Laziness is such a mental disease, due to which a person never gets good in life. Because a lazy person always avoids working hard and avoids doing any work.

Because of this, a lazy person can never achieve success in life. Mostly a lazy person takes shortcuts to achieve success and such success does not last long.

Laziness can have many causes such as physical and mental. Laziness is natural in many people. Or people who have more money than they need, also become lazy at the same time.

If there is a desire to do something in life, one can achieve anything, but on the contrary, a lazy person always tends towards failure. We know how laziness keeps us away from success in life.

Laziness is the biggest enemy and its results

Essay on laziness is the biggest enemy and its consequences

If you want to know how to overcome laziness, keep these important points to avoid laziness and get success in life, otherwise life will become like hell. Because Laziness is the biggest obstacle in our life.

1. No one likes

Laziness makes a person weak. His thinking power becomes limited. A lazy person always thinks of shortcuts.

Due to this he always makes mistakes and becomes a laughing stock for people. No one appreciates him.

Most people don't like lazy people. Popularity decreases due to laziness. So laziness always leads to failure.

Because it is true that everyone likes a working person. Due to laziness, a person always looks miserable.

We see in our daily life that people who work with concentration, are more combative and also look happier. So to move ahead in life one should always give up laziness.

2. Lack of self-confidence

Being lazy creates a lack of confidence. Because a lazy person avoids even talking. He seems like he doesn't interact well with other people.

He does not believe in himself. Gradually he starts to distance himself from society. Due to this, he hesitates to do a job or business.

Because self-confidence is essential while doing a job or business. Thus laziness creates obstacles in the way of success.

First of all, a person should have confidence in himself. All situations must be faced. All this can happen only if a person has self-confidence.

People who do business and succeed have more self-confidence than the average person. As soon as possible, motivate yourself and try to achieve success by abandoning laziness.

3. Adverse effects on health

Laziness has a negative impact on our health. A lazy person avoids manual work. He does not do any kind of exercise.

Always rests in one place or wastes his time by talking unnecessarily. Due to this, he did not get success.

Due to laziness, a person eats more food than necessary. Due to obesity, the body gets many diseases like stress, diabetes, an increase in blood pressure, etc.

A fat person is often mocked in society. Exercising is essential to keep yourself fit.

This leads to physical activity. And the body also gets rid of many diseases. Exercise is the only way to overcome laziness easily.

4. Lack of discipline

Laziness makes a person undisciplined. A lazy person always has a sad face. He does not value time. Due to this, he wastes time by not being disciplined in his life. Because a disciplined student or person always reaches his destination.

We are taught to be disciplined right from our childhood and school days. The army of any country protects the common people by staying disciplined. 

Lack of discipline also leads to laziness. And this is why a lazy person cannot achieve success. He must change himself.

5. Not completing work on time

Due to laziness, a person does not complete his work on time. Due to this, he can be included in the list of successful people. 

We are taught in our student life not to leave any of our work unfinished and to always complete the work on time. Those who give up laziness are sure to become successful.

For example, we hear or read about people who are successful in life. All successful people have a common trait in that they never give up on their work and are always excited to do more. 

They never become lazy themselves nor do they make their staff members lazy. 

Lazy people in the world always take shortcuts which it becomes difficult for them to get success in life. Thus laziness creates obstacles in the way of success.

6. Lack of money

It is often seen that one who is lazy does not have much money. The reason is that they don't want to do anything in life. 

Such people cannot work and do no business. They ask for money from their parents or some work for a living. A lazy person gets insulted by everyone.

The truth today is that if a person does not have money, no one else appreciates him. If all the members of housework, then there is no shortage of money in the house. 

Thus a lazy person should do something in daily life, otherwise one day he will have no money and he will never be successful. 

7. Lack of interest

Laziness makes us lose our hobbies. Because every person has some hobby. Gardening, shopping, reading or writing poems, stories, etc. are hobbies. 

When a person becomes lazy, all his hobbies are lost. Many are successful in their lives mostly because of their hobbies or skills.

When laziness destroys our interests, life itself seems like a burden. Being interested in anything or art can create many creations. 

We see an artist achieve fame for his work. A poet or a singer can easily convey his message to the people. All this is possible only because of their interest.

8. Bad thinking

When a person has the trait of laziness, his thinking becomes limited. He fights with others without talking and gets stressed. 

Draws out flaws in everyone. Instead of moving forward in life, one adopts bad thinking. It seems that all other people are his enemies. His negative thoughts alone do not allow him to achieve success.

Idleness is not physical activity. Lazy people use lazy language and speak bitterly of each other. Due to this, no one likes such a person in society. Laziness is the cause of bad thinking and it always brings misery in our life.

9. Excessive facilities

Today every home has all kinds of facilities. All this is possible because of science and technology. Many people have more amenities than they need, which leads to their laziness. 

Children from rich families are often sick. Because their parents need more attention and make them lazy.

It is often seen that rich people are sicker. They do not go out of the house or office due to having AC in the house. 

Many homes or offices have servants who do all that work. In this way people gradually become lazy. They lead to failure rather than success.

10. Being dependent on others

A lazy person is always dependent on others. He asks another person to pick up the thing lying near him. Sometimes the family members of a lazy person also get annoyed with him.

When a person becomes dependent on others, he faces difficulties everywhere. His thinking power stops working. All this is rooted in laziness. Laziness makes it very difficult to reach success.


Success or failure depends on our thinking. Because everyone works hard. If our thinking is good then we get success in life. But on the contrary, if we always remain lazy, we will gradually become poor. No one will respect.

Bad thinking gives birth to physical diseases. We lose a lot in life because of laziness. Due to this, it is very difficult to succeed. Therefore, something can be done in life only by abandoning laziness. Otherwise, laziness will always create obstacles.