he will start hunting the elders as well.

Some were saying that his teeth are very sharp. But the truth was that nobody had even seen the hyena. Everyone was afraid of the guess. In the end, the village head announced that at this time we are stuck in a bad problem and we should find a way out of this problem.

In the meantime, a frightened person stood up and said that the Sarpanch ji! Speak quickly whatever you have to say. We have left our children alone at home. I should reach home early so that our children are safe. Please tell clearly.

Sarpanch ji gave little speech on unity is strength said that you are telling the truth but we have also left our children alone at home. But guarding children at home is not the solution to our problem. 

If we all deal with our problems separately then this problem will not be solved.

A person waving hands in the air said that after all we cannot fight with that powerful Hyena. He will kill and eat us all. "You told the truth, if we remain separate in this way, it will kill us all in turn." The village’s Sarpanch said.

"Then how shall we get rid of this problem?" A villager asked with dismay. "We can find a solution to this problem. This problem is common. There is great power in unity is strength and so we have to fight together.

Story of unity is strength farmer and his four sons also told by Sarpanch

This the village belongs to us. All the children of the village belong to me." It is our responsibility to protect them. Why don't we all wake up at night and guard our village in the troupes. "The village’s Sarpanch said.

An a young man excitedly said,"You are right, Sarpanch ji. All of us alone is very weak and that is why we are scared. But if the whole village is ready to support each other, then we will surely kill that powerful hyena. 

Everyone listened carefully unity is the strength story farmer and his four sons. After hearing it.

"Many people speak together, We are with you. We are ready to do as you say. We understood the meaning of unity is strength " At the same time Lady came running and wept bitterly.

Asking the reason for crying, she told that hyena has taken away her three-year-old Mannu. The village’s  Sarpanch had already enthused the villagers. This unexpected incident made ghee in the fire.

All the villagers ran away from their homes with furs, garages, swords, spears etc. towards the hill. Where Mannu was run away by a hyena.  Everyone kept running fast towards the hill. They were also taking reconnaissance of Manu in dense places nearby.

Speech and story of unity is a strength-filled new power in villagers. Everyone ran into the jungle. It was still, a long way away from that an old temple appeared which had turned into a ruin of brick. 

A young man said that we should first find Mannu in this temple. There must be a sign of Mannu here. They started finding and got a shoe of kid and so they confirmed Hynea and mannu are just near to us and we should look around.

On the advice of that young man, two or three young men went slowly to that temple. They were shocked to hear the sound coming from inside. So they reached the backside of the ruins right after being quartered. 

In the story of unity is strength, villagers caught criminals all together

They saw that four or five men were sitting and talking among themselves. One of them was wearing hyena skins. Now it did not take long for those people to understand that this rascal has been terrorized in the form of a hyena and is making the child disappear.

All the men returned and told the whole incident to the village’s head person. The village’s Sarpanch was stunned to hear this. As per the order of the village him, all the villagers surrounded the temple from all around and he himself entered the temple of twenty young men. 

And told them, "We believe in unity is strength and you cannot run away from us now. We will teach the lesson to you all." 

Those miscreants flew their senses as soon as they saw the armed men in front of them. He started running to his rescue but seeing the scene outside the temple, his hands and feet swelled up. They were surrounded by all four sides.

On seeing the miscreants, the villagers cracked on them like eagles. His villagers beat him fiercely. After all, the village headman intervened and gave those miscreants to the police.

The police collectively respected the villagers, because of their unity, they were able to kidnap children and catch a large gang selling them in foreign countries. In the village again, the blossom of happiness started echoing.

One the man shouted with happiness and said loudly, “We all together and unity is strength, no one can defeat us” Due to unity, they were freed from the terror of hyena, or else he would be extinguished one by one.

A question for all “What is the best part of unity is the strongest story in english written?, please mention it. Thanks