How to become a Cyber Security Expert after 10th or 12th class in 2021 information article/essay

What do you mean by cyber crime: "When somebody do something wrong on internet, for example hack data, blackmainling or other threats happen on internet."

This is an article/essay about cyber security course, in which almost explained everything like how to start a career in cybersecurity after 10th or 12th in India, USA, UK, Austalia, Canada or worldwide

There are also best free online cyber security courses with certificates in uk, Australia also. Student can do diploma in cybersecurity online too. for example cryptography in cyber security.

Where are the best or top colleges for cybersecurity courses, their fees, and eligibility? How to get a job in cyberspace or security with a good salary package in multinational companies with no experience

I tried to explain everything in this article about learning cyber security from scratch for students or those who are working and want to do cybersecurity course and make their career as cybersecurity analyst while doing the job. 

The courses are available in both government and private colleges in India

How to become Cyber Security Expert after 10th or 12th class

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Why do study cyber security training courses and certificate programs?

Cyber ​​security is a major issue today. There are many standards related to cybersecurity, there are many aspects, which require expert in this field to understand. 

In the online world, we see incidents like fraud, breach of privacy, account hacking, misuse of personal data all around us. 

These are the challenges of the online world to deal with the demand of professional cybersecurity experts

Recently, the accounts of celebrities like Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama were hacked, and the topic of cybersecurity was again debated. Career prospects have also increased in this field.

Today, when the whole world is constantly facing serious problems like 'hacking', the field of cybersecurity becomes very important. 

It also has good career prospects. If seen, India has the highest number of Internet users after China. As Internet usage in the country and the world is increasing, the cases of cybercrime have also increased.

According to a report, 1.76 billion records were leaked in January 2019. Even the biggest brands of the world do not protect themselves from these cyber attacks. 

Moreover, India has already been counted among the top 5 countries in the world where Cyber ​​Criminals have carried out the most attacks in the last few years. 

Therefore, organizations around the world have started taking cyber security more seriously than before. To protect hardware and software, international level work is being done day and night.

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What is importance of Cyber Security Course

The Cyber-Security course is a specialized area of ​​information technology in which students are given the skills and knowledge to prevent cybercrime and internet security. 

Today in our life computer internet is much more important and that is why we do many things in our life with the help of internet. But the problem comes when another person hurts us after getting our personal information. 

Just as the Internet and computer sector is making immense progress today, in the same way, cybercrime ie online crime is also increasing. A cybersecurity course is conducted to stop these online frauds.

For your information here, let us know that the crimes committed through the internet like credit card theft, blackmailing, stocking, online fraud, etc. are increasing very much at this time, which is a cybersecurity expert to control.

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Types of cyber security

There are many different layers of cybersecurity, which provide greater security to a network, using both hardware devices and software.

Network Access Control: - is a fairly secure process to connect to the network, in which the policy is made according to the users and their network rights are limited.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): - This process enhances the security of data, in which there is no risk of data theft or leaking, that is, the data is completely encoded.

Network & Gateway Security: - It can be called the first layer of the network, by which the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network is controlled, and the Threats and Attacks coming into the network are prevented. It mainly uses Firewall Device.

Application Security: - The development and installation phase of all the applications used in the network is taken into account so that there is no shortage of them. 

If an application is to be installed in the network, a security process is passed, in which a password is mandatory for its installation and limited user rights are imposed.

Email Security: - Email security for the prevention of email threats Devices such as Spam Filters hardware or software is used.

Antivirus & Anti Spyware Software: - The most guarded security in the network security is the computer, for which it is very important to have antivirus software in the computer, so as to prevent the damage caused by the virus.

Along with all these security layers, an Internet user is also required to follow certain rules at their level, such as using Strong Password and not opening unknown email attachments.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Malware: - Malware contains all kinds of malicious software, such as Spyware, Ransomware, Virus and Worms, in a computer or network. Most of the main sources of coming types of threats are Links and Email Attachments.

In which, if a user clicks, the software or script is run, after which the user is controlled from the computer and all the services connected to the network are blocked and Spyware starts transmitting data.

Phishing: - In this, emails are sent to the users in the name of respected institutions, and Personal information is sought, such as those related to debit cards and credit cards. Information etc. and this has become a common thing these days.

Man In The Middle: - In MitM Attack, communication between any two people is manipulated by the attacker, that is, the attacker has control of the communication between the two, which the user has no idea. Remains, and all the necessary information reaches the attacker.

Zero-Day: - In this, hackers target Loopholes of a software which the software publisher has no idea about, and the software is completely manipulated by the hacker even before the publisher removes Recovery Patch. 

Apart from all these Cyber ​​Security attacks, there are several types of Threats, which can harm the Internet user.

Benefits Of Cyber ​​Security

There are many advantages of cyber security, by this the network can be protected from external threats coming from the Internet at every level, so that a common user can secure and perform his work on the network and the Internet.

 Main advantages of Cyber ​​Security are as follows.

  • The network is protected, allowing unwanted access to enter the network can be stopped.
  • Restriction can be imposed on network users along with external security, Which can prevent unwanted activities.
  • Damage from Malware can be avoided, in which all types of Threats. There is a risk, such as Virus, Spyware, Worm, Ransomware, Adware and many more which can threaten data and device.
  • Data is provided security, so that the risk of important data leaks or theft decreases.

Popular Cyber ​​Security Course

Undergraduate, diploma, and certificate courses are offered in the course. We are giving you the following information about some cyber security courses, which are as follows-

  • BSc in cyber-security
  • B E Information Technology with IBM
  • BTech in Computer science engineering with cybersecurity and Quick heal
  • BTech in Computer science engineering with Cyber-​​security and forensic
  • BCA with Microsoft cloud computing and cyber secure
  • BCA Hons in cyber-security
  • IT Management and Cyber ​​Security
  • Computer Science with Cyber ​​Security and Quick Heal

Current scenario

In today's time, all the people of the world use the Internet due to which cyber crimes have also increased. In such a situation, the help of cybersecurity expert is taken to prevent these crimes. 

Hence any candidate can make a good start to his career after doing cybersecurity course in which he will not have trouble in finding a job and also the opportunity for promotion See you very much. 

The demand for cyber experts will increase even more in the coming few years due to which there are many opportunities to work in this field.

Entrance Exam for Cyber ​​Security Course

If you want to take cybersecurity course from a recognized institute or government institute, then for that you have to take the entrance test which is as follows-

  • JEE mains
  • NEET
  • JET

What is the admission process for cyber security course

To take admission in the degree course of cybersecurity course one has to pass the national level examinations. Also, there are some colleges which have their own entrance exam. 

If a candidate wants to take a certificate course, then he does not have to give any type of entrance test.

What should be the qualification for cyber-security course 

  • 12th class pass from a recognized board
  • Must pass Science stream in 12th standard, which must have Mathematics.
  • The candidate should also have better computer knowledge.

Fees for cybersecurity courses

Your fee for doing an undergraduate courses in cybersecurity course will be according to your institute because the fee structure of each institute is different. 

If you are doing a course from a government college, then you may have to pay fees ranging from one lakh to three lakhs. 

But if you are doing a cyber security course from a private college, then it can be quite expensive, for which you will have to pay fees ranging from two lakh to ten lakh rupees.

What are the courses / subjects of cybersecurity course

  • Following is the syllabus of the course
  • Introduction to cybersecurity. 
  • Cyber ​​Laws
  • Basics of Networking
  • Cryptography
  • Footprinting and system hacking
  • Networking scanning
  • Mobile and web application security
  • Firewall Protection
  • Web Servers
  • Cloud  Security
  • Cyber threats and attacks

Colleges for doing cyber security courses

There are many cybersecurity colleges in India and USA. But we are telling you about the colleges and institutes which are very famous.

Colleges and university in India 

  • Marwari University-MU, Rajkot
  • Jain University Bengaluru
  • Doctor KN Modi University Jaipur
  • Jaipur National University Jaipur
  • Cyber ​​Security Course Reference Books and Study Material
  • Department of Law Delhi University
  • Indian Law Institute Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi
  • IMT Meerut Road, Ghaziabad
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
  • Faculty of Law Lucknow University Lucknow
  • CT University Ludhiana

Universities in USA

  • Florida institute of technology cybersecurity
  • University of tulsa cybersecurity
  • University of maryland cyber-security masters online
  • University of maryland cyber security online degree
  • University of florida cyber security
  • University of houstoncyber security course 

Some Books Names

(CISSP (ISC) 2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide by James and Stewart and Mike Chapple)

Computer Security by Dieter Gollmann

(Computer system security- basic concepts and solved exercises (computer and communication science) by Gilda’s Avoine and Philippe Oechslin

(safety-critical computer systems by Dr Neal Storey)

(mastering modern web penetration testing by prakhar Prasad)

What are the career prospects after cyber security course

At this time any candidate can easily get a job after doing cybersecurity course. If you complete this course successfully, you will not have to go for job. 

Because now there is a demand for cybersecurity experts in every field and the most demand is from Information Technology Department and IT companies. 

Along with this, a cyber expert is also required in telecom, banking, online payment apps like Paytm, Bhima etc.

Attractive salary package: 

Data scientists all over the world, including India, get a good package from the beginning, but cyber security experts are no less than them in this case. 

Since the issue related to cybersecurity relates to the security structure of any company or organization, companies spend large sums of money to hire qualified people.

There are many white hat hackers around the world who continuously help various companies to fight cyber attacks. 

The exciting thing is that as a cybersecurity expert you can also get opportunities to work with high-profile agencies like CBI, NSA etc. 

Interested youth can enter this field after doing MTech in Information Security, Cyber ​​Security, besides doing BTech or BE in Computer Engineering, Network Engineering, Computer Science, IT as told above about courses. 

You can also work as Security Engineer, Security Architect, Security Analyst. Along with this, there are also good opportunities in cloud security and the security of industrial systems.

After doing a cybersecurity course, you can get salary of Rs. 25,000-40,000 every month in the beginning itself. 

But when you get experience, after that you will be able to earn millions of rupees/dollers a month. You will get many opportunities to move forward in this field where your career and future will be very good.

Cyberspace and cyber security  jobs

The fields of cyberspace and cybersecurity have become important career options. Demand for cybersecurity experts worldwide is increasing rapidly. 

To deal with the threats related to cyber-security at the global level, cybersecurity experts should have clear, nuanced and comprehensive knowledge of various aspects related to it. 

The more and the latest information you will keep about cyber-security, the more work projects you will have. The specialization field associated with cyberspace varies. 

Some of the jobs associated with cybersecurity are security analysts, security architects, security consultants etc. and all these job roles have become very important for organizations nowadays.

Jobs in the private sector

After becoming a cyber security expert you will have a golden future where you will have no difficulty in finding a job. You can very easily apply for any private-sector job. 

You can work in any company as Chief Information Security Officer, Security Auditor, Security Analyst, Security Code Auditor, Security Specialist, Application Security Officer etc.

Government sector jobs

After doing cyber security course, one can also apply for job in various government institutions. You can apply for the job of Computer Specialist, Information Technology Officer, Information Technology Specialist, Assistant Chief Security Officer etc. in various government departments.


Friends, this was our complete article on how to do cyber security course today. In this article, we have told you how you can do cybersecurity course and how much qualification is required for it. 

Apart from this, we have told about the major institutes that conduct this course. Also, we told what are the job opportunities in the private and government sectors. 

We have given you all the information related to cybersecurity and we sincerely hope that this article will be very beneficial for you. 

If you have any questions related to this, then you can ask us by commenting. Friends, we request you to share this article with your friends.