Essay on Life is a Beautiful journey not a destination enjoy the ride in English (500 to 1000 words)

Life is a beautiful journey, not a destination enjoy the ride that must be traveled. and find joy every moment, trip, and mile. it is not a race or competition with anyone because it is just like a train or bus and its stations

Life is not a journey to the grave plaque with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty. Indeed it is an amazing journey to be experienced not a problem to be solved so travel it drug free. 

Everyone must understand the real meaning of it. Many poets or writers already talked about it such as Allan watts, Gordon B Hinckley, Henri Frederic Amiel, Hunter s Thompson, joseph Campbell, Joyce Meyer, Michael newton, Abraham hicks, etc, life is a wonderful journey.

In other words, life is a journey to be savored. If you fall in love with the journey you will be in love forever filled with unexpected miracles, only you hold the key of happiness. 

Essay on Life is a Journey not a Destination Enjoy the Ride

Life is a journey enjoy the ride and travel it

In simple words, love is the goal life is the journey. You must travel with a deep consciousness of god and share with friends the joy of the journey of life. 

Because life is like a piano the white keys represent happiness that counts between human beings and being human.  

Our life is an interesting, astounding, spiritual, and wonderful short journey with problems to solve lessons to learn at every moment and enjoy leisure time also. 

In the journey of life, there are winding roads that show a lot of ups and downs, sorrow and joy, etc comes but it helps us to balance a journal of self discovery. 

Life is not a journey to the grave and always be happy

A real hero never gives up and there are many example of real life. Life in quest of narrative which is a continuous journey. 

Everyone goes through different types of journeys in their life. Each moment is a new journey of life so enjoy living an examined life also. 

If you want the comfortable journey of life, You will have to struggle and face all aspects of life

Flowing rivers and streams always look good, because they inspire us to keep going. Human life is also a journey. A person who has a good life looks happy.

His successful life gives him more joy and motivation to keep going. When a person's life comes to a standstill, he is tired of his life. Then his life seems to come to a standstill.

Life is a beautiful journey to hold the keys of happiness 

Living life to the fullest is also an art. A person who is happy and busy with his work does not have to worry about his life, but he earns his living by working hard and taking care of his family.

He is always happy because he has fulfilled all his responsibilities. A lazy person sitting with his hands on his hips is engrossed in all kinds of negative thoughts.

Life seems to be empty without work, and at times he gets bored with life and takes drugs. Then he becomes addicted to drugs. He sees no straight path, and one day he commits suicide.

Whereas a happy person succeeds in his endeavors. He does not find time to think of vain thoughts, but the man engaged in work finds happiness in his own deeds. 

A person gets what he seeds

We see how happy a gardener is when he digs up the soil and sets the grass aside and then sows the seed in a clean place.

From these seeds, one-day beautiful plants grow. The gardener looks happy. When these plants grow, all kinds of flowers appear to bloom. The gardener also looks happy.

This is how a smart student studies hard and one day he comes first in the exam and he is happy because his hard work brings color. 

Due to his higher education, he gets a big job one day and moves on successfully. The caravans of life go on forever. Travelers look happy when they reach their destination. 

Flowing and chirping life makes us smile happily. After completing the journey, each passenger reaches his destination.

Life is a journey like a train and its stations

We see how the whole universe is thriving because nature never comes to a standstill. In the lap of nature, trees, flowers, and shrubs are proof of their existence. 

Smiling nature also invites us to be happy. When the birds would fly high and write a poem on amber
If so, the birds are proud of how far they have come. 

Every journey is beautiful; Provided you have a longing for the destination. Your desires are full of color. Our face is the story of our lives. 

A person who has lived a happy life always seems to be happy. He is proud of his achievements and hard work. 

The success he has achieved is a testament to his good life. Learn the art of living life to the fullest. This art will also find you in your courage and enthusiasm.


Life is a wonderful journey so Always keep yourself full of enthusiasm, courage, and joy, because if you learn to be ever happy, then no difficulty will stand in front of you, but you will continue to have success in everything.

Only courage and the desire to succeed can get us to our destination. Never sit in a heap, but take inspiration from flying birds to reach heights and keep life in the ever-rising art. 

Make this journey a happy one. You will not feel deprived in life. Life is a journey, not a destination enjoy the ride and must traveled it.