Essay on An Ideal Citizen in English for Students Class 10

An ideal citizen is an asset to the nation. There are different paragraphs/essays about the ideal citizens on this page. Explanation of What is the role of a good ideal citizen, responsibilities, characteristics, qualities etc.

These essays are written in 80/100/150/200/250/300/500 simple words so that students of class 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 etc. have no difficulty in memorizing. 

Every person or student should know how can we be an ideal citizen? Or by reading these paragraphs one can easily memorize the speech.

Essay on an ideal citizen in english for students class 10

1. Essay/Paragraph on an ideal citizen 80/100 words for class 4/5/6

  • He is an honest, unselfish, and upright person. 
  • As a law-abiding citizen, he is a real patriot.
  • He has good civic sense. 
  • He is loyal to his family, society, and country. 
  • As an ideal parent and husband, he loves his children and his wife and looks after their needs. 
  • He has good and friendly relations with his neighbours. 
  • He always obeys all the laws of his country. 
  • He makes proper use of his vote. 
  • He pays tax in time. 
  • He believes in world peace. 
  • He works for the welfare and upliftment of his country. 
  • He fights against social evils which is a must for the prosperity of a country.

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2. Essay/paragraph on an ideal citizen in 150 words for class 7/8/9/10

  • A good citizen is one who does not do anything which is likely to make him an enemy of the State.
  • Whatever his occupation or pursuits may be, he does not ignore the larger interests of his country. 
  • In times of need, he does not hesitate to make sacrifices for his country. 
  • National honour is dearer to him than his life. 
  • A good citizen must be an intelligent and wide-awake person. 
  • He should be kind and helpful to other people. 
  • He should live like a good neighbour. 
  • It is his duty to fight for truth and justice. 
  • He should pay taxes. 
  • If he is a businessman, he should not become a hoarder or black marketeer. 
  • Those who travel by train without tickets are bad citizens. 
  • To be law-abiding, morally above reproach and socially a giver of joy and happiness to a larger number of people are some other qualities of a good citizen. 
  • If he is a politician, he must not exploit his followers or make false promises to his countrymen.

3.  Essay/paragraph on an ideal citizen in 200/250 Words for class 11/12

  • An ideal citizen is the pride and wealth of the nation to which he belongs. 
  • He is, in fact, an asset to the nation. 
  • He is the true servant of his country. 
  • He obeys the law by staying within the realm of eternity.
  • He always helps to be a good citizen.
  • He lives for others and does not live alone.
  • He has a sharp civic sense. 
  • He is always aware of his fundamental rights and duties
  • He does no harm to anyone and lives according to the principle of "live and let live".
  • He thinks far and wide and inspires others to do good.
  • In a democracy, an ideal citizen is the very hope of the country. 
  • He makes proper use of his vote. 
  • He pays taxes and leads a peaceful life. 
  • He is a good neighbour and keeps a good wall. 
  • He shares the joys and sorrows of his neighbours. 
  • He is loyal to his friends, family and community. 
  • He is a good patriot.
  • He stays away from hatred and violence and does his best to maintain the integrity of the country.
  • He strives to maintain world peace so that international harmony is maintained.
  • He wants to the good of humanity. 
  • He is a lover of humanity and the citizens of the world. 
  • He stands for justice and fair play everywhere under the sun. 
  • He is always prepared to shed his blood his for the sake of his society and his country. 
  • Free India wants such citizens as are ideal in every respect. 
  • Only then can India be proud of her people.

4. Essay/paragraph on an ideal citizen in 300/500 words

We as students are often advised by our teachers to try to become ideal citizens. Leaders, teachers and preachers all tell us to become ideal citizens. 

Now citizenship means membership of a state or of a nation. As citizens of a state, we have certain rights and duties. A good citizen exercises those rights in a responsible and intelligent way. 

Rights may be defined as powers by exercising which the good of the individual as well as of the society is ensured. Rights are conferred on man because of his moral nature. 

Every individual must have certain powers of free thought and expression to develop his personality. Human personality cannot blossom without certain basic freedoms. 

An ideal citizen is a great national asset. He loves the country of his birth or adoption from the core of his heart and remains ready to sacrifice his life rather than bring a blot upon its fair name. 

In times of peace and war, he acts as a true patriot. His every action is guided by the desire to work for the welfare of the native land. He is a bitter enemy of the enemies of the nation.

An ideal citizen is more conscious of his duties than of his rights. He knows that rights and duties go together. He gives value to the rights of others as much as his own. 

He follows what late President Kennedy said, “Ask, not what your-country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

A good citizen respects and obeys the laws and institutions of his country. He does not tolerate them as a necessary evil. He has respect for law in his heart. 

He is ever ready to fight for truth and justice. He has sympathy for convicts and criminals. He strains every nerve to uproot forces of disorder and chaos. 

He lends his helping hand to the government to keep well law and order in the country. Another quality of a good citizen is that he is kind and helpful to his fellow countrymen. 

He lives like a good neighbour and respectable member of society. He is fair and square in his dealings. He is broad-minded and above petty considerations of caste, colour and creed. 

He is impartial and objective in his judgement. A good citizen has active participation in the social and political affairs of the country. 

He makes proper use of his franchise. He takes a keen interest in the national problems and tries his best to contribute his share in solving them. 

He is a man of action and believes more in doing something practical than merely brooding over it. He is most conscientious in the discharge of his duties towards his family, his society and his country. 

An ideal citizen is conscious of the glory of his country and tries his best to enhance it. He does not remain lost in ‘getting and spending. 

He does not believe in hoarding, black marketing and corruption. He hates all those people who indulge in anti-social and anti-national activities. 

He does not want to feather his own nest at the cost of his countrymen. He does not fall out with the people in the name of the language, religion and province. 

He is a great social worker who spends the major part of his time in serving the teeming millions of his country. He is always sincere, straightforward and frank. He is progressive, hospitable and courteous.

An ideal citizen is cosmopolitan in his outlook. For him, no men are foreign and no country is strange. He does not hate people belonging to other nations. He considers himself a citizen of the world.

But it is a pity that the number of ideal citizens is very small. This world would become a better place if there were more ideal citizens.