Short Essay on Good  and Bad Manners / Habits/etiquette/behaviour  in English

This page is about the list of good manners, etiquette, and habits. Short essay, paragraph, or article explained the meaning and importance of good manners and behavior with examples for kids, children, and students of class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10 in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 words

After reading about the topic of the good manner, students can make a ppt also. They can know how to behave with elders and youngers, around the table, school, classroom, home, society, etc. 

Students can easily give a speech on the importance of good and bad manners.

Short Essay on Good Manners

1. Short Paragraph on Good manners for 10th class 100 words (10 lines) (V.V. Imp)

  • Good manners are very important in life. 
  • They keep our life smooth and happy. 
  • We should adopt good manners in every walk of life. 
  • We should respect our elders and be polite to young ones. 
  • We should behave in the right manners in public places. 
  • Bad manners create many problems. 
  • No one likes a person with bad manners. 
  • He is a misfit in society. 
  • Everyone likes good manners. 
  • We should use words like 'sorry' 'thank you' 'please' etc. 
  • They make our life worth living. 

2. Paragraph on good manners in 150 words 

This essay includes a speech on the importance of good manners in life how works. This paragraph also gives information on good manners at school & in the classroom for students.

Everyone can learn how to adopt good behavior, good habits, and etiquette.  It also helps parents how to teach their children about good manners at home around the table etc.

Manners are important in our life. Our manners show nature, behavior, politeness, humility, and body language. We do our work in any area of life, we are tested by our good or bad manners. 

"Sweet words make us a good person. Only with good deeds and behavior can we move forward. This good manners essay shows the pros and cons in almost every way".

3. Good manners Essay for students kids and children

  • When it comes to someone's birthday or anniversary, teach them to poison.
  • Do not use a hand on the nose. Ask to use a handkerchief when sneezing.
  • Teach them to use words like please, excuse me, thanks.
  • Parents should tell their children to respect their elders.
  • Teach children to say hello when a guest arrives. When he/she goes to someone’s home, behave well being a good guest.
  • Do not allow kids to use bad language for anyone.
  • Don't let the child be stubborn and tell him that being stubborn is bad behavior.
  • Don't take anything from anyone without asking and always keep a distance from strangers.
  • Teach them to be honest. If the child lies, scold him.
  • Tell children that when food comes into the house, it should be shared with all family members.
  • If a stranger calls on a mobile phone,  the child is alone at home, teach him never to tell a stranger on the phone that he is alone at home. Always say that her parents are at home. Talk to them later.
  • Teach to children to stay clean and set playtimes.
  • At home, parents should make sure that the children do their homework on time and remember the homework.
  • If the parents are not at home then the children need something so they can make a note and keep it.
  • Sometimes there is a lot of clutter in the house. Explain how to help children with household chores.
  • Teach these children not to throw their things around and always keep things in a special place.
  • Do not make noise while eating and eat with your mouth closed. Place empty utensils on the kitchen sink. Eat only what you need. Tell them not to waste food.
  • Kids should not use any dirt on the walls of the house.
  • Encourage them to paint in their spare time, or to do other good deeds.
  • Explain to your children that you should not go home uninvited. Things should not be moved to another home. This is not a good habit.
  • Tech to kids that Say sorry if he/she does mistakes.
  • Try to teach them to become confident and truthful. Establish eye contact and never do anything which ruins the reputation of parents.
  • Teaching about strangers is the best thing to teach your kids. Teach kids that avoid talking with strangers and do not take anything from a stranger if they offer anything to eat or something else.
  • Say them never fight with anyone. Always befriend all and avoid the bad company of people.
  • It is necessary to teach them to respect elders, smaller than anyone. Be kind and polite.

4. Essay on Good manners at school in 150 words

Respect your school teachers. Teachers are a builder of the nation. They play an important role in students' life. They teach us about almost everything and helps every student to become a good citizen. It really important to learn good manners in school.

  • Arrive at school on time and be punctual.
  • Use the words good morning and good afternoon to your school principal and teachers.
  • Get in line to drink water at half the time.
  • Wear school uniform when you go to school.
  • Stand with both hands clasped in the Morning Prayer.
  • After school hours, relax and line up during the holidays.
  • Every student should behave well and use good words.
  • Do not put your finger in your nose. Use Handkerchief
  • Don't throw any junk in the school and always keep clean
  • Follow discipline. Disciplines person or students always get success in life and they can perform very well in any field.

5. Good manners in the classroom essay in 150 words

  • Use the words "May I" when entering or leaving the classroom.
  • Always keep a diary of the work assigned by the teacher or instructor.
  • Don't make noise in class and take note of what the teacher does.
  • Complete homework and get your copies checked in time.
  • Do not scratch copies and books with pen or pencil.
  • When the teacher comes to class, all the students stand up and respect the teacher.
  • Never argue with the teacher because he has to tell you something that will be useful in your life.
  • Keep your copybooks covered.
  • Don't blow up paper planes or rockets in class.
  • Stay disciplined and only students who stay disciplined succeed.

6. Essay on 10 good manners explained in 500 words

(1) Always use the word "Please, Thank you, and Excuse me"

After taking anything from anyone say them "Thank you". If you want to ask for something from someone then say "Please give me". If you want to listen to the phone and some is talking to you, a phone call is urgent then say "Excuse me please."

(2) Respect the elders and all

In every family, members must give respect to their elders. When they want to say or ask for something, family members should listen to them carefully. Our elders always think good and care for us. 

Help them when they need it. Try to provide everything because our elders have taken care of us when we had needed them at a young age.

(3) Use good language while talking to someone

Never use any abusive or foul language while talking to anyone. Our good habits give a good impression and bad habits make us sad to others. Some people use slang while talking or speaking to someone.

Good words always win the heart of others. Only good manners create our image in other's minds.

(4) Help needy people

Always help someone in need. For example, sometimes your friend needs your help. He is reluctant to seek help. Ask your friend if you want to help. 

Usually, in our society, many poor people need something or others. You can provide them with food or clothing.

(5) Do not speak loud

You never make noise. If you are standing in a public place, never say no. Don't say anything to anyone. Sometimes we see students mostly making noise in public places for no reason.

It hurts other people. Speaking loudly and shouting indicates illiteracy. People do not consider it good behavior and it does not have a good effect.

Never interrupt in between when someone speaks or saying things

When two people are talking, don't interrupt them. They represent a person's bad behavior. Or if someone is telling you something, listen to him carefully. 

Speak after the other person has finished speaking. It is also a joy to talk and listen. Never stop the talking person in the middle.

(6) Always knock at the door

When you have to go into someone's room, first make a soft knock on the door. Then open the door and ask "Can I come in". Doing so has a positive effect on the boss in the company.

Or when you visit someone's home, ask permission to go to their room. Always make sure that your behavior does not make the other person feel bad.

(7) Never make fun of anyone

Many people have a habit of making fun of their friends for no reason. This can make a friend angry. Because each person's temperament is different. Joking leads to war. Joking around is not considered good behavior.

In public places treat a stranger very kindly and don't make fun of him. Only by behaving well does anyone become your fan.

(8) The good manner at the table

Don't make noise when you are eating together at the table with your family or friends. Don't talk while eating. When you have eaten at a hotel, treat the waiter well. Sometimes some people do not behave well around the table.

That shows what kind of person you are. People sitting around also feel bad about it. After eating at home, pick up your leftover utensils, and put them in the kitchen.

(9) Humility and honesty

Treat everyone with humility. Never use harsh language. Humility is a sign of good behavior. For example, we see many people in our lives who speak with humility. 

They say their thing in such a way that the person in front of them becomes their fan.

Always do your job honestly. Everyone values​​an honest person. Honesty and humility reflect your good conduct. Success comes only from humility and honesty.

(10) Give Respect And Take Respect

In the end, if you respect everyone, they will respect you. Because Our behavior and manners show what kind of we are. The first impression is the last impression. So respect everyone.

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7. Essay on importance of good manners in life

What are good manners: There are ways to behave with respect to etiquette standards. They also stand for the behavior of a person in a social situation. 

Manners alone tell the difference between a human being and an animal. Everyone respects a person with good manners and decency in the society.

Speech on the importance of good manners in life:  Good manners are a sign of good qualities. A person of good character gets more respect in society. Such have some special qualities. Such as politeness, humility, good manners, etc.

These traits are inherited from our family or naturally. On the contrary, not everyone likes the person who treats them badly. 

Everyone keeps a distance from an abusive person. Good manners also develop social relationships. Only good behavior makes you famous.

Everyone consults a well-mannered person when it comes to making a decision. A well-behaved person never disrespects others. 

He is always careful about what he says, which means he doesn't use foul language.

He has the quality of always speaking kindly to others and speaking humbly. If a person with good manners uses a wrong word by mistake, he immediately apologizes. Such a person avoids using foul language in the presence of women.

Good people are not selfish. He is never deceived by greed. He is always ready to help others. It seems difficult to learn good manners nowadays but this quality is also present in a person naturally. Many people want to learn good manners.

Good manners are taught to us from childhood. Family members talk about good and bad behavior in childhood. Because every family or parent wants our children to be an ideal person and respect everyone.

When he grows up, he should not take any wrong step and everyone in society should respect him. He should also speak kindly and respect everyone. Good behavior also reflects your rituals. Good deeds are like a jewel to everyone.

Manners in home & social life

A person's status in social life depends on his good personality and manners. Sweet talk and good manners symbolize one's status. Everyone praises a man of good manners.

Good manners are not instilled when the person learns from the parents or the surroundings. Good behavior is also learned from schools, colleges, and the social environment. In childhood, we do as someone tells us.

The child will learn what we teach him. Every parent teaches their child good manners and behavior. As we learn easily in childhood. 

If we behave well, our children will also learn to behave well. They will adopt good habits. Family members should always behave well.

The value of good behavior is very important in our life. It represents our discipline. When a person treats others badly, we find that they are undisciplined. An undisciplined person has no dignity in any field.

A person with bad behavior can never be a good citizen. A person who is humble and sweet-spoken becomes popular. Respect is given only to one who treats others well.

There must always be good behavior in society. This builds good relations with the members of the society. Good manners bring peace and harmony. Good behavior is always like spring. As in spring, spring comes on the trees and plants.

Plants add fragrance to their flowers. In the same way, a person with good manners and cheerful nature also spreads happiness everywhere. 

On the other hand, a person with a bad temper is notorious everywhere. He is always looking down on others.

As a result, people are reluctant to talk to him. People with bad behavior are like animals. Society never accepts him. However, well-behaved people are like the property of society.

They also win the heart of the enemy with their sweet words. Such people are the backbone of society.

Manners & success

A well-behaved person has more tolerance and humility than a normal person. He listens intently when anyone talks to him. Do not interrupt the speaker. Such a person also has more patience and contentment.

People who do not agree with the views of a well-behaved person actually lack good qualities. Good-natured people control their anger. 

They just talk to the point. Thus tolerance and patience are also important parts of good manners. Good human behavior and speech play an important role in life. Without etiquette, life becomes colorless. 

By adopting good manners, the problems that come in life are easily solved. Without good conduct, a man's life is of no use.

A person with bad behavior always hurts himself and hurts others. He has no friends and no relatives. By adopting good behavior a human being achieves success in life. 

Success also comes to a person of good character one day or another. Good manners and behavior have to be adopted in every profession. 

When a well-behaved government official always helps the people. Because his service is public. He has to solve many issues for the people. A government official always wants to be praised.

May the public always praise him and his deeds. Because the public always praises the person who treats the public well. The wise say that the wild elephant can be easily controlled by a smiling face.

A well-behaved shopkeeper succeeds quickly in business. Good conduct is very important to him with which he benefits. 

Good behavior builds customer confidence in the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper's behavior is not good towards the customer, the shopkeeper's work will stop soon.

Any business depends on the customers. Good behavior, more customers. Many merchants also resort to deception. 

But the deception does not last long and the truth comes out one day. Therefore, good manners and kindness, as well as honesty, are essential.

Politeness and manners

In the modern age, the attitude of the people has become rough. They just think more about themselves. They do not show any courtesy to each other.

When a friend comes, people are busier with their phones. This is a sign of bad behavior. Many are not even willing to help each other.

Traveling by bus or train shows that passengers do not care about each other's comfort. They do not use courtesy with each other. This kind of harsh behavior can be seen in many places.

While education, literacy teaches us that we should help the elderly, people with disabilities and others in need. And they should be treated well.

Good language and good manners are the keys to success in all areas of life. Short words like thank you, please, should be used. This has a positive effect on the other person. Using these words when traveling makes the other person feel good.

Just like you get someone to do something for you, be sure to use the word 'thank you' after the job is done. 

Or when we ask someone for something, we should use the word "please". It shows the other person that you are an educated person and behaves well.

Respect grandparents or older people in your family. Disrespecting them is a sign of bad behavior. Treat family members or other people in the street well. The more respect you have, the more respect you will get.

Etiquette is learned at every stage of life. Humility and politeness have become so important in life that everyone needs respect. People say that once the habits mature, it becomes difficult to give them up. This assumption is wrong.

There are certain moments in a person's life that his personality changes from time to time. It takes willpower and determination to do anything or learn new habits. If a person behaves well, the other person will see him and start behaving well.

Education & manners

Only by associating with good people can one become a person of good conduct. Gradually, we become accustomed to treating others well. You become accustomed to speaking with humility. Showing kindness to others is not a difficult task.

Etiquette, good behavior should not be just for the show. It should be adopted in life forever. Only with humility can we make our place in the hearts of others. 

You should always behave in a naturally good manner and people should not feel imitation in your behavior.

Counterfeit goods do not last long. Be a good person and get rid of the feeling of hypocrisy.
Many things, behaviors, and experiences do not come from reading books alone. Yes, we can learn about manners by reading books. 

Books are a source of knowledge. By reading books we must be polite and civilized. They also give us all kinds of knowledge and theoretical knowledge. You can actually bring good things written in books. 

At least the information given in the books definitely helps in every stage of life. Books all tell you where and how to use words.

Conclusion: Finally, I would like to say those good manners are very important in society. They are necessary at every step and occasion. If a person wants to establish his special status in society then he has to use good manners.