Honesty is the best policy expansion of an idea Essay/paragraph  in 500 words & story in English

It is Fact and truth Honesty is the best policy because honesty is always rewarded. If we want to succeed in life, the only way out is honesty. Any work done dishonestly never succeeds and honest work never fails. 

Whatever the situation, a person who does not leave honesty always gets respect in life. The saying by Benjamin Franklin is honesty is one of the most famous proverbs. 

This proverb is explained with examples and stories of an honest woodcutter and the water fairy / the river god story also. Main 8 reason are written that proves Honest is always the best policy.

Students or everyone can prepare a speech on this topic by reading its meaning, explanation with real-life examples, and story pdf.

A person can earn money by cheating, deceit, fraud, but by doing so his conscience will never be satisfied. An honest person gets respect in society, people appreciate such people even behind their back. 

Essay on honesty is the best policy expansion of idea

Honesty is the best policy meaning 

Honesty means not giving up the truth in any situation in life. Today, people commit fraud and corruption to earn more money or get their work done.

Lying, cheating, doing corrupt work, it has become so common that we can see all this around us.

In today's time, an honest person is like a rose among the bites.

Just as a rose flower in the midst of bites attracts everyone's attention, similarly an honest person attracts the attention of the people in the society. 

It presents a good example in society. Everyone respects such people obeys their words and follows them.

Our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest example of honesty. He freed India from the clutches of slavery on the strength of honesty and truth

This gives us the message that whatever the problem is, whatever the situation, if we do not leave with honesty, then we can solve the biggest problem of the world.

Importance of Honesty in our life

Honesty is indeed the best policy.

An honest person is not only mentally but also physically healthy, he stays away from all kinds of worries and troubles. When our mind is calm and healthy, we remain free from diseases.

Honest people get a proper place in society. People believe and respect them, such people. Everyone wants to keep a relationship with such people.

Honesty is the removal of negative thoughts and thoughts from inside any person.

Honest individuals by their actions set an example in society and influence people. People want to be like them.

An honest person's relationship is always stronger than others, whether in business or in the family.

Honesty is a force whose path we will never achieve failure. An honest person is always fearless and comfortable.

But to be honest I do not mean to tolerate the misbehavior or wrongdoing of people quietly. To be honest, it means that we stand with the truth and raise our voice for the truth, to stop the wrongdoers.

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8 Reasons Honesty is always the best policy

Honesty is the best policy. Throughout our lives, we have failed miserably, talking honestly about how often honesty always works.  As little children, we were inspired to believe how lies leave one of our legs smaller than the other. 

Gradually, as we go through all the ups and downs of life, we have lost the way to maintain our honesty and determination in any kind of injustice that often beats the nonsense out of us.

Despite this, in the midst of all the misery and hypocrisy of the world, we repeat this saying over and over again - honesty is the best policy. 

Because despite all that wasted money that honesty failed to give us, we somehow believe that someday our honesty will take our place.

In this land of Gandhigiri where truthfulness is the criterion of an ideal person, we are still not able to give up our expectations from a dedicated honest man. 

Since we can't debunk it, let's find out what makes honesty the best policy. Suppose we have all lied at some point in our lives. We will do diplomacy and argue that half-truths do not come as lies. 

But deep down we all know that we are also being dishonest in all of this. And the feeling of being disturbed by a misunderstanding is by no means very attractive.

So of course honesty is the best policy. But how? Let's try to figure out what it means to be honest in this process.

#1 Honesty sets you free

Honesty will give you peace of mind. Knowing that you should not remember every lie you have ever made is peaceful and therefore comforting. Because the truth has the power to set you free.

#2 Truth saves your day

And when you are truthful, you never have to worry about 'finding the truth'. You don't have to save your face or figure out how to cover your past lies with a dozen others.

#3 You will be exalted which is true

With the peace and tranquility of life, you will probably feel happier with yourself. And being content with your own life is the happiest thing we can imagine.

#4 Social connections get easier

Your reputation as an 'honest person' will keep you in a good position because people will trust you more.

# 5 Life becomes less complicated when you follow honesty as a good policy

No one will try to get you to certify things that are clearly not true, because you are known as 'not that kind of person'. Your social reputation prevents you from getting into difficult and compromising situations.

#6 You enjoy more perfect relationships

Relationships also get easier when you have someone who has a natural tendency to be true to everything. Because faith is the basis of all relationships, romantic or platonic. 

And when you are someone who is completely honest with emotional things and all, it often follows that you will also be trustworthy. 

At the end of the day people just want someone who is honest with them and who is better at giving you a better fit?

#7 Truth shapes your career too

Honesty is also the best policy in your professional commitments. You are likely to be assigned bigger tasks, those that have deadlines and those that have important clients that will motivate you to build a professional ladder. 

Although you have to worry about always having to endure deadlines and things, career success involves some compromises, honestly or not.

#8 Truth leaves you stronger than ever

Honesty as a policy is also required when you think of being truthful as a value possible, rather than a responsibility. 

And when you're a person who believes in values ​​as strong as honesty, nothing stops you. So keep going and tell the truth as if it is the only worthy thing!

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Advantages and disadvantages of honesty is the best policy


We live in society. We have to deal with many people every day. People do not trust us if we do not treat other people appropriately. We should be honest in dealing with other people. 

An honest person is clear and ethical in conversation and behavior. He does not lie He does not try to deceive other people. 

He never steals anything. He does not ignore his duty.

Advantages of honesty

  • Honesty is one of the great qualities of man. It has an important place in human life. This is the foundation of good character. Everybody loves and respects an honest person. 
  • A dishonest person can progress in practical life, but in trouble, he has to suffer. In fact, honesty is the best policy. 
  • Honesty should be the fundamental principle of life. There are many benefits from this.
  • An honest person does not cheat anyone. That is why everybody believes in him. He may be poor, but everyone has a feeling of love and respect for him. 
  • He enjoys happiness and mental peace. He walks the right path. Therefore he is not afraid of any person. He is always happy.
  • Honesty is the best policy in various walks of life. Honest business leads to a lot of customers.  Therefore, he makes rapid progress in his business. 
  • Other traders trust him. He can buy borrowed goods; Because those who know him believe in him. His disciples have respect for the honest teacher. 
  • The people of his country have a feeling of love and reverence for an honest politician.
  • An honest person is free from worries. He sleeps deeply at night. He does not hurt a person. That's why everybody loves him. Thus we see that honesty is a great gun that simplifies the way of life.

Disadvantages of dishonesty

  • There are many evils in dishonesty. 
  • Everyone is hated by a dishonest person. 
  • He can progress for some time but eventually has to suffer. 
  • He tries to hide his bad deeds. 
  • Therefore, he never enjoys happiness and mental peace.


Honesty is the best policy, but the life of an honest person is not equally happy. An honest person can 
be faced with great difficulties in his life. 

He cannot progress like dishonest people. People can laugh at him. But he should not be disappointed in difficulties. In the end, he will definitely benefit from his honesty.!

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Story on honesty is the best policy, the honest woodcutter and the water fairy

What is the story of the honest woodcutter and the river god story?

The story of the woodcutter is very interesting. Story on honesty is the best policy about honest woodcutter. This story shows how an honest woodcutter lost his an iron ax into the river and a fairy helps him to find axes.

What happened with his life after taking axes from the fairy makes it more interesting. It is a long story. Students can read it and can write it in their own words.

Honest Woodcutter story of honesty is the best policy in 500 words

It is an old saying that a woodcutter used to live in a village of a king's kingdom. He cut wood from the forest and sold it. He made a living from selling firewood. 

All the villagers used to buy firewood from him. In this way, his earnings also get better. He was a very honest woodcutter and always did everything honestly. He always chanted God's name while working.

All the people of the village trusted him because of his honesty. If anyone in the village asked him to work, he would never answer. He was paid according to his work. 

In this way his life was going well. He had a wife and a small child. His wife also worked as a seamstress at home. 

Both husband and wife always taught their young child well. He always told his son to never lie and to be honest. His son also always obeyed his parents.

The honest woodcutter and the water fairy. One day the woodcutter went into the forest with his ax to cut wood. There was also a river flowing in the forest. While he was chopping wood by the river, his ax suddenly fell into the river. 

He was very sad. He sat to one side and began to cry about how he would cut wood now. A short time later, a fairy appeared in the river. The fairy asked the woodcutter why he was crying. 

The woodcutter said that his ax had fallen into the river. He was sad about how he would cut the wood now. The ax was his livelihood.

The fairy said, "Woodcutter, don't worry, I will find your ax in the river." The fairy found a silver ax in the river and asked the woodcutter, "This is your ax." 

The woodcutter replied in the negative. The fairy went to the river again and brought a golden ax and asked, "This is your ax." The woodcutter again said no, this is not my ax. 

The third time the fairy went into the river, she found an iron ax and asked the woodcutter if it was her ax. The woodcutter answered yes.

The fairy was pleased with the woodcutter's honesty and gave him three axes. And the fairy made a condition with the woodcutter that if any calamity befell him, he would first sell the silver ax. 

He will sell the silver ax and use only the money he needs, the rest he will help the needy with the money. 

He will always work with his iron ax as long as the boy is engaged in earning. The woodcutter accepted the offer.

Then the fairy made another condition that he would sell the gold ax only when there was a big problem. He will keep only 10% of that money. The woodcutter accepted the second condition. 

Then the fairy gave the blessing that if he and his wife and child always work honestly then one day his son will become a prince.

The woodcutter returned home with three axes. He told his wife the whole story. His wife was also a God-believing woman. They kept both silver and gold axes. 

Woodcutter's wife fell ill: Time passed slowly. Sometime later, the woodcutter's wife suddenly fell ill. He treated his wife a lot but she was not recovering.

There was a very famous doctor in a distant city. He had a cure for every ailment. The woodcutter went to the doctor to get his wife treated and told him everything about his wife's illness. 

The doctor said one of his wives would recover. But there is a medicine for his treatment that can be found in another village. 

With this medicine, he can make many other medicines and treat the needy. But medicine is very expensive. The medicine costs Rs 50,000. The woodcutter lost consciousness. Then his wife told him to sell the silver ax.

The woodcutter sold the silver ax to the goldsmith. The goldsmith paid the woodcutter Rs. 70,000. The woodcutter brought 50,000 rupees from another village. 

With that medicine, the doctor made a new medicine and gave it to the woodcutter's wife, with which she gradually recovered. 

With the remaining Rs. 20,000, he helped the needy and poor people of the village. Some people started questioning where he got so much money.

The village chief did not respect the woodcutter. He took some villagers with him and started threatening the woodcutter as to where he got all this money from. 

How did he become so rich? The woodcutter said he is not rich and had a silver ax. He has sold it and got his wife treated. With the remaining money, he has helped the poor and needy.

When he was asked where the silver ax came from. The woodcutter said he could not say yet. One day he will tell everyone that his son will become a rich man. 

The chief began to make fun of him and began to curse the woodcutter. The chief told the woodcutter that the woodcutter was lying. 

He should be expelled from the village. The villagers knew that the woodcutter was an honest man. But no one was supporting the woodcutter for fear of the chief.

The woodcutter had to do as the chief said. The woodcutter left the village and settled near a distant forest. Gradually, all food and drink began to run out. 

But he did not give up and went to another village to cut wood and sell it. The woodcutter's son was also growing up. He was as honest and wise as his father.

Honest Woodcutter sold golden ax to goldsmith: Time passed. A few years later, due to a lack of rain, there was a drought and famine in the woodcutter's village. 

All the people in the village became hungry and thirsty. Many villagers died. When he came to know about the condition of the villagers, he did not see the grief of the villagers.

He remembered the golden ax. He made up his mind to sell the gold ax and talked to his wife. At first, his wife objected that the chief had evicted her from the village. So they will not help the village. 

But the woodcutter said that the chief was not a good man but at present, the villagers need food and money. 

According to the fairy's condition, they will first sell the gold ax and keep 10 percent of the proceeds. This will benefit them and the villagers as well.

The woodcutter then went to the goldsmith of another village. He showed the gold ax to the goldsmith. 

First, seeing the golden ax, he asked the woodcutter where he got the ax from. The woodcutter said he could not tell yet but would tell when the time came. 

The goldsmith said that if any trouble befell him with this golden ax, he would tell the king about the woodcutter. 

The woodcutter said that of course, he should tell about me. But only the woodcutter knows the truth about the ax.

The goldsmith paid him Rs 500,000 for the gold ax. The woodcutter kept a 10 percent share as per the condition and bought the rest of the rupee for food and drink for the villagers. 

He loaded the goods on the vehicles and walked towards his village. When they reached the village, the people were amazed to see the goods loaded on his cart.

The woodcutter said he had brought food and drink for the villagers. This will give them sustenance for a year. 

The condition of the village headman was also critical. But he was still not convinced by the woodcutter how he had brought so much ration for the village. But now no one asked because everyone needed food and drink.

The woodcutter gave rations to the villagers and village chiefs. The villagers highly respected the woodcutter and asked him to return to the village. 

The chief also apologized to the woodcutter. The woodcutter wanted to return to the village but said that when his son became rich he would return to the village that day.

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Kind Announced two conditions: A long time has passed. The woodcutter's son was now young. The boy started working with his father, a woodcutter. 

One day in the village of the woodcutter, it was announced that the king would marry his daughter to a boy who would fulfill her two conditions. 

He will give him a palace and all the facilities. The woodcutter's son found out about this and talked to his father. He will fulfill the king's conditions and become a prince.

The woodcutter allowed his son to enter the palace. And said, Fulfill the king's terms with honesty and wisdom, do not be discouraged, and believe in yourself. 

The next day when the boy reached the palace, he saw that other princes had come to fulfill the king's two conditions.

The woodcutter's son put on plain clothes and the prince laughed at him. The woodcutter's son panicked and thought he would return home. 

Then he remembered his father's words. The king came to the court and sat on his throne. All the kings stood up and welcomed him.

The king asked his general to explain the conditions. The commander announced that the king had two conditions. First, this king will give everyone a gold coin. They will sell this coin and bring something to fill this hall of the palace.

The second condition is that everyone will be given seeds. These seeds have to be sown in a pot at home and after six months in which the seedling plant will have blue flowers. 

That the plant will have to be brought to the royal court along with the pot. Don't seek anyone's help. If anyone violates the condition, he will be severely punished.

According to the king's command, everyone was given a gold coin and a seed. Everyone went home. 

The woodcutter's son came home and told the whole story. He first took a pot and filled it with good soil and sowed the seeds. Then he began to think about what could be bought with a gold coin to fill the royal court. 

The wife of the woodcutter was burning incense while worshiping. The whole house was filled with the fragrance of which. The woodcutter's son decided to sell a gold coin and buy incense.

After two or three months, no plants grew in the pot, which upset the woodcutter's son and wife. Time passed slowly but no plant grew in the pot. 

Woodcutter's son completed King's conditions: Finally, six months later, it was time to go to the king's palace. The woodcutter's son is disappointed that he reached the king's palace with a bundle of incense and a pot full of dust. 

He noticed that the other princes had beautiful blue flowers in pots. The princes also bring so much stuff that they can fill the king's court. 

Seeing this, the woodcutter's son became frightened. But he did not give up. All the princes first began to fill the king's court with their belongings as per the condition. 

But the court was not full. See that the king is disappointed. Later they showed the king the blue flowering plant with their pots.

When it was the woodcutter's son's turn, he first smoked incense from the incense burner, the fragrance of which filled the entire palace. 

The king was happy. But when he presented to the king a pot full of soil without a plant, the king first expressed his displeasure and asked the woodcutter's son why his pot was empty. 

The woodcutter's son honestly gave and said he had sown the seed in the pot. He watered for six months but the plant did not grow and brought the earthen pot with him. That seed is still there.

The whole court was astonished to hear this. All the people in the court began to think that no one had ever given such an answer to the king. 

The king smiled and announced that he would adopt the woodcutter's son as his daughter's groom. Then the king sat down on his throne. 

The king said that the other princes had brought so much that the price was much higher than the price of a gold coin. The plants they bring are actually a hoax. Hearing the king's reply, all the princes began to leave slowly.

All the people present in the court were astonished to hear this. The king said that other princes have done all this with their own money. But this woodcutter's son has set an example of wisdom and honesty. 

The boys have fulfilled both conditions. First, the incense was burned and the whole court glowed. The second is that the seeds that were sown can never germinate. Because all those seeds were roasted.

The king happily married his daughter to a woodcutter's son and gave her a palace and made her a prince. The woodcutter's son became a prince according to the fairy's gift.

Finally, the woodcutter returned to his village with his wife, princess, and son. He told his villagers the whole story of the silver and gold axes. 

Hearing this, all the villagers came to believe in the woodcutter again. She had said that her son who became rich would definitely return to the village. 

The woodcutter thus set an example of honesty and explained to his villagers and his son the true meaning of the teaching of honest living.

Story of honesty is the best policy about Honest Woodcutter and His grandson in 250/300 words

The honest woodcutter was old now. The day he was given gold and silver axes by the water god. Since then, his reputation for honesty has grown. 

He sold his gold and silver axes and gave up carpentry and began to do other work.

He had a grandson. His name was Ranjan. He was in seventh grade. Sitting last in the class and had failed twice. He was always distracted from his studies. He befriended some boys who were running away from school. 

One or two of them were rich friends. They also had bikes and smartphones which made Ranjan think that he had a magic lamp from which he could ask for a lot of money .. bikes, phones, branded clothes. He will have a special place among his friends. '

One day he was sitting next to his grandfather when an iron ax was hanging on the wall. Ranjan asked Dada ji, "Dada ji, why are you hanging this old ax on the wall?"

Grandpa said, 'Ranjan, this ax is adorable for me. Connected with my labor. This is the same ax that fell into the river from me one day. 

When I was sitting on the bank of the river in despair, the water god came out of the river. I told him my whole story. 

He took pity on me and brought out first the ax of gold and then of silver from the river, but I said that they were not my axes. I had iron. '

The third time he came with an iron ax, I recognized my ax and said that this is my ax. He also rewarded me with gold and silver axes for telling me the truth. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. "

Hearing this, a plan came to Ranjan's mind. "Wow!" Came out of his mouth.

Ranjan started thinking, 'I will do the same as my grandfather. Then how much money will I get by selling gold and silver ax? I'll buy a bike, buy a smartphone, branded clothes, boots ... '

The next evening, Ranjan took an ax from the house to protect his eyes. Wrapped in newspaper. Then he hung up his bicycle and headed for the river. Many thoughts were running through his mind.

He reached the river in half an hour. He was trying to climb a tree on the river bank again and again, but he was having trouble getting up because he was wearing a pants shirt. 

Sometimes the ax falls down and sometimes itself. He finally managed to climb the tree.

Ranjan pretended to cut two or four dry branches of the tree. Then he aimed his ax at the river. The ax fell into the river. He got down from the tree and sat by the river, pretending to cry loudly.

So the water god came out of the river and asked him, "Why are you crying, son?"

Ranjan said, 'Uncle Devta! We are carpenters. My ax fell into the river. Grandpa sent me to cut wood. '

The god said, 'No problem, son. No need to worry, just wait. 'Saying this, the water god disappeared into the water. 

Ranjan started playing in his mind. When the god came out of the river, he had a golden ax in his hand. The water god showed him an ax and said, 'Look, son, isn't this your ax somewhere? It's a gold mine. '

Ranjan immediately stepped forward to grab the ax, 'Yes, Uncle Devta! That was my ax. '

The water god pushed him forward to give him a golden ax. Before Ranjan could grab the ax, the ax disappeared before it could reach him. Ranjan cried again. He started asking the water god, 'Uncle god! Where did my golden ax go? '

The god laughed at Ranjan's words. He said, 'Son, your lie has eaten your golden ax.'

Ranjan asked, "My lie ... I mean?"

The god laughed and said, 'Son, you know that too. You brought an iron ax from home. Came here and did drama. Seeing the golden ax, your mind became tempted. 

Because of your greed and lies, now you will not even get your iron ax. You go home .... ' Ranjan really cried this time. 

He said, 'God Uncle, don't do that. I will be severely beaten by my grandfather. I will never do that again. In fact, I wanted to imitate my friends and get bikes, smartphones and branded clothes, 

but I did not know that I would fall into my own trap by resorting to lies and dishonesty. Please forgive me ... I will just be simple. '

Ranjan's head was down. The water god brought him an iron ax and promised not to do it again. He said, "Learn to live life with your head held high, not low. and always keep in mind that honesty is best policy"

‘Ranjan! The school bus is coming and you are still asleep. Son, get in the habit of getting up on time if you want to be successful in life .... 'That was Grandpa's voice. Ranjan got up immediately and went to the washroom. Ranjan had now changed.

What is the moral of the story honesty is the best policy?

Moral: Always be honest and work with honesty. One Honesty will bring prosperity in life and never tell a lie. We can get everything with honesty in our life.

Conclusion of Honesty is best policy story wikipedia

Honesty is the best policy meaningHonesty is the best policy meaning that never speaks lie and always is honest with your work and do everything being honesty in life. 

Never cheat anyone or get anything by using shortcuts. We can get anything in life much more than we deserve honesty. Everyone must adopt this proverb honesty is the best policy.

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