Essay on Traffic Rules and Road Safety in 1000 Words in English for students and children

"Students can write an essay on road safety and transportation in English in their own language, 100, 150,  200, 250, 300, 400,  500, 1000 words or just 10 lines as a short paragraph also after reading these essays for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,  7, 9,  10,  11, 12 ". 

Student can prepare a speech on road safety Traffic rules and write short paragraph on importance of safety rules in our life on road by driving vehicles

What is the Road Safety Rules essay?

Essay on Road safety is not just a slogan it is a way of life: Nowadays everyone has one or another vehicle. Like someone has a car, jeep, or at least a motorcycle. 

There are too many accidents every day due to overcrowding and not understanding the road safety life safety and the importance of obeying traffic rules.  Many people lose their lives in these accidents. 

Because they do not follow the rules of road safety. Many children and students drive scooters and motorcycles without a license. They also speed up while driving, which can lead to accidents.

So first of all everyone should be aware of the rules of the road. This ensures the safety of everyone

Road accidents can be avoided if the rules of the road are known. And some causes can be controlled. We will read about this in detail.

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So most of the road safety rules should be known. If everyone is well versed in the rules of the road, they will be able to easily explain to their children what to look for when walking on the road.

Road Safety Rules Essay in English 1000 Words

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1. Essay on Traffic Rules and Road Safety 300 words

Thousands of accidents occur in the world every day. Most of these are road and train accidents. Two-wheelers, cars, and other new vehicles hit the roads every day around the world. 

The number of these vehicles is increasing day by day. The roads are increasingly congested with bicycles, cars, scooters, buses, trucks, and other vehicles

While these means are proving to be a boon for transportation, they are also a menace to human lives. The issue of road safety is a matter of concern all over the world and needs to be addressed.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million people die in road accidents and more than 50 million are injured each year. 

Ninety percent of those killed and injured in road accidents are from less developed and developing countries because of traffic on roads. These accidents cause not only loss of life but also financial loss. 

One road accident happens every minute in the world and one person dies in a road accident every three minutes.

India has the highest number of road accidents in the world. In India, 1,41,526 people were killed and 4,77,731 injured in road accidents in 2014. 

One person dies in a road accident every four minutes in India. Injuries in road accidents require immediate first aid. 

The injured usually arrive at the hospital about an hour after the accident. Delay in reaching the hospital leads to the death of the injured. 

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According to the World Health Organization, two lakh deaths occur in road accidents in India every year. In 2014, 16 Indians were killed in road accidents every hour. 

More than five lakh road accidents occur in India every year. Union Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari in his data on road accidents for the years 2014 and 2015 said that an average of 1374 road accidents occurs every day. 

There are 400 deaths in these accidents. In 2015, the rate of road accidents increased by 4.6 percent over 2014. This shows that human life has no value.

Although the government is constructing roads on a large scale, these efforts are far less than the number of vehicles increasing day by day. 

There is chaos on all sides of the roads. There are road safety and traffic rules for vehicles on the roads but no one enforces them. Even successive governments and administrations have never tried to enforce them. 

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Road accidents in India have not been prevented due to weak vehicle regulations, corruption, and slow legal process.

Punjab ranks second in India in road accidents. Every day 14 people are killed in road accidents here. In 2014, 4800 people were killed in road accidents in Punjab. 

According to the report of the International Road Federation, Amritsar and Ludhiana districts in Punjab have more deaths in road accidents than any other country in the country.

There are many reasons why road accidents happen. These mainly include speeding, use of drugs and mobiles, driving without rest for long continuous routes, or they have no traffic awareness about traffic rules and road safety of etc. 

Apart from this, there are many other reasons such as stray animals coming on the roads, rugged vehicles, narrow and narrow roads, narrow bridges, young children running all kinds of vehicles without driving license, etc. cause accidents, etc. . 

About 55% of road accidents are caused by drug use. The Central Government and the State Governments need to formulate a solid policy to prevent road accidents. 

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The government should immediately implement the guidelines issued by the esteemed courts to prevent road accidents. Injuries in road accidents should be rushed to the hospital without delay. 

The government has provided 108 ambulance facilities but this facility is limited to cities only. The rural people are not getting any benefit from this facility. 

This facility is proving to be a boon for the cities. Road laws must be strictly enforced. The traffic police should work not as officers or employees but as a source of inspiration for the people. 

The government should organize seminars in schools and colleges to follow traffic rules and provide first aid. The help of social service organizations can be sought for this work. 

Drivers driving at high speeds and using drugs should have their driving licenses revoked. It is in the interest of all of us to abide by the rules and follow them.

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2. Essay on Road Safety 400 words

The number of vehicles on the roads is increasing day by day which is causing traffic problems. Not only this, due to increased traffic, the graph of road accidents has also increased tremendously. 

Worldwide, some 12.5 million people die each year in road accidents. India has the highest number of road accidents in the world. 

There are about 5 lakh road accidents every year in which 2 lakh people die on the roads every year, 4.5 lakh are seriously injured and live a long life as disabled and 3 lakh drivers are jailed and 10 lakh Drivers are fined. 

In our country, one person dies on the road every 3.5 to 4 minutes. The total number of road accidents in 2015 was 501423 out of which the number of deaths was reported by 

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as 146135 which literally means that 400 people die in road accidents every day and 1400 accidents happen daily. 

At the international level, let's look at road accidents from 2016 to 2018. 

During 2018, 299,000 people lost their lives in road accidents in India, 3300 in Italy, 40,000 in the USA, 25600 in China, 3327 in Germany, 7300 in Malaysia, 345 in Israel, 2000 in England, 1922 in Spain, and 25900 in Russia. 

The highest number of deaths have been reported in road accidents in our country because when we break the road safety rules here, we forget that our lives can be lost due to this negligence. 

Parents of students who allow children under the age of 18 to drive are also to some extent responsible for road accidents. They drive recklessly and get into accidents. 

There are many other reasons for the increasing number of road accidents in the country such as the poor conditions of roads, reckless driving by unlicensed drivers, the sudden arrival of stray animals on the roads, narrow roads, violation of red light, intoxication. 

Driving, overspeeding, wrong overtaking, driving in the wrong direction, mental or physical fatigue, use of mobile phones while driving, etc. 

It is important to avoid such neglect. Bad weather also causes road accidents. Not wearing a seat belt or helmet is tantamount to inviting death. 

Two-wheelers account for about 26% of the total deaths in road accidents in India every year, of which 70% are due to non-wearing of helmets. 

That is why we must wear a helmet when driving two-wheelers. The plight of human beings on Indian roads can be gauged from the news published in the daily newspapers. 

Many precious lives were lost in the recent tragic accident at Bhucho (Bathinda) bridge due to fog. The teachers who died in a road accident near Fazilka a couple of years ago drew everyone's attention to reckless driving. 

But it is unfortunate that we do not learn any lessons from road accidents and take pride in violating traffic rules on a daily basis. 

We forget that road accidents are devouring some of our friends, leaders, actors, singers, sportspersons, officials etc. 

National highways in India are only 2% of the total roads but 40% of the traffic runs on these national highways. Trucks and lorries accounted for 19.2% of total accidents, 9.4% for buses, 5.7% for tempo minibusses, 6.7% for jeeps, 10.1% for cars, 4.8% for three-wheelers, 2.2% for bicycles, 10.3% for other vehicles, and 23.2% for two-wheelers. 

Vehicles became victims. Strict measures should be taken to prevent road accidents and better roads should be constructed so that precious lives can be saved. 

Drivers should be familiar with the four types of traffic signs - command signs, warning signs, warning signs, and essential signs. 

At present, there is a Government of Punjab Driving School (State Institute of Automotive and Driving Skills) at Mahwana (Sri Muktsar Sahib) in Punjab where two days of training is given for making LTV and HTV driving licenses. 

And is required for an HTV driving license. I also did two days of training there last year. I learned a lot from there. 

This is a good initiative but keeping in view the need for driving rules, more and more training schools, colleges, institutes, etc. should be opened in every district so that more and more people can get the tricks of safe driving. 

Regular seminars on traffic rules should be organized in schools, colleges, taxi stands, village places, etc. so that people are fully aware of the road rules and road accidents can be reduced. 

The subject of driving must be included in the curriculum of college students in schools. Everyone must take practical classes so that drivers can fully learn the rules before obtaining a driver's license. 

Strict traffic laws in foreign countries reduce the number of accidents and require a thorough knowledge of driving to obtain a license

Such rules should be strictly enforced in India as well. Recommendations and bribery should be completely stopped when issuing a driving license. 

Strict action should be taken against those violating traffic rules. Only then can road accidents be curbed.

3. Essay on Road Safety in 500 words

Conditions are not only bad in the city but in the whole country. The number of road accidents is increasing day by day. 

The situation will look even direr when we realize that we are losing more than 3 precious lives in road accidents in the state of Punjab alone every year. 

Or more than the death toll from an unnatural epidemic. Most of the deaths in road accidents are innocent. There has been a huge increase in the deaths of school children which is a matter of concern.

Speaking of the whole country, there are about five lakh traffic-related accidents in our country in a year. And every year we lose about 1.5 million people in these accidents. 

The number of injured is almost three times higher. But the actual number could be even higher because not every accident is reported and it is not possible to count the number of deaths in each accident. 

This number is really alarming because 90% of the people who die in these accidents are almost innocent. These accidents also cause an economic loss of about Rs. 5500 crore in a year. 

About half of all deaths are caused by two-wheelers alone. Many people become disabled. They suffer from expensive treatments and become financially destitute. 

Many family earners get involved in these accidents and sometimes the incidents are so horrific that even the entire family is killed in these accidents. 

Undoubtedly, we need to be serious about safety to protect ourselves from all kinds of accidents. Security literally means to prevent both losses of life and property. 

Early detection of hazards is the first step to safety in the event of an accident. We need to be aware of the changes that are taking place in our environment. 

By identifying the cause of an accident that can cause an accident, we can prevent the accident and the damage that can be caused by it. 

For example, if we see a stone or a non-essential object on the road, we know that an accident could happen on any of the roads. 

If we can remove that unnecessary object or stone from the path then without a doubt we have saved the passersby. And it is our moral duty to do so. 

After examining different types of incidents at different levels, one thing that emerges equally for all is that there are certain specific causes of accidents. 

And these past events could have been prevented if the dangers of time had been properly identified.

The main factors responsible for these road accidents are non-compliance with safety rules, irresponsible driving by less educated people, hasty and hectic lifestyle, and timely and thorough repair of vehicles. 

This includes not getting it done. Cases of road safety violations are often in the headlines. The people of our country often ignore these rules as unnecessary. 

Sometimes they have to pay for it but sometimes these mistakes cause harm to other innocent people. For example, people who walk on the wrong side often cause problems for others. 

Overloaded and improperly loaded vehicles are often found overturning on the roads. And sometimes even cause loss of life. 

Driving too fast cannot be safe. In such accidents, usually, the lives of the guilty, as well as innocent people, are lost. Often young boys and girls are seen performing on the streets. 

Of course, those people can be experts in this work but the road where thousands of people are transported is not the right place for this kind of movement. An accident can happen if anyone is distracted.

The proper use of traffic signals also plays an important role in road safety. And sometimes not using these signals properly can often lead to accidents. 

Not getting your vehicles repaired in a timely and efficient manner can also be dangerous. Lights, signals, brakes, clutches, and steering not working properly can lead to major accidents. 

Roads are more prone to accidents on foggy days. Try not to let yourself be the victim of an unfortunate event. Use the necessary precautions to protect yourself. 

If possible, travel by bus or train instead of traveling by car or bike for long journeys

It is very important for people traveling in two-wheelers to control their speed as it is easier to control their vehicle in case of any untoward incident. 

It is generally observed that speed plays an important role in two-wheeler accidents. If you drive while controlling your speed, you can protect yourself from any major damage.

As far as deaths and damages in road accidents are concerned, 2% of the total deaths in road accidents in our country are due to untimely delivery of first aid. 

Where everyone in our country, India, is associated with a single religious faith, it is even more heartbreaking to see people with pictures of Gurus, devotees, pir-fakirs on their car dashboards, and God giving them everything. 

Believers forget humanity while walking on the road. While walking on the road, the rules of the road are in violation of the rules and regulations. 

They consider it their best interest to run away by hitting another vehicle. At such a critical juncture, most people do not care if the vehicle or person they hit is alive or dead.

It is not uncommon for people who call themselves very brave, rich, kind, fast-paced, and wise in their personal lives to be reluctant to provide first aid or any other kind of assistance to the injured. 

Are One of the worst things that can be seen on such critical occasions is making videos of people suffering from injuries or taking pictures and going viral on social media, which is a very reprehensible and degrading act. 

Just when injured people need your help you start making videos of those people with your mobile while at that time your duty is to present yourself to help the injured people then That someone's life could be saved.

Some important points:

  • Your life is the trust of those who love you.
  • Understand your responsibility, drive safely.
  • Make sure your vehicle's lights, brakes, indicators, horns, etc. work properly.
  • Keep your speed under control.
  • Never use a mobile phone while driving. If necessary, stop your vehicle on one side and talk.
  • Be sure to have a first aid kit in your vehicle.
  • Turn on the lights when driving in fog
  • Crash helmets must be worn while riding a bike
  • I wish you to leave your home laughing and return home happy.

4. Best Essay on Road Safety Life Safety in 1000 words

Road Safety Week, which started in the New Year, has repeatedly mentioned how our roads become blood-soaked and kill millions of people every year. 

As we travel we realize how awkward and unsafe road traffic is. So far we have not included the observance of traffic rules in our basic principles of life.

We often see drivers in a hurry to overtake each other. Instead of learning the proper way to stand at the railway gates, we make every effort to go above and below the gates ourselves. 

This phenomenon not only creates insecurity for pedestrians but is also responsible for a large number of accidents.

Road Safety Week celebrations should not be limited to rallies and poster competitions in schools and colleges. This subject demands special attention from all of us. 

A large number of deaths in everyday accidents is a matter of concern to all. According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 million people are killed and 50 million injured in road accidents each year.

After conducting an in-depth study on the subject, World Health Organization experts have warned that if road traffic is not made safer around the world, the number of deaths will double by 2020.

A closer look at these figures reveals that 90 percent of those killed and injured in road accidents are from developing and poor countries.

It is estimated that road accidents alone cost the poorest nations about 8 8000 billion a year. Given the importance of road safety. 

The United Nations passed a landmark resolution in March 2010 calling on all countries to come up with an effective action plan to reduce road accidents this decade.

Well, India's position on road safety among developing countries is very critical. More than one lakh people are killed and five lakh injured in three and a half lakh road accidents every year. 

1995 was declared the Year of Road Safety by the National Road Safety Council under the Ministry of Road Transport and a road safety policy was announced.

Under this policy, the target was to reduce the number of road accidents from three lakh to two lakh and the number of deaths in road accidents from sixty thousand to five thousand. 

All the state governments were directed to observe Road Safety Week in the first week of January every year. In North India, Road Safety Week is celebrated every year in the month of January.

Analysts do not appear to have followed the Road Safety Council's current policy. The above figures present a different picture. 

Every year 3500 people lose their lives in road accidents in Punjab. In Chandigarh alone, more than 100 people are killed in road accidents every year. 

Despite having educated people and good road conditions, obeying traffic rules has not become a part of our culture. 

Although motor vehicles and railways were invented earlier, they became useful in the twentieth century as a means of mass communication. 

In the same century, villages were connected with towns and cities with paved roads. 

At the beginning of this century, although there was no traffic problem on our roads, the Motor Vehicles Act was passed in 1914 to regularize traffic. 

In 1955, the first traffic signal was installed between Mayo and Veer Nariman Road in Mumbai. The Motor Vehicles Act was also amended in 1989 to adapt to new conditions and problems but the number of road accidents continued to increase every year.

 According to a study by Speed ​​and Jeffcott, a traffic management expert on deaths in road accidents in 68 countries, 

India has 45.5 deaths per 10,000 vehicles, compared to 2.6 in the United States, 5.6 in England, 4.1 in France, and 1.6 in Japan. 

A group of experts was set up by the Government of India in 1968 to find out the causes of the increasing number of road accidents. 

A similar report on road safety was submitted to the Government of India in 1983 by another committee. 

Emphasis was laid on creating a new mindset at the government level based on the recommendations of this committee. 

This gave rise to new topics such as traffic engineering and transport planning for the scientific study of road safety. Mixed traffic on our country's roads is the biggest cause of accidents.

Buses, cars, limousines, rickshaws, and bullock carts run simultaneously on national, state and link roads. 

Increasing traffic of tractor-trolleys from villages to cities remains a new problem for road transport. Driving without engines not only slows down the traffic but also increases the consumption of unnecessary fuel.

If traffic is to be kept safe and at the right speed, it is important to have separate lanes for bullock carts and tractors, at least on national and state roads. Mandatory installation of reflectors for all tractor-trolleys plying on the roads. 

Drivers are either unaware of the rules of the road and, if they are, rarely follow them. Section 15 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 requires that every applicant be tested for road signs and regulations before a training license can be issued.

It is also important to take a practical test before issuing a permanent license so that drivers can protect themselves and other vehicles. In fact, these provisions of the Act are not properly enforced. 

In the United States and other developed countries, the driver's license is revoked only with a little carelessness and at the same time, the insurance amount of his car is increased. 

There are two main types of road accidents. Human factors including poor eyesight, hearing loss, fatigue, drowsiness, poor health, and discomfort.

If all the accidents are examined in-depth, the reasons behind most of them will be found. Engine failure, motor vehicle body, and even design defects are the causes of very few accidents. 

There should be a special kind of rest house for drivers of heavy vehicles. This has been done regularly in western countries.

Such truck stops can be set up at least every two hundred kilometers on national roads. Poor road maintenance is also a major cause of accidents. 

The highways have been widened and strengthened in recent times but the state and link roads are still in poor condition. 

The number of motor vehicles has increased six-fold in the last 15 years but the roads have not been widened. 

Although the width of the roads cannot be increased according to the size of the traffic, the traffic can be safely evacuated by speeding up.

To do so, traffic engineers have to plan for regulating traffic on national and state roads keeping in view the size and timing of traffic. 

Instead of directly connecting the link roads found on the main roads, the Y type connection can make the traffic on the main roads safer. 

In addition to knowing the traffic signs to keep the growing number of vehicles safe, drivers will always be the victims of road accidents. 

New problems are being created due to traffic in cities as compared to rural areas. In fact, our cities were first developed in the form of grain markets.

 Even when the population of these cities reaches millions, the shopping centers are still concentrated in the old mandis. 

Due to the narrowness of the market, no space has been allotted for parking scooters, cars, etc. Local authorities should build multi-story car parks near shopping malls. 

Proper traffic control can help reduce road accidents. Many cities in Punjab do not have proper arrangements for traffic lights. 

Proper lighting and neon signs on city roads are helpful for drivers at night. In a country like India, public transport infrastructure plays an important role in transportation. 

Clean and efficient public transport means are needed to save petroleum products and keep transportation in order. 

Running special buses to the capital from different cities will not only reduce the number of vehicles on the roads but also save fuel. 

The most important thing for road safety is to create awareness among the people about road rules. 

As long as drivers themselves are not aware of the consequences of wearing belts, parking, ringing unnecessary bells, using diapers at night, and driving under the influence of drugs, the number of road accidents will continue to increase. 

It is most important for the traffic police to strictly enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. There is a need to set up regular traffic checking posts and mobile traffic units on national and other major roads. 

Road safety is an important issue for all humanity. It is also being seriously considered globally. 

This subject should be made an integral part of the curriculum in schools in order to improve the road infrastructure in developing countries as well as increase awareness and seizure of road rules among the youth. 

Road safety week should not only be celebrated but we should keep a close watch on it throughout the year.

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5. Essay on Traffic Rules and Road Safety 1500 words

The increasing number of road accidents is a matter of global concern. The number of road accidents in developing countries is increasing day by day. 

Hundreds of innocent people, mostly young people, are falling prey to accidents every day. Are happening due to speed etc.

It is heartbreaking to read the news of horrific road and train accidents. A tragic train accident near Kanpur in November last year killed at least 150 people and injured about 300. 

Similarly, truck and jeep fog near Fazilka The untimely death of 13 teachers in the ensuing collision shook the minds of all. Why are so many accidents happening? This is a matter of concern.

The future is facing these accidents. The article discusses the causes of daily road accidents, reporting of government statistics, design, use, and improvement of international road safety regulations, and prevention of road accidents through electronic methods. Has been done.

India has signed the Brazilian Declaration on Road Safety prepared by the World Health Organization and has decided to reduce the death rate due to road accidents by 50% by 2020. 

In this regard, the Ministry of Roads and Transport (Government of India) Some important schemes are outlined, in which during the year 2016-18, about Rs. 6000 crore has been earmarked for the construction of new and faultless roads. 

Along with this, the Road Safety Audit Program has also been approved. The Act is being amended to make it even more up-to-date. We can only be responsible citizens of India if we fully comply with road safety regulations.

Main Causes of Road Accidents Main Causes of Road Accidents and Official Statistics

Misuse of road safety rules also leads to accidents and deaths. Most of the road accidents are 

Due to over speeding of vehicles, drunk driving, reckless driving, use of bright and bright lights while walking on the road at night, Mobile phone use, stray animals roaming the roads, broken and lonely roads, mentally disturbed driving, etc. 

The following are the report of the Ministry of Roads and Transport, India on road accidents. Provides statistics.

The number of road accidents in the country was very high in 2015. The number of road accidents has increased further till October 2016. 

In 2015, 77.1% of accidents were due to the negligence of drivers. 72% of people lost their lives and 80.3% were injured in these accidents. 

1.5% of accidents were caused by cyclists and pedestrians crossing the road. Accidents have taken place and about 68.4% of people have lost their lives. 

Despite the huge increase in the number of road transport networks and speeding vehicles globally, our country is still facing serious road safety challenges.

The number of road accidents in India has risen to 2.5 by 2014-2015. The number of people killed in accidents has risen to 4.6% in the last two years, which is a matter of concern. 

The severity of deaths per 100 accidents increased by 28.5%- 29.1%. The 2015 official report shows that there are about 1374 road accidents every day, killing 400 people and injuring twice as many.

On average, 57 road accidents are happening in our country every hour and about 17 people are on the verge of death. Are going

Young people between the ages of 15 and 34 are the biggest victims of these accidents. The death toll is 54.1%, which could be very dangerous for the country's future.

About 5 lakh people were injured in India during the year alone. According to the report, Mizoram (102.9), Punjab (73.4%), Dadra, and Nagar Haveli (60.9%) were the worst hit by road accidents. 

This percentage has been recorded behind accidents. Major metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi have also witnessed a lot of road accidents. 

Meanwhile, several people were killed in road accidents in and around Delhi alone. According to the report, the main cause of these road accidents was driver error and speed. 

In 2014, the figure was 78.8%, while in 2015, 77.1% of accidents were due to driver error. 47.9% of road accidents The speed limit of cars, jeeps, buses, motorcycles, etc.) has been increased. 

The rate of accidents due to drunk driving has been recorded at 64%, which is a very serious matter. 

There were 57083 hits and run cases in the country during 2015 which is 1% more than the number of such cases in 2014. 

In addition, 77116 road accidents due to overloaded trucks and trolleys and 25199 deaths. The accident rate of two wheedlers increased from 26.3% in 2013 to 28.8%.

Other causes of road accidents:

The country's major national highways, state highways, and other link roads accounted for an average of 28.4% of road accidents. 

According to official data, most road accidents occur between 5 am and 8 am and between 6 pm and 7 pm. About 200,000 accidents have taken place in the country during this period.

Rural areas are also considered to be very vulnerable to road accidents. According to reports, road accidents occurred on rural roads. 

61% of people were killed and 59.1% injured due to accidents in rural areas of the country. The rate of road accidents in rural areas is higher than in urban areas. 

A surprising fact also came to light, road accidents were committed by permanent license holders. In addition, accidents were caused by raw license holders and road accidents by unlicensed drivers.

Road safety rules:

The Government of India has taken a number of steps to ensure that road safety rules are enforced. It is also important to implement these rules. 

Such as spreading road safety awareness and vigilance, preparation of road information database,  preparation of intelligent road infrastructure, use of electronic technologies, maintenance and control of roads through GPS and satellite systems etc. Have been The program has also been announced by the Ministry of Roads; 

This means education, engineering (road vehicles), enforcement and emergency care. 

This point should be carefully applied while constructing roads. About 100 roads in the country, which are highly sensitive in terms of accidents, have already been placed in the category of construction works. I

Instructions have also been issued to the states in this regard.

First and foremost, it is important to build roads properly. The law requires a strict ban on the use of mobile phones, alcohol and drugs while driving. 

The states of Virginia and Maryland in the United States. Strict road safety laws apply. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited during the journey. 

It is also important to rate the roads to prevent accidents. According to the law, well-prepared roads are classified as 'A' category. 'A' category roads are four-star. The 'B' category roads represent the three stars.

The strict driving test is essential to strengthen road safety arrangements. Special training schools for drivers of public transport and heavy vehicles should be opened all over the country. 

Various insurance companies also offer some important points regarding road safety. Accordingly, young drivers should be banned from driving late at night, training should be imparted to drivers only by experienced persons.

Alcohol/drugs should be completely banned. Large vehicles should be banned from entering residential areas. ”

Travel insurance plans mean when and where you will drive, in case of an accident you will be given financial assistance according to your trip. 

These rules apply in selected countries. Remove vehicles on the roads as needed. It is imperative that such laws be enacted and enforced in our country.

The government should also ban auto companies from bringing unwanted vehicles into the market. The car companies are launching 2-3 models in a year. 

It is also a waste of money. The last few months are just a few examples of the growing number of traffic jams on the main roads of North India. .

There is also a need to emphasize on the safe design of vehicles/vehicles and increase their fuel-saving compatibility to avoid accidents. 

Mileage (km per liter) of diesel and petrol vehicles is still limited to a few milliliters, latest engine Using technology this range is 20-25 km / l. Only pollution-free vehicles should get permits.

GPS Nano G. P. Contribution of S Nano Satellite System to Road Safety

The availability and accuracy of the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system will make vehicle security smoother and stronger.

The use of this system will prevent motor/vehicle accidents on the roads. 

The use of this automatic collection system will allow the exact presence of vehicles on the roads to know in which direction and at what speed the vehicle is moving. 

The stationary satellite system will also be able to accurately detect obstacles on the roads for vehicles.

India has launched 104 satellites from different countries in space, including two Nano satellites from the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO), which will work for India's latest and most advanced communications system. 

The nano-sensors installed in the car will keep an accurate eye on the roads and traffic. GPS receivers are being installed in modern cars and buses.

With the help of the internet, these receivers will be directly connected to the satellite system, and on the receiver screen in the vehicle, the driver will be able to get advanced information about the journey. The perpetrators will be issued a warning at the same time.

The GPS (Global Stable Satellite) system will also curb road and rail accidents in fog. The GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system will be a boon for future smart roads and secure transport networks.

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200/250 words Road safety essay in 10 lines

(1) Always read and follow traffic rules and signs carefully.

(2) Seat belts must be used while driving. Be sure to use vehicle indicators when turning.

(3) Do not drive at over speed. 50-70 km Vehicle speed per hour remains normal

(4) Do not use a mobile phone while driving.

(5) Be sure to wear a helmet when riding a scooter or motorcycle.

(6) Minors should not drive.

(7) Slow down at zebra crossings and always give priority to pedestrians.

(8) Be sure to have your vehicle checked from time to time.

Are So get the vehicle checked thoroughly by a mechanic and also get timely service

Get it

(9) You will only be able to drive if you have a permanent or temporary license. You cannot drive on the road without a regular license.

(10) Always cooperate with the traffic police. Always be civilized and walk on the road. Roads belong to everyone

Common, don't get dirty on the roads. Fruit peels, garbage, stones, boulders, etc.

Don't throw, they can all cause an accident. If they are lying, be very careful

Pick it up and set it aside.

(11) Driving under the influence of alcohol is tantamount to direct death. Never do that.

(12) Never drive on the roads out of arrogance or frustration.

Can be dangerous for and for others.

(13) Always drive in your lane or on the left side.

Road safety essay conclusion

Cross the oncoming vehicle on the right only after fully anticipating the oncoming vehicles. So it is the responsibility of all of us to adopt and follow the important rules of road safety. 

Governments should also pay special attention to this because the economy of any country depends on the living conditions of its people and good road construction. It seems so.


Why are traffic rules important?

Traffic rules are important for the safety of every human being. Sometimes there are many accidents while driving. So everyone should know the rules of road safety.