Write Descriptive Essay on A Scene at Railway Station in English

This page has 5 different paragraphs/essays on a scene at the railway station. Written for students of class 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12

Every essay/paragraph has 80/100/120/150/200/250/300/500 words. Students can easily memorize these essays easily and write a visit to a railway station in their own words.

A scene at the railway station always calms the mind and a different view is seen. Traveling by train is considered the best.

Write descriptive essay on a scene at railway station

1. Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Class 3/4/5/6 in 80 Words

  • Last Sunday, My father went to Delhi. 
  • I went to see him off at the train station.
  • There was a huge rush at the railway station. 
  • People were wondering here and there. 
  • Some people were waiting for the train. 
  • There are many stalls of food and books. 
  • Some people were buying books. 
  • There were many coolies and beggars. 
  • Trains were coming and going. 
  • Some people were getting the train. 
  • After some time, Train came and my father sat inside the train. 
  • I came back home.

2. Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Class 7/8/9 in 100 Words

  • Last month, I went to the railway station to drop my uncle. 
  • I bought a platform ticket and went to the platform. 
  • There was a great hustle and bustle there. 
  • The train was to reach on station in a few minutes. 
  • The passengers were carrying their luggage.
  • Some other passengers were approaching the platform.
  • They were talking happily. 
  • The hawkers were shouting loudly.
  • After some time the train came. 
  • Some passengers got down and some boarded it. 
  • My uncle got a comfortable and window seat. 
  • The signal was soon lowered. 
  • The guard gave a whistle and the train steamed off. 
  • There was silence at the platform.

3. Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Class 10/11 in 120 Words

  • I often spend some time at the main railway station in my town. 
  • I like watching the trains come and go. 
  • I enjoy the scene before and after the train arrives. 
  • A few minutes before the arrival of a train, one can see growing excitement and activity on all sides. 
  • Some were in a hurry to board the train. 
  • Some were excited about the arrival of relatives or friends. 
  • Some were not happy at the departure of their loved ones. 
  • The coolies run about with luggage. 
  • The vendor boys move in and out of the train with eatables. 
  • This results in a lot of jostling and elbowing. 
  • Some passengers keep loitering up and down the platform. 
  • After the train has left, the staff retires to their rooms and the platform gives a deserted look.

4. Essay on A Scene at Railway Station For Class 12 in 150 Words

  • A Railway Station presents different scenes at different times. 
  • Just before the reaching of the train, there is a heavy rush at the booking windows. 
  • There are long lines of passengers. 
  • The railway officials in dazzling white uniforms, the porters in their soiled coarse clothes, the coolies with red shirts, and the shouting hawkers provide a rich variety. 
  • People of different castes, creeds, and communications rub shoulders together here. 
  • Everybody seems busy. 
  • The bookstalls do brisk business. 
  • Here and there, groups of people are busy in chatting. 
  • Children run here and there. 
  • They feel excited and happy. 
  • And when the train arrives, the platform throbs with activity. 
  • There is great pushing at the doors of the second-class compartment. 
  • There is a great tussle in and out. 
  • Hawkers shout loudly at the top of their voice. 
  • After a few minutes, the guard blows his whistle and waves a green flag. 
  • The train starts moving out. 
  • Many are seen waving to their relatives or friends. 
  • Soon the crowd starts thinning. 
  • The platform presents a deserted look after the train has moved out.

5. Essay on a visit to a railway station 200/250 words

In today's age science has made progress in many fields. Today science has provided us with many means of transportation. 

From cars, buses, bicycles to trains, planes, etc., various types of traffic have reduced the distance. Rail is one of the most accessible and useful means of transportation.

Today the railway is going to connect different cities and states, India today the railway network is laid, the station is the stopping place of the railway. The platform on which trains stop is called the platform.

There are various facilities available for passengers on the railway platform. There are many facilities for seating of passengers, toilets with benches, drinking water, sofas, etc., security rooms, lounge rooms, waiting rooms, telegraph rooms, catering facilities, etc.

Police are deployed for the safety of passengers. There are also officers to guide them. There are also trolleys on the platform for loading goods on the train.

Vendors selling goods on railway platforms have railway licenses, while freighters also have railway licenses. This license is approved by the Railway Department.

Passengers get information about the train through the inquiry window. It provides clear and accurate information about the arrival and departure of trains.

The view from the railway station is very interesting and captivating. There is a huge crowd of passengers. Sometimes, just as the congestion is light, when the whole train arrives it is very late and the congestion increases with the arrival of the trains.

Similarly, it is lightened by vehicular traffic. At the railway station, it is often seen that someone is unloading his luggage with great intensity and care, someone has come to say goodbye to someone, someone has come to pick up someone. Greetings, proverbs, greetings, and many other sounds can be heard here.
The arrival and departure information of trains is being transmitted in Hindi and English through sound-amplifying devices installed on the railway platforms so that no inconvenience is caused to the passengers. Some beggars keep begging on the platform.

As soon as the train reaches the platform, a team of ticket inspectors checks the tickets of the arriving passengers. 

As soon as the train arrives, the tea trolleys and water taps are crowded. Some are pouring water into their glasses, some into thermoses, some into their jugs, some just want water.

To get to the platform, you have to buy a platform ticket. Going to the platform without getting a platform ticket is a punishable offense. So, whenever you want to drop or pick up someone, you must get a platform ticket.

Sometimes when boarding a train, pickpockets show their charisma in pushing passengers, so you should take care of your pockets on the railway platform. Passengers' luggage is also stolen from the platform every day. Therefore, you should take care of the complete safety of your belongings.
When the train leaves, the crowded platform looks deserted. It only accommodates passengers who have to travel by a separate train. But at major railway stations, many trains keep coming at the same time. The crowd and the noise are there.

6. Essay on A Scene at Railway Station in 300/500 Words

Indian Railways was established in India on 16 April 1853. Indian Railways is now the largest railway entity in Asia and uses the media.

Railway station: A railway station is a place where a train comes to a stop. The rides are the same or larger than here. There is a platform along the railway track.

People get on and off the train from the platform and load and unload their luggage. The station building is built along with the platform. 

Where the ticket window has been closed and the information center and the office for railway management have been set up at a higher place of the railway station. 

There is also a special board to indicate the height of the railway station from sea level.

View of the railway station: In the railway stations which are located in small towns, the bustle of the passengers starts shortly before the arrival of the train. 

At the junctions of major railway stations, train traffic is always closed. Notice of arrival of trains through the speaker through the crowded rails, huts. People dressed in different outfits present a different look.

Ticket window: Passengers stand in line in front of the ticket window to buy tickets on receipt of notification of arrival of the train so the fare list is displayed at the top of the ticket window.

Telephone Booths: There are telephone booths at every railway station to assist the passengers. What can these travelers do now as needed?

Waiting Houses: For the convenience of passengers at each railway station, waiting rooms have been set up by the Railway Department, where passengers can also board and board the train and work.

Inquiry Center: At every railway station there is a written notice of train fare! However, for the convenience of the passengers, there are employees of the railway department sitting in the inquiry center who help the passengers in every possible way.

Other facilities at the railway station: At the railway station there are benches for passengers to sit on and they have access to clean drinking water. In earlier times there were pots for drinking water but now there are taps for drinking clean water. There are clean toilets.

The railway department has set up shops at the station for the passengers to eat and drink. There are stalls for books and magazines. 

Bridges are built to cross railway lines. Crowds of people getting information through speakers and children cheering for the railways is a beautiful sight to behold.

Coolie: There are a few uniformed people at the railway station to carry and assist the heavy luggage of the passengers. They are still used to transport goods.

Railway Police: Railway Police is stationed at every railway station to assist passengers and deal with emergencies.

Medical Assistance: Medical assistance is also available at the railway station to assist passengers.

But such an atmosphere can be seen at the railway station. Everyone enjoys the railway station because there is always different kind of things that happens and people feels happy too.