Essay on female foeticide in English for students and children 500 to 1000 words

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Female Foeticide is a huge issue in Indian or other countries where parents do not want to have a girl child. 

There are many causes behind it. Article on female foeticide has writen which shows effects and consequences of it. 

But people are not caring what is the result of reckless female foeticide in their country and society.

We should stop it and take some strict action for the prevention of unborn girls, Otherwise, there would be very less girls will be left in our world. 

Essay on Female Foeticide in English

Essay on Female Foeticide in Detail 500 words

Introduction: Our country is considered a priest of truth and non-violence. Our prayers are for the good of all but in spite of this, a social stigma has been placed on the forehead of this flagship country of peace, truth and non-violence.

This stigma has been dubbed 'feticide'. Today, inhumane acts of 'feticide' are rampant in the developed world. Crimes like feticide are a new social challenge for us.

In the olden days, practices like sati, child marriage were prevalent and the newborn girl was strangled but now the girl is killed in the womb before she is born.

Meaning of feticide: A fetus developing in the womb of a pregnant mother when it is eight weeks old, is called 'fetus'. At this time all his organs i.e. gender can also be identified.

When it is abolished by abortion, it is called 'feticide'. But today only female feticide is taking place in our country. That is, if the child in the womb is a female, then she is annihilated.

Causes of female feticide: 

Feticide is basically a problem related to female existence.

There are many reasons behind this such as sati practice, child marriage, boy's desire, woe of dowry, feeling of insecurity in the society, etc. Therefore, it has been considered as an easy way to escape from the responsibilities related to women.

It was this thinking that first found a way to kill a girl at birth and then to kill her before she was born. This is most likely due to an ultrasound scan showing the presence of a male or female fetus.

Misuse of science: Ultrasound scans were designed to detect internal diseases and defects in the body but humans began to use them to determine whether the fetus was male or female.

Entrepreneurs engaged in this profession started earning money. Upon receiving information about the female fetus, it was started to be cleaned.

As a result, ultrasound scan centers and nursing homes gradually opened up. Gradually, the profession of feticide presented a grim picture of the future of society.

Killing animals: The truth of the times was a time when in our country if anyone had to take the biggest oath, he was asked to pluck a leaf of a pipple.

Here, killing a cat or killing a cow was considered a major sin. Here every living being was considered to be the abode of God in the soul. Just think what would happen if there was no woman?

The sages and sages of India have honored the woman as 'Mother Power'. Today's society, which calls woman a goddess and a power, is now bent on killing women before they are born. This is a very big and serious social evil. There is an urgent need to change such thinking in society.

Violence against women: Although science has made great strides, violence against women is still on the rise. Such as murder, rape, arson, prostitution, dowry sacrifice, divorce, feticide have become commonplace.

Today, women are not safe at any age, in any place, under any circumstances. This condition also encourages feticide.

Government Measures to Prevent Feticide: The 2001 census data found the male to female ratio alarming.

The number of women is declining every year compared to men, which is a wake-up call for the future. Therefore, in 1994, the government enacted the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technology Act to prohibit the use of information technology in which the fetus could be identified as male or female, but without satisfactory results.

From time to time, justice committees were formed in collaboration with social organizations. The Supreme Court began to intervene.

Tips to prevent feticide:

Gender determination tests should be stopped legally. However, if there is any suspicion or complaint, the concerned hospital or clinic should be closed.

Provide moral education in schools and colleges. Strict anti-dowry bills should be passed. The rapist should be given the harshest punishment. Traditional thinking should be changed and no distinction should be made between boys and girls.

There should be maximum fines and punishments for those who perform abortions. The name of the person who reported the feticide should be kept secret and rewarded.

Prevent misuse of medical facilities. Educate the people by conducting seminars on this subject in villages and cities. Women should be given full respect in society.


In the end it can only be said that feticide is by no means justified. We need to change our thinking.

Failure to do so will result in women being left behind in the future due to feticide, which may lead to further increase in crimes against women in our society and erode the moral and human values ​​of the society. Can So we must pledge that we must eradicate the stigma of feticide from our society as soon as possible.

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