Essay on work is worship expansion of idea theme in english

What does 'work is worship' mean?

This proverb has a very deep meaning because work is a form of worship. This has been explained by many great people through their own philosophy.

And it is also mentioned in ancient scriptures like Bible and Bhagwat Gita. Well-known author Rabindranath Tagore has also written a poem about it, in which he says that our work is our worship.

We also learn about the importance of working from the people around us or family members and we are taught that your work is your worship.

Duty is god, work is worship means that God also helps people who work hard. This proverb is also asked to be written essay/paragraph/article with examples in the syllabus of class 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12. 

Work is an act of worship, We try to expand the theme in 100/150/200/250/300/500/1000/1500 words on this page.

Essay on work is worship expansion of idea theme in english

1. Essay on work is worship expansion of idea 100 words

In some famous lines of Gitanjali, Rabindranath Tagore tells us that God does not live in a temple. The creator is with the man who breaks stones on a road. 

This man works there in all kinds of weather. The message of the poet in these lines is that work is worship.

A man born with a silver spoon in his mouth can never understand the significance of this message. 

In India, people who are rolling wealth seem to be very afraid of gods and goddesses. They pay regular visits to their deities to propitiate them.

For them, manual labour is undignified work. So they look down upon the man who broke stones on the roadside. Manual labour is as good as intellectual labour. 

It is equally dignified. IF intellectual labour breeds an idea, manual labour gives it a practical shape. When Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden and did no work, they were loafers. 

When God made them earn their bread with the sweat of their brow, he made them dignified labourers. Work in various forms is worship in different forms.

2. Essay on work is worship expansion of idea 150 words

Man is the best creature created by God but a person is the best only when he does good deeds. Man's speed is achieved only by doing karma. 

Without karma, man cannot achieve anything on this earth. The duty of a man is to act and he gets the result of his actions in the form of good or bad results. 

Work is his worship for man because he is known by the Lord for his actions. The kind of action a man does, he gets the same result.

Karma means to do any work with passion, but if even a little faith is put in that work, then that action becomes worship and we definitely get success in it.

Every work that we do with full dedication and devotion is worship for us. The best way to do any work is to enjoy it, every effort should be made for it. 

Our work should be considered as worship and if that action becomes a burden on us, then our worship means that our karma destroys its purity. loses its quality also.

We should treat our actions as worship and maintain its purity. Karma is the most expensive jewel of man and it is the duty of every person to keep them shining and use them for good. We are worshiped only by our daily actions.

In which hard work is very important. We should do each of our work with sincerity and hard work. Nothing can be achieved in this life without work because work is worship, duty is god.

3. Essay on work is worship expand the theme 200/250 words

From birth to death we are faced with many tasks and responsibilities and we have to fulfill many responsibilities with laughter or compulsion. 

These responsibilities can be towards one's parents, oneself, one's society, community, one's wife, one's children, one's place, and one's family.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we have to do deeds. Whether it is study work, hard labor work, duty work or any other work.

It is possible to find success, happiness and progress only by walking and doing the right, right and true path. Without work, there can be no other way or shortcut that will enable us to succeed in life.

In order to get good marks in the exam, everyone has to study as much as possible day and night, to be successful one has to be dedicated and work hard.

Relying on luck alone or relying on a miracle can be very foolish or self-deceiving. Because there have been so many successful scholars, and great men in the world today.

The only reason for his success and his greatness was that he gave priority to work and worked.

So perhaps God's grace is bestowed on the one who works and the one who works hard and the one who is disciplined and that person will one day become the shining star by touching the heights of success.

We must prioritize all kinds of household, social or other activities in a systematic way by planning it properly without wasting a single precious moment of our lives.

This may be the greatest worship for us, the greatest devotion; Because where there is work there is real worship of God, real devotion to God, real adoration. Work is devotion.

An Unemployed person stumbles from time to time, is forced to stumble from door to door and without doing any work, without doing hard work he is left to curse his own destiny and his own life or in the lives of others. He becomes accustomed to pointing out shortcomings and blaming others for his failures.

While we need to work on our own, in a planned way. And to be completely devoted to that work. Only then can the plant of success grow out of the work done.

If we stop giving priority to work, work, and hard work and do not work and focus only on devotion, then how will we achieve success?

The great beings are taught to take the name of God while working, walking on the path of truth. That which is also true and will remain true.

It is a good thing to take God's name and remember God, but there is a great need to work and understand the responsibility for work. 

Therefore, in order to be successful in life, one has to give priority to life, to live, run one's life in the right way, and to fulfill one's responsibility towards others, one has to give priority to one's deeds; Because it is an inescapable fact that work is worship. "

4. Essay on work is worship expansion of idea with examples 300 words

Work is worship. A human being can get wealth, fame, glory, etc. People who consider their work as worship do not give up even in trouble, they are ready to overcome all obstacles and it is this self-confidence that makes them successful.

As God can be found through devotion, adoration, and meditation. In the same way, success can be achieved through work. We all want to succeed and success is not impossible.

It is also true that the flag of success can be hoisted only by adhering to the basic mantra of work is worship. Prominent examples of this are Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Ratan Tata, etc., who revolutionized Indian industry. 

Why and how did these people reach the pinnacle of success?, because they believed that ‘work is worship’ meaning ‘work is work’.

The word 'worship' actually represents the very fabric of perfection which cannot be wrapped up in philosophical terms nor can its meaning be expressed. 

The life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is proof that work is the basis of human life. A human being is identified by work and work maintains the image of a human being in front of society. 

Only if a human being worships work does he get respect in society. Only a human being who worships deeds is capable and successful in liberating humanity.

One can take the example of industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani, who was working at a petrol pump in the Gulf, when he thought that he too would start a company like 'Shell' and put this idea into practice. He started working. He adopted the basic mantra of 'work is worship.'

Krishna Bhai Patel, the maker of Nirma's detergent powder which is used in every home today, started his business with just one thousand rupees and he borrowed this small capital from his friends and relatives.

He made his own detergent powder and sold it on the street to sell it. He had a firm belief in his work or let's say he saluted his deeds, as a result of which his creator started selling hand in hand and today the whole world salutes him. Not one but thousands of such examples are shining in the country and abroad.

A person can be called successful in any field of life only if he guides society with his versatility. This success can be in either wealth or spirituality.

But the question of millions of rupees is how to get success? Friends, for this we have to change our thinking or attitude. We all work, but we achieve little. So the only difference is in the thinking or the attitude.

When you do something with devotion, your attention is not diverted to unnecessary things. You do your work with full devotion and this devotion to work accepts the element of 'work is worship.'

Work has been the basis of worship for all the men and women of the world who are happy with their good behavior and work. 

Swami Vivekananda and Mother Teresa can be considered as unique examples of this category. These personalities who have become the best examples of human welfare have proved that work is the best and worship is the mind.

Adopting the principle of 'work only worship' to elevate the pinnacle of success also reflects your thinking towards work. One can climb the ladder of success by considering work as worship. 

As long as you use your 100% energy to create the feeling that work is worship, you will achieve success.

True success comes when you consider your work honorable and begin to do it with the same devotion and purity as you do any of your religious work. 

Only then will the result of your hard work seem to cross the ladder of success. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam believed that you are well aware that people who work with shortcuts just to get the job done are not lucky. Working diligently is a skill.

No one can stop a person skilled in this skill from succeeding. Friends! Always remember that for a person who is honest and efficient in doing his job, there can be no obstacle in the way of success.

But a person who does not like to work and keeps postponing work, postponing today's work for tomorrow, can never achieve success. If you do your work with devotion then success in the form of happiness in your life will take a step like a morning light. 

5. Essay/Paragraph on work is worship expansion of idea 500 words

The saying “work is worship” sends a message that work is extremely important in life. According to this proverb, honest work is equated with the worship of God. Honest work plays a vital role in getting us to our destination.

The joy of success in working honestly is also unique. They say worship as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on work.

So we should always keep on doing good. No task is small or big but our thinking can be big or small.

Former President of India, the late APJ Abdul Kalam has said that if you salute your work then the world will salute you. If your work is dirty and polluted then you have to salute others.

It is said that politics without principles, development without integrity, prayers without awareness, and hard-earned money do great harm to humanity.

Work can only be worshiped if it is done with complete sincerity. The wise say that always teach the child that work is worship and that wise action is better than a prayer for worship. The idle man is a burden on society.

He can never be of any use to anyone. He does not get rest from time to time. A human being is identified by his deeds. One man was a soldier in the army.

It was only a few years ago that he was sent home without a pension by the army after losing his left hand in an accident in his youth. To earn a living, they cycled from village to village to sell slippers and boots. He also worked in agriculture with dedication, hard work and honesty.

As a result, they were able to lead a better and more dignified life. Despite being physically imperfect, he proved to be mentally perfect. Sometimes we want to do something else but we have to do something else. As a result, they fail because they do not respect their work. Therefore the work must be done with great intensity.

But some people are also lucky. They do what they want to do. They continue to do their work with determination, honesty and diligence, as a result of which they both gradually climb the ladder of success.

On March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States. His father was a professional cobbler.

As he addressed the Senate for the first time since becoming President, a senator who was present shouted, "Mr. Lincoln! Even though you have become the President, remember that your father used to make and shine shoes for me and my family .... "

As soon as this voice was heard, a shout filled with strange, ugly, and bad feelings echoed in the Senate Hall. Lincoln, made of a unique clay, remained calm. There was no expression of displeasure, displeasure, or embarrassment on his face.

After a while he said, "I know my dad used to make shoes ... knot them ... polish them. They were professional cobblers. They made shoes not only for you and your family but also for many other honorable people. They made shoes with all their heart.

The shoes they made contained their soul. He was completely devoted to his work. That's why there were very few complaints about the shoes they made.

Tell me, have you or your family ever complained to my father about those shoes? Being their son I also make shoes. 

If you still have any complaints about the shoes they made, let me know, I will repair and fix them. So I am proud to be my father and his cobbler. "

After hearing Lincoln's rationalist speech that day, there was silence in the Senate Hall. That speech has been hailed as one of the best speeches ever given by a President in the US Senate.

From the same discourse a theory was born which has been given the name of 'importance of hard work' meaning work is worship. 

The effect of this was that the artisans of that time made their profession their nickname. Such as goldsmith, blacksmith, tailor, cobbler, potter etc.

Work and hard work are still valued in the United States today. Perhaps that is why it is considered the most powerful country in the world. On the other hand, those who work hard are given less importance here.

Here the one who works hard is considered small and the one who does not work is considered big man. The filth that spreads here is considered big and the filth that cleans it is considered small.

This thinking of the people is the root of social evils. No work abroad is considered small or big. That is why they are reaching the milestones of progress. 

When our mindset is so small we can only dream of becoming the most prosperous country in the world. We can't put it into practice unless we look at everything with respect.

Because the people of a country that has accepted that work is worship have made progress. The people of that country still live happily ever after. So everything has to be done neatly.


Do you feel the proverb 'Work is Worship' is right? 

Work is worship is a perfect proverb. Because if a human being does not work in life then his life will become colorless. Every human being should work hard and only then can he be successful in life. 

If we want to progress like the developed countries, we have to work. God also helps those who do the work as worship. This saying applies to every creature.

If work is worship, why do we worship God?

God is a belief. Because our Granths tell us how we originated. God created creatures on earth. They have been given many resources to live. 

The human being is also told to work. Work is like worship. Because when any creature works with mind, his attention does not go to wrong deeds and by doing good deeds he can do good to others also. 

That is why it is so important to worship God. Work in life should be done like worship. God is duty, work is worship.