Essay on My School in English for Students Children & Kids

School is very important in our life. Because from school we get a basic education. School teachers often ask students to write "My school essay".

Essays or paragraphs on this page are written from 10 lines to (hundred) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 1000 words. 

Because my school essay is in the syllabus of every grade or class lkg / ukg / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 

If students think about How to write a descriptive essay about your school, then they can easily view this essay/paragraph and write from this page.

essay on my school in english for students children & kids

1. Essay on my school 100/150 words in 10 to 25 lines

  • I study at Arya high school, Amritsar.
  • It is a very big school. It has two stores. 
  • There are fifty rooms. 
  • The rooms are airy.
  • Each room has two electric fans.
  • The hall of our school is very big.
  • The school has two big playgrounds.
  • One ground for younger students.
  • It has a beautiful garden also.
  • It has a very big library.
  • There are ten classes in our school.
  • Each class has four sections. 
  • Each section has about sixty boys.
  • Our Headmaster is very able. 
  • He is very kind to us. 
  • He lives a simple life.
  • All teachers respect him.
  • They are also able and hard-working.
  • They love the students.
  • The students respect them. 
  • Our school shows very good results every year.
  • Our school also holds an annual function every year.
  • Young children are also taken for a picnic once a year.
  • I love my school.
  • I am proud of it. 

2. Essay on my school 200/250 words for class 9th

My school name is ________ Higher Secondary School. It is a government school and a good school. I am in the 9th class, the school is near my house. 

I go to school on my foot. It takes me ten minutes to get there. Morning time prayers are also conducted in the school every day and children's uniforms etc. are checked.

This is a big school. It has about fifty classrooms, offices and a large library. The library has all kinds of books. We go there and study. We can also take books from the library to home. 

There are also magazines and newspapers. It is a co-educational school. There is a large playground attached to the school. We play games here. Soccer is my favorite sport.

The principal of our school is a scholar. He is intelligent, smart, and famous. He loves students as much as he loves his daughters. But he is very strict about discipline. 

There are about 45 teachers. In addition, there are office staff and peons. Teachers are highly educated and experienced. 

They are very interested in teaching and is also interested in the cultural activities of the school.

Athletic games are also organized in the school every year to keep the interest of the students in sports. Many students of the school participate in sports and have won many prizes at the national level.

A separate sports ground has also been provided for the youngest students up to 5th class. So that they too can play easily.

Our class teachers always help us to solve our educational and personal problems. So we are always proud of our teachers because teachers always build a nation.

I love my school very much. I respect my teachers and obey their every command. My school has a proud tradition. Many amazing personalities, officials, and businessmen have been created from here.

3. Essay on my school 300/400 words for class 10

My school is located on GT Road near my house. This is a very big and famous school. People from villages and cities send their children to my school. 

I consider it as my second home because the students in my school study and become good people.

Our school has classes from nursery to 12. Where children are taught to be disciplined. So that in the future students can make good progress in reading and writing. Every student studying here cooperates with each other.

Every poor student in our school is provided free education. If a student gets 95% marks then he also gets a scholarship. 

Students here study many subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Environment.

My school staff is very hardworking. The attitude of the school principal and other teachers towards the students is very good. 

If a student is weak in learning then he is given more attention by the teachers. Every teacher takes good care of the children.

Good teachers make students good people. Every student in my school is also a good friend who helps with the study as well as many other good deeds when needed.

It has many classrooms, two playgrounds, a beautiful garden, and a canteen. And we play a lot of sports like football, cricket and kabaddi. There is a separate ground for small children with swings etc.

Students are offered a picnic and a special tour during the summer holidays.

I go to my school every day and learn new things. My teachers are very helpful in teaching us. Our classroom is too big. 

It has a blackboard, a teacher's desk and chair and a desk bench for us. 12th class students are also prepared for admission to IITs or medical courses.

My school also has a very large library where 200 students can sit together at a time. There are about 5000 books in this library. 

There are all kinds of books to read. The school hosts annual cultural activities as well as games.

Along with my school library, there is also a computer lab with 60 computers. Because there are 60 students in each class. Apart from this the school also plants trees at different places every month.

I spend more than half a day in school. I enjoy reading with friends at my school. I'm proud of my school, and I love it.

4. Essay on my school with introduction and conclusion 500/1000 words

Introduction: Schools play an important role in making human life civilized and prosperous. School means the place where knowledge is obtained. I go to public school to get an education.

Children of all castes, religions, and classes come to my school to study. Our school is like a temple where every student gets an education from my school to make their life better.

In our school, everyone is given equal status. We love going to school every day because school is a place where we get to learn something new every day.

The future of any child depends on good education. Good and basic education starts from school.

School location and structure

My school has three floors. Our school is located at a distance of 1 km from SBI on GT Road.

Our school is built in a safe place away from pollution, noise, filth, and smoke so that the children study diligently in a quiet environment and they do not have any difficulty in reading.

There are many trees in our school which are very old and shady. Under the shade of these trees, children sit together and eat lunch. These trees are planted in a row. Young children also play on swings during the PT period or half-holiday.

Our school also has a large library for all students to read. In which students study comfortably. Our school also has a large ground, where students and children are taken to play every day.

Principal room in the school

Our school has a separate room for the principal. The principal can sit in his room and see the activities going on throughout the school.

The classroom timetable and the teacher's timetable are also hung on the wall in this room. The room is also adorned with portraits of great men and inspirational references on the walls.

In this room, all the teachers come together to discuss the future of the children and the new activities. All teachers should consult with the principal before making any decision.

If a child is harassing another child, the principal must first find out and explain to the child correctly so that they do not repeat the mistake. All activities are supervised by the principal.

My school staff

Our school has 35 teachers, 15 assistants, and a principal, both male and female. My school has 20 teachers who have completed their post-graduation.

The teachers at our school are very hardworking and take care of the students' interests. The teachers of our school teach according to the syllabus with great dedication and diligence and also practice the written assignments.

All the teachers look at our written work very carefully and pay attention to our mistakes. It helps us to learn a pure language and use it properly.

The common goal of all the teachers in our school is to help children achieve a brighter future. In our school, all the subjects are considered very seriously and the right and wrong of the students are given priority.

The teachers at our school are very kind and teach us to be disciplined. Our teachers always encourage us to participate in sports activities, quiz competitions, oral-written exams, debates, group discussions, etc.

Our school teachers motivate us to maintain discipline in the school and to keep the school building clean. The teachers at our school are really good.

In our school children are taught on many subjects. Every student at our school can ask questions to their class teacher if they have any doubts. 

The teacher also answers his questions with great humility and love so that the student can easily understand.

Convenience and discipline in my school

Our school is in the morning. Prayer comes first in school. After the prayer, we greet our class teacher with a kind greeting. Strict discipline is followed in our school.

Yellow buses have been arranged to take the children from home to school. To keep all children in discipline, a uniform is provided which must be worn.

All the facilities we need are provided in our school. Facilities like a computer lab, two science labs, a library, playground, a beautiful club for events, etc. are available for the students. Our school has students from nursery to 10th class.

Sports and other activities at school

Our school has a large field. Activities like sports are very important in our school. All students must participate in sports, which is why the students of the school are very interested in sports.

Our school players have also won prizes in many sports. Our school also conducts various sports competitions every year so that he can develop himself physically and mentally.

Just as education is very important for the future of a human being, sports are also very important for a human being. Man learns a lot from sports and contributes to the glory of his school.

The school provides opportunities for children to participate in sports and cultural programs, which contribute to the mental and physical development of the children. 

Teachers are there to lead the same subject, so students should take full advantage of their schools.

Duties and respect towards the school

A school is a temple of learning where one acquires knowledge. Just as temples and places of worship are sacred places for the devotees, so his school is a holy place for a student.

The Lord of this holy temple is our Guru who helps us to remove the darkness of ignorance and spread the light of knowledge in our minds. 

That is why we should respect our teachers. According to him, his teaching work should be edited.

We must follow our school rules with reverence. It is our duty to acquire the right knowledge and respect our teachers while we are in school.

We should not forget our teachers and school even after school life is over. When we get a chance or when we are free from our work we should go to our school to see our teacher, whom I will definitely go to in the future.


Schools are public property. Therefore the student should always be aware to protect it. School is not just a medium of book knowledge, but every opportunity to acquire knowledge is available here.

The school gives us the light of all kinds of knowledge. That is why our school plays an inspiring role in every aspect. That's why I love my school so much.