Essay on Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success Expansion of idea

"Thomas Edison a great Scientist who said failure is a stepping stone to success" or in other words "success comes to those who will and dare". and the real-life short story and examples agree or disagree? why do you feel so? also article/speech written on this page (Class 10/11/12)

Introduction: "Stepping stones meaning is An action or event that leads us to a certain goal and we succeed. All of this comes from our hard work, honesty, and determination". 
prepare a speech on the topic failures are stepping stones to success
Our life is not a bed of roses that will always bring us success and happiness. Our lives are not always the same because Life is a journey not a destination. Happiness and sorrow are their two main parts. 

When we have the success we are very happy and move forward. But when we fail in life we ​​get miserable but failure is the first step of success. Everyone wants to be successful in life. 

No one welcomes failure. However, after failure, it is known what success is and what its real value is. So Succes and failure belong to our life also. we can say a success technique which considers failures are the pillars of success. 

Every human being works very hard to achieve success. And leaves no stone unturned. To be successful in life, many times fail. It is this failure that shows us the way to success.

Everyone should accept that failure is also a part of life and use it as a stepping stone to achieving success because try and try again and one day you will succeed.

The proverb failure is the first step of success expand the theme explanation

Every idiom has a very deep meaning. We should not be discouraged when we fail. Failure brings a new experience. There is always a good lesson to be learned from this. 

We find out the cause of our weakness. Which we can control and move forward. Instead of being discouraged if something bad happens in life, we should face it bravely. 

When we fail, we know how to work in the future to get success. Books and stories also teach us a lot about success.

We prepare for the test to get any kind of government job. Sometimes we enroll in test centers for testing. But they fail. It is not necessary that we succeed in the first place. 

so When get fail and learn a lesson from your failed attempts. If you get a job after trying a second or third time, you will be happiest. 

It shows that failure is the key to success. It doesn't always have to be what you think it is in life.  The reality of life is also very different from our thinking. 

Sometimes our circumstances are not such that we can do something but never give up trying.

#1. Failures are the pillars of success and the best teacher

Why do we fail and what are the reasons for it? We must think about this. You must overcome your shortcomings to Move forward. Doing so will automatically improve our self-esteem.

Failure is a pillar of success. There is a saying but it means a lot. Whatever the world says, let them say it. The world doesn't have to take you anywhere and they don't always have to feed you.

So stop being dependent on others. It is better to do everything yourself. When we adopt these things, we still get success. Many people will be happy with your failure. 

You should not care if people don't happy with your success. Because the world only needs a chance to talk about someone. 

According to another proverb, everyone salutes success and no one asks for failure. The truth is that failure is the key to your success.

No one asks the failed person. No matter how good he is. When everyone works on their weaknesses, there is an improvement. And we start trying harder to move forward. Let's plan ahead and work.

With this, our work gradually begins to be completed. Our failures tell us where we went wrong and how many weaknesses we had. One who has never failed does not know the value of success.

Like many people were born rich and they never saw poverty. Nothing is known about the lives of those poor people.

When you meet a successful person in your life, they become eager to take selfies with him. But on the other hand, how did they succeed? 

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. Because even successful people are ordinary people. 

But in order to be special, he did not give up in the face of failures and by succeeding he told the whole world that with determination and self-belief our life can be successful.

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#2. Failures and mistakes are stepping stones to success

There are so many people who, despite being poor, and face failures, one day became very successful. Such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani etc. The whole world knows these people. 

If you get a chance to read his biography, you must read it once. If we look around us, we will find many successful people.

As there are many stories in history about how success came from failure. According to the story, a king ruled in a country. The king lost the battle. He got scared and hid in a cave.

King sees a spider in the cave trying to get to its web. But the spider falls before it reaches its net. But she keeps trying. 

The spider tries about 8-9 times but the 10th time due to its courage and bravery, it reaches the net. The king was watching. 

He thought that the spider tried so many times but did not give up and in the end, she managed to reach the net despite the failure.

The king was inspired by the spider and the king went back and prepared his army. He was so enthusiastic in his army that the king won the battle.

Similarly, US President Abraham Lincoln also lost many times in the vote. Jack Ma of also said that it had faced many setbacks. But he did not give up.

These show us that failures in life are the cause of our success. Never give up your work. It has proved that failure attempts always lead to success. 

So many lessons learned by Thomas Edison to achieve his goal. It is true that failure is the mother of success

The path to success is always surrounded by failures. Those who are afraid of failing can never succeed in life. Only brave people fight hard and one day they will reach their goal.

#3. Failures are the pillars of success & not the end of life

If you are frustrated or saddened by failure, it will make no difference to anyone else. Just like Steve Jobs set up Apple on his own. He had cancer.

He recovered from cancer and gave Apple a new lease of life. But they never gave up. At one point, he was fired from Apple. He later formed his second company and became a successful man again.

This is how a cricketer Yuvraj Singh got cancer. If he concedes defeat, he may be able to play cricket again in life. But he defeated cancer and returned to the Indian cricket team.

Many people on YouTube also show in their interviews how they succeeded again after failing. One thing they all had in common was self-confidence and determination. As a result, they achieved their goal.

No one can succeed overnight. You have to struggle to be a successful person. No matter what people say to you and no matter how much they oppose you, but with your good intentions, hard work, you are always on fire.

Of course, not everyone is happy with your success. And will also criticize you. The critic does not know that he is contributing to the success of the successful person.

Everyone can win half the battle of life because of their courage and bravery and the rest of the battle requires hard work. That will definitely make us successful one day.

Sometimes failure affects us so much that we witness everything. Which is not good for us. But by always trying, the fear of failure goes away from us. 

If you need to try to get success and reach your goal, try 10,000 times. Successful people are those who do not care about other people who criticize them. And work on their own. 

It is not necessary that every time we can get success in work or project. Sometimes some things are beyond our capacity.

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It is useless to hope for success even in such a situation. First of all, choose the profession or job that you want to do. It is certain that you will succeed in doing the work you have chosen for yourself.

We must learn the reasons for our failure without getting frustrated. We must focus on our weaknesses. Don't be pessimistic. 

You do not need to provide any proof of why you failed attempts. Learn to accept every challenge. Always try to be happy. Never call yourself bad and lose heart, always try to view failure points and control them. Failure is the pillar of success.

Everyone has different qualities. Recognize your strengths and act according to your wishes. Failure will lead to success and the world will one day salute you. Do everything with honesty, hard work, and faith. 

No one can defeat you and God will be with you.

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Failures and mistakes are stepping stones to success quote

  • First of all, Never ever give up and Try Try again always takes you from failure to success.
  • Failures are the stepping stones to the successful expansion of the idea
  • Failure always gives us knowledge and that knowledge is the cause of our success.
  • Failure tells us to fight hard and always keep trying.
  • Never call yourself bad and always think positive and you will succeed.
  • Believe in yourself and work with determination, failure will go away from you and success will be achieved.
  • Control your mistakes, and find out the reasons why you failed. It is this failure that will make you a successful person.
  • To be successful, you must always work hard and be honest.

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Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success Real Short Story

Success comes after failures. We must never give up. Instead, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. 

We read or hear many examples of this idiom in newspapers, news channels, the internet, and so on. Let me tell you a real short story about how failure is the stepping stone to success.

We all know that the bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. Who was expelled from school in his childhood. 

Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success Real Short Story

The school wrote a letter to her mother stating that it was difficult to teach Thomas Edison. Our school is not capable of teaching him. Read this letter that his mother cried a lot.

When Thomas Edison asked his mother what was written in the letter, her mother said "Thomas is very smart and he should be enrolled in a good school so that he can become a good scientist in the future".

The words spoken by his mother had a profound effect on Thomas Edison's mind. His mother gave Thomas Edison books on chemical experiments and he began to read very well. He set up a laboratory when he was only ten years old.

Thomas failed 10,000 times until he made the light bulb. The day came when he discovered the light bulb with his courage and hard work. This discovery ushered in a new era.

From this story, we learn that we should never give up in life and always turn failure into success because failure is the stepping stone to success.


Is failure part of success?

Yes, Failure is part of success because we always learn from failure and take steps towards success.

Who said failure is the stepping stone to success?

Almost All successful people say and have explained This proverb very well. 

How does failure lead to success?

When we want to do something, sometimes we don't succeed in our project or work. But those of us who make mistakes at work and get our work done by correcting them, succeed in getting our work done again. Many ordinary people in the world succeed after getting fail.

Does success come from failure?

Yes, it is true that most people succeed only when they fail. Failure always leads to knowledge and new experience. The shortcomings that remain make it easier to overcome the shortcomings and reach your destination.

What is failure and success according to you?

Failure is when we are afraid to try again or do not try for fear of failure. Success is what comes after failure because we believe in ourselves and in any case we want to achieve our goal. One day we will definitely achieve success.

What is the relationship between failure and success?

There is a special kind of relationship between failure and success. If a person has never failed in life then he does not know the value of success. Failure teaches us to move forward in life and leads us to success.

During this time we get real-life, our shortcomings, and many other kinds of knowledge. Asking successful people to see what failure has taught them and what difficulties they have faced succeeding. Or be sure to read their biographies.

Why are failures stepping stones to success? Please explain in your words!