Expansion of Idea Knowledge is Power Essay in English for Class 10 Students

What is the power of knowledge ps4

Introduction: The concept of knowledge as power, Proverb "Knowledge is power tagline" meaning said by sir francis bacon that it is obtained through different facts, truths, studies, and experiences, etc. There is a great bond between knowledge and wisdom.

On the other hand there many real-life examples of the power of knowledge always in front of us. 

The forbidden knowledge can be dangerous for anyone. knowledge is power but only when applied and shared so spread it as much as possible

Because there is no knowledge that is not power or we can say that where there is knowledge there is power. michel foucault called his method the archaeology of knowledge

Through which man gets information from everything and is aware of many things. The greatest power is knowledge and for knowledge itself is power.

Knowledge is required in every area of ​​life for decades. It is through knowledge that a human being achieves success. Whatever work you do, you gradually gain knowledge about that work.

In general, most people do not value knowledge and focus on their physical strength. They must understand the meaning of knowledge is power but enthusiasm pulls the switch to survive in our world.
Essay on Knowledge is Power Expansion of Idea in English

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Why knowledge is important in our life?

In today's time, knowledge is the only strength. To some extent, it is also necessary to have physical strength. 

But more physical strength is needed in heavy work and sports. A person who is physically strong gives orders to others. 

But physical strength can only intimidate. On the contrary, knowledge can change the worldToday more importance is given to knowledge. 

Physical strength decreases with age. On the other hand, knowledge is increasing every moment.  Knowledge is power and the more it is, the more respect it will get. 

With knowledge, a human being can control anything. Every country in the world is making progress today. This progress and development are happening only due to knowledge. 

Our surroundings automatically give us knowledge and insight. In ancient times man lived in forests. 

He was afraid of wild animals and his brain was not so developed. Slowly, naturally, he understood his surroundings. 

He learned to control wild animals. He used to eat raw meat and when the fire was discovered, he cooked meat and started eating it.

In time, he learned that wild animals are afraid of fire, and with this knowledge, he began to protect himself from wild animals. 

He learned to control the wild animals he feared. General Knowledge is power, power is the knowledge that never ends. The power of knowledge is always increasing. 

The human being has made this knowledge successful in every field by making many discoveries. This life enjoys every comfort and is much more comfortable than before.

1. Short speech on knowledge is a power paragraph

Ancient times: When a person did not know any language, he used gestures. How a language is formed is a different matter. Gradually human knowledge increased. 

He was always dependent on natural resources. After the discovery of fire, human beings evolved naturally.

He cooked the meat and ate it. He took control of the wild animals and began to use them.

As times changed, he left the forests and settled in one place, building villages or towns. He became this civilized man. All this has happened with the power of knowledge.

He started making tools to hunt wild animals. Because of his thinking and knowledge, he made many weapons using stones and wood. 

Because of these tools and weapons, he could do his job easily. It shows that knowledge is power and how he used his intelligence.

He started covering his body with animal skins to avoid different seasons. All this knowledge has brought millions of years into today's time. 

He became civilized only because of the changes in the life of the ancient man. All this is the result of knowledge.

Every human being must have a little bit of knowledge about every field. So that they can inform the general public and family members. 

Such as education is knowledge and knowledge is power , how to be a good citizen in life, religious knowledge, etc.

Religion tells knowledge is power in our life: Many people are believers, many are atheists. But knowledge of the religious field is important. 

Man has gained a lot of knowledge from ancient religious books. Those books tell about the existence of God.

Every religion gives knowledge to human beings to walk on the right path. No religion tells the man to fight. 

The description of the universe is also available in religious books and texts where we can get knowledge about it. Religion imparts the knowledge of God's attainment.

People of all faiths and religions call for abstinence from evil. Religious knowledge motivates people to lead a good life, to live a happy life, to help people, and so on.

Scientists and Engineers believe knowledge is power: Today man has all kinds of facilities. He has technological facilities like cars, motorcycles, the internet, mobile phones, etc. He travels from one country to another using ships and airplanes.

It is all due to the knowledge of science and technology that human is getting success and achieving almost in all fields, Any development is slow. 

This is the law of nature. In the medical field, human beings have found many incurable diseases or cures. He has colonized the animals. All this is the result of knowledge. 

Biotechnology is always developing many new medicines to save humans and they can live longer. Mobile phones and the Internet have changed people's lives.

Earlier people used to send messages through letters but today people can easily communicate with each other through video calls.

Education teaches us knowledge is power in all fields: Education is the power of knowledge and When a a human being is born then the acquisition of knowledge begins. 

Parents and other family members start teaching us from childhood. Gives us knowledge about sitting, walking, playing, etc.

When enrolling in school, one begins to acquire the knowledge of reading and studying. We learn letters of our mother tongue in schools.

Then the letters are taught to spell. Knowledge is imparted on different subjects like English, Punjabi, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and other subjects.

Knowledge in the field of education is very important. Knowledge of education plays an important role if one wants to get a business or a job.

The power of knowledge of education makes every person a successful person in any field.

Politics works on the basis of knowledge is power: The importance of the power of knowledge is evident in the realm of politics. 

Political parties appoint their knowledgeable, experienced, and educated members as party presidents. The presidents are chosen on the basis of their knowledge and experience.

That person or member is appointed to the post of Chief Minister. The role of the Prime Minister and the President is very important for the country. 

This position is not assigned to a person with ignorance or less political experience.

There are many decisions to be made in the political arena which cannot be taken without political knowledge. Lack of political knowledge destroys the economy of any country.

Knowledge is power idiom applies in sports and games: Physical fitness is the first thing that is assessed in sports. 

You can't play any outdoor games if you don't know how to keep your body fit. Every athlete should know about physical education so that they can play a good role in sports and games.

International teams impart knowledge of sports techniques.  Coaches always give instructions to the player on how to play sport and perform well. 

Players get many instructions on how to improve the game, what are its weaknesses. The power of knowledge and how to use it in sports.

How to protect your body from injury. for example, A coach or trains always tells the player about the technique of passing and controlling the football. 

If a footballer does not know how to control the football and take it to goal, he cannot play a good game.

Knowledge of playing techniques is very important for the players. During the training session, the Coaches, trainers, and dietician doctors give knowledge to players about exercise and eating habits.

They eat a special diet. So that they can maintain their physical fitness and perform well during sports.

Knowledge is power in our social field: Much of the knowledge about life in the social sphere comes from our surroundings, family and school, and college. 

It is during this time that we learn about the good and the bad. Something is going right and wrong in the world.

The family always say us to adopt good behavior and good habits. We get to know the importance of studying and learning.  A lot of benefits to reading and getting knowledge to become good.

For example, when a child does a lot of mischiefs, we stop the child. The child should not do this, it is wrong. Or if he behaves badly then we tell him if he does not behave well, people will not respect him.

This is the kind of knowledge that every parent imparts to their children. It gives us knowledge on how to help the poor and needy. 

There are many social service organizations in society. Who help people in need in difficult times. It also shows knowledge is power in our life.

Everyone get knowledge from a society that how to behave with people and other things.

“Knowledge is power” helps to get jobs: Man is always getting wisdom. And he has always been looking for it. 

Some great person has said that the power of knowledge cannot be estimated. Knowledge is strength and a blessing, while ignorance is like a curse.

We should not miss any opportunity to gain. The more books we read, the more knowledge we will gain. 

With knowledge comes development in every field. We can rule over the world with the help of the power of knowledge.

Big companies hire people who have a lot of knowledge in their field for their benefit. Knowledge is the only thing that no one can take away from you. We can face any difficulty easily if we use our knowledge in the right way.

Knowledge is a power essay conclusion

It is also important to know ourselves. So that It would help to overcome on all the weaknesses of us. Because man is an idol of mistakes, he makes mistakes against his will. Knowledge enables one to choose the right path. 

A knowledgeable person achieves success with his thinking. No one should misuse the power of knowledge. 

Scientists in many countries have developed such atomic bombs at the behest of governments. Some Bad thinking people are misusing the power of knowledge.

God has given the power of knowledge to humans for the good of humanity. But man is also abusing it. As a result, today we are suffering from global warming, atomic bombs, and many other incurable diseases.

Everyone and every country should use the power of Knowledge properly, in good deeds, in improvement because knowledge is power.

2. Knowledge is power essay in English for class 10 in 150 words

  • Knowledge is power expansion of idea
  • Man is identified with the power of knowledge.
  • Knowledge leads to progress in every field.
  • It is by its power that man is developing.
  • Knowledge increases self-confidence and also self-reliance.
  • Without knowledge, human beings are like animals. Because of the importance of knowledge in today's world is so great. Nowadays less importance of physical power in our society.
  • With the knowledge of many languages, people are working in two languages ​​in different fields.
  • This is the reason why today we acquire knowledge from home through the internet, TV, etc. and also do our studies.
  •  A person can get life experiences and knowledge From the people of the old generation because they also, know knowledge is power.
  • An ignorant person can only argue with people but cannot win.
  • There is no victory in the field of sports and war without knowledge.
  • With knowledge alone man becomes wise and prudent. It develops our thinking.
  • With the development of thinking, a human being differentiates between good and bad. Only with the power of knowledge does he make the right decision.
  • It shows us whether we are on the right path or not.
  • Only the power of knowledge can easily overcome one's weaknesses.
  • With this power, a human being gets respect in society.
  • We serve the country by becoming good citizens. Knowledge is power proverb that has deep meaning and we can play a better role in life with the help of knowledge.
  • It is with our knowledge that we make the general public aware by informing others.
  • A person of good understanding with knowledge and reasoning power can get success easily
Note: If you want to write knowledge is power essay for class 5 then choose some lines from the above-given lines

3. Knowledge is power short story

Once upon a time, there was a king in a country. He had a very beautiful daughter. His daughter, the princess, was young and he was looking for a bride for his daughter. 

In ancient times very few people were literate. Only a few people were literate in that king's kingdom. 

The king's daughter had a condition that if a single boy knows up to twenty tables, she would marry him.

The king accepted the condition of the princess and had an appointment made all over the kingdom that whoever has up to twenty tables should write and recite the tables. 

The king will get his daughter married right away. The king invited the people to come to the court on the day of Punya. There were still twenty days left in Punya.

Twenty days later, many princes came from far and wide to marry the princess. At that time a shepherd also reached the court but the soldiers did not allow him to enter. 

He said that he had come to marry the princess and would fulfill the king's condition. Gradually all the princes were asked to recite and write up to twenty tables but no prince knew twenty tables.

When the shepherd said that he could hear and write up to twenty tables. Everyone looked at the shepherd and laughed. 

Then the king said, Let him recite twenty tables in the court first and then write. The shepherd told all the mountains and all the people were amazed.

The king was pleased and asked the shepherd, how did you learn these mountains, he said I was fond of reading and an educated saint came to his kingdom. 

I spent a month with him and he taught me these tables. The king, on his condition, married his daughter to the princess and gave her a palace and half of the kingdom.

At that time even the king said that knowledge is the supreme power. The more knowledge a person has, the more progress he can make.

Knowledge is power quotes

"Knowledge makes progress easier."

"Any kind of knowledge should be taken."

"Only knowledge can be understood and wise."

"Every kind of knowledge leads to heights."

"No knowledge ever goes to waste."

"Knowledge is acquired slowly and new knowledge is obtained every day."

Q & A of knowledge is power essay

Who said that knowledge is power?

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson used the phrase in his correspondence at least four times each time regarding the establishment of a state university in Virginia.

Why knowledge is power?

Knowledge bestows power to survive in this world and With help of knowledge you can win this world and face any problem in life easily.

What is the difference between knowledge and power?

Knowledge is what we get by reading, studying and it always increasing but Power can not stay all the time in any field, for example when a politician lost in the election, he loses his power of seat.

Is Knowledge is power an idiom?

Yes, Knowledge is power a proverb.

Why is knowledge so important?

Without knowledge a person like an animal and hard to survive in this world.

Why knowledge is important for success?

No one can get success in life without knowledge. IF you want to do a job or start any other business, without knowledge, there is more chance to fail.

What are the sources of knowledge?

Awareness, Memory, Logic, carefulness

Is knowledge power essay?

Yes, It is. knowledge is power expansion of idea has explained very well above. 

How to write a speech on knowledge is power?

Read this whole essay and prepare speech.

What are examples of knowledge is power, give answers, please.

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