Write an essay on the need to protect trees and forests in English

Forests and trees are a wealth of our worlds. They provide everything acc to our need. Let's protect our forests and trees and save the earth. Everyone enjoys the Trees are the beauty of forests or jungles. 

Forest are important for humans and animals. Because the Trees and forest is part of the life cycle. 

Essay on importance of trees and plants for kids in English

What are forests & the importance of forests and trees?

Forest Definition: The forest is made up of vines, rivers, animals, and many other things. Forests are a natural resource for every country.

These are innumerable precious and important gifts from nature to animals and humans. There are jungles in every country.

About one-third of our planet is covered by forests. From these, we get many natural resources and products like raw materials, wood, metals, etc.

Types of forest ecosystem in the world

  • Rainforest
  • Tropical Deciduous forest
  • Mediterranean forest
  • Mixed Forest
  • Warm forests
  • Coniferous forest 

What are the main uses of trees and forest resources?

20 ecological uses for forest resources why we should conserve forest and wildlife. How forest are useful to man and economic importance of forests in points explained.

1. Wood is obtained from jungles. This wood is used in many ways. Such as tools, for use as fuel and other many things we get from forests 

2. Forests provide grass, hay, and fodder to herbivores. Which the wild beasts eat and live.

3. Today the manufacturing paper industry is dependent on jungles. They get special types of trees for making paper.

4. The wood obtained from them is used for building, furniture.

5. These special types of wood like pine, teak, chir, and cedar are available. These goods are used for the construction of sports equipment, temporary sheds, and railway bridges.

6. If tools are used in daily life such as handles of hammers, pickaxes, etc., the handles are made of wood.

7. Prevent erosion of soil in forests. They help to make the soil more fertile.

8. They prevent our earth from becoming barren. Their soil is full of natural qualities.

9. Jungles have everything to keep wild animals alive. They maintain the life cycle.

10. Medical science prepares medicines from the herbs obtained from them. These drugs can protect humans and animals from many diseases.

11. Jungles help in bringing rain. Trees absorb water from the earth and this water produces moisture through the leaves of the trees. This moisture evaporates and mixes with the air to form clouds.

12. Forests provide many types of minerals. All kinds of metals like iron, boxer etc. are found.

13. There are many water springs in the jungle in the mountains. These waterfalls make rivers. The water of the rivers flows through the plains and meets the oceans.

14. Electricity is generated by building dams on these rivers. All this is due to the jungles.

15. In the plains of India, river water is diverted to different areas in the form of canals. The water from these canals is used for agriculture.

16. Trees in the jungle produce oxygen. Humans and animals live by the abundance of the oxygen they release.

17. They are their home for wild animals. Many species of birds are also present in these forests. These are a special source of life for all.

18. People go to the jungle for peace and practice. In the old days, sages and sages used to go to the jungle and worship. For example, Mahatma Buddha worshiped under a pipal tree. Because the pipal tree always releases oxygen.

19. Almost all kinds of fruits are obtained from them. Fruit plants need more moisture to grow and flower.

20. Governments earn from the jungle. The government of every country earns crores of rupees from these. Contributes to the country's economy.

Importance of need to protect trees and forest

Uses of forest essay: Forests were created by nature. A lot of benefits of forest land for humans and animals. The natural resources present in it have proved to be helpful in bringing life on track.

When a human being lived in the jungle, he used to get everything he needed from them. The man used to make caves and dense places in the forest as his abode.

He hunted wild animals and got clothes and food for himself. An example of this can be seen in any corner of the world even today. Overtime man has become civilized and is clearing them to meet his personal needs.

India is a big country in Asia. About 23% of its geographical area is covered in India. India has 1.90 percent of jungle cover compared to the rest of the world.

There are jungles in many states of India such as Assam, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Western Ghats and the Himalayan region.

There are evergreen forests in the river delta. The Sundarbans forest in the Gangetic delta is very famous in the world. These tigers, deer, elephants, and other animals can be seen.

Medicines are also made from certain types of plants in the forest. We benefit from forests in different ways. The soil present in them remains fertile.

Different types of vegetables can be grown in this soil. The trees in it absorb groundwater. Their leaves carry water in the form of moisture in the air.

Moisture causes climate change in the environment and in areas close to jungles and changes in the form of rain. People living near the jungle get firewood.

They also provide other materials for the industry. There are also forest departments in India. Indian governments have developed a number of policies to protect forests.

These policies have also been implemented under the law. Many trees are being planted every year. But growth rates are not high. The main reason for deforestation is people stealing trees.

Due to rapid urbanization, the forest area has shrunk more than ever. The land is needed every year to build industries. The Constitution of India contains laws for the protection of jungles.

According to Article 48-A, the country will protect forests and wildlife to protect the environment. According to Article 51-A, every Indian must protect the environment.

This law applies to everyone, whether ordinary or special. The law requires protection and improvement of the national environment, including lakes, rivers, and wildlife.

There are many cities in our country like Chandigarh, Patiala, Pune, Bangalore, etc. More attention has been paid to the environment.

Where there is a lot of greenery. There are a lot of trees in these cities. Rain comes only from the change of forests and trees. Keep the weather pleasant.

Because trees clean the air and give us oxygen. Meaning help in controlling the weather. If we want to save human beings and animals, we have to stop deforestation.

It is important to make everyone aware to save the jungles. The country can only prosper if forests remain in the country. India has a population of 140 crores.

The government should make a strict law that every citizen should plant at least one tree every month. If this happens then crores of trees will be planted in the country every month.

Many NGOs also plant new trees every year. Scientists must find alternatives to trees so that our forests can be protected. jungles and wild animals are nature's greatest gift. A human being should appreciate these gifts.

Conclusion of uses of trees and forest essay

India's deforestation is much higher than ever before. Without any plan, the governments are clearing many jungles every year to build roads and colonies.

This is proving to be a nightmare for wildlife and humans. The government should enact stricter laws to curb wildlife and deforestation to save the environment.

If we want to preserve the existing forests in India, governments will have to strictly enforce forest laws. In this way, the wealth of the forest has to be saved. Others wise humans will lose all advantages of forest resources in life.

10 points the need to protect trees paragraph in 150 words

Trees are very important in our lives. Many aspects of our daily lives depend on trees. Trees are a precious gift of nature to human beings. 

They fulfill many of the needs of human beings. The basic human needs are - Kulli, Gulli and Julli. Trees meet all three of our needs.

Man needs food to survive. Flour, sugar, pulses, ghee, butter, vegetables, etc. for food are obtained directly or indirectly from all plants. 

Wheat, sugarcane, grass and tea etc. are the fruits of plants in one form or another. Sheep, goats, etc. give milk only by eating the leaves of trees. 

Butter and cheese are made from milk. We get silk from trees because the silkworm thrives on trees. By the way, nowadays fabric is also made from synthetic fiber.

A human being needs a house to live in. Wood is needed to build a house. We get this wood from trees. Trees protect us from rain, wind and sun. 

In earlier times trees were the only houses. Trees provided shelter during sunshine, rain, and storms. Trees also help in bringing rain. 

Rainwater also protects the earth from erosion and absorbs excess rainwater. Forests also reduce flooding and prevent flooding. Similarly, the roots of trees in the mountains protect the mountains from erosion.

The biggest benefit of trees is that they clean the air. Air is the basis of our life. If a person does not get clean air, he will not be able to live long. 

Unhealthy air also spreads many diseases. Trees help humans by making the air clean. They absorb carbon dioxide from the polluted air and release oxygen. 

Therefore, trees are the basis of the life of every human being, animal and bird. The rotten leaves of the trees fall to the ground and become compost. 

In this way the leaves of the trees are used to make pulp, straw and grass. The bark, leaves, and roots of trees are used to make a variety of medicines. 

Quinine cinchona, for example, is made from the bark of a tree. The bark of the walnut tree is an excellent remedy for dental diseases. 

Neem leaves are an excellent remedy for boils and acne. Many other English medicines are made from the leaves and roots of trees.

Trees give us many kinds of fruit. Mangoes, bananas, grapes, pomegranates, apples, pears, oranges, lychees, lemons, apricots and many other fruits we get from trees. Fruits provide essential food for health.

Trees also play an important role in beautifying our surroundings. Many fragrant plants fill our surroundings with fragrance.

Trees are helpful in bringing rain, keeping the weather cool, cleaning the environment and meeting many of the needs of our daily lives. In short, most of our lives depend on trees in one way or another.

We should plant as many trees as possible to secure the future of our lives. It is for this purpose that the Van Mahautsav is celebrated. On this day trees are planted and a vow to take care of the trees is taken.