Humility: the mother of all virtues to make life better

Humility is such a good quality that every person should imbibe in his life. It means that God is one and we are all children of the same God. When we adopt this quality, it seems that we are closer to God and our behavior also becomes good and humility makes us real.

Many people have this quality from childhood and many people develop this quality gradually. Because humility is the only means by which we can easily conquer the whole world.

This makes a person selfless and helps the needy. In every religious book, it is said that man should adopt a humble nature. Because it benefits humanity and gives peace to the mind. humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.

Humility has always triumphed over pride.  It has made many unsuccessful into successful people. That means the quality of humility makes a person a good citizen. This also increases the respect of a person in society.

Essay on humility is the mother of all virtues to make life better

Importance of Humility in our life

1. Humility and character

humility is the foundation of all virtues. A humble person is a bit different from ordinary people. He is known as a good-natured person. He always appreciates everyone. Because good qualities are always developing in his mind. 

He listens carefully to others. Most humble people are religious. Because they always live in God's will. That is, if every human being attains Humility, the world will become a heaven. 

Where people's love for money will decrease. Man will avoid all forms of fighting. Intellectuals say that only kindness can bring peace to the world. And pride always destroys humanity.

2. Humility and love

We can only feel many things, not see them. That is how love is and where there is love, there is always humility. But it is sad to say that people are becoming selfish in our world and man is the enemy of man.

While many issues can be resolved with love. Some countries fight wars with each other and many innocent people die. This is happening only because of the arrogance of the political leaders.

On the contrary, a person should have patient, humble qualities. If any kind of tension arises, it should be resolved politely and sensibly.

When everyone respects each other and behaves well then peace will be established in the world soon. Much can be won with love. Hence the sages say that where there is love and humility, there is always heaven.

3. Humility and respect

Give respect and take respect This proverb tells about humility. Because a man who believes in humility never hurts anyone. It always respects all. It is because of this quality that other people respect him.

We see that people who believe in God and live in God will always respect others. People also respect such great men because they show the right path to wrong people.

Because things that people find difficult to accept are often accepted by humble people. Because they know that politeness and respect always go hand in hand and it makes life easier.

4. Humility and success

Humility and success are a good combination. Because there is a saying among common people that success is achieved with humility. We see that high-ranking officers have humility. 

Like Judge, DC, IPS, etc. rank officers become high-rank officers only after clearing UPSC by studying and preparing for a good rank and interview. 

They treat people with love. Their behavior is polite and friendly. So they achieve success in their career.

Similarly, there is a saying that shoplifting thrives on kindness. Many shopkeepers do business because of their humble nature. 

Because if a shopkeeper speaks badly to the customer, then his shop will stop, that is, he will fail to do business. Therefore, humility is very important to achieve success.

5. Humility and life

Humility makes a person strong. It is such a quality that a person gets success in every field and improves life. Human thinking becomes much more creative and high. With which a person wins the heart of every person and in life he always gets praise.

People with a humble nature never give up in life and face every difficulty with determination. That is why the sages say that a person should not feel too proud.

To live a good life means to respect every human being and to think well of all. Because often rich people come in pride and make fun of the poor. We see that trees that do not bend in the wind often break.

To live this life, human beings should adopt humble qualities in themselves, then only success and love can be found in life.

6. Humility Vs Pride

Having the virtue of humility destroys pride. One should treat everyone with cooperation, love, respect, and commonality, leaving aside all forms of pride.

Because humility is the priceless jewel of life. Many other good qualities come to the person who adopts them.

The world can be conquered by humility and love. It always destroys pride. Because in every religious book humility has got the highest position. And does not support the arrogant. Because pride always kills others.

Peace of mind comes only with humility and arrogance always makes us uncomfortable. The reign of many kings ended only because of pride. Those who embraced love and humility, in the world respect them even today.

5. Humility and Positivity

People who adopt the virtue of humility, their thinking changes. That means they always think holistically and thereby become an inspiration to other people. Because if a person thinks holistically, he will move forward with progress in life only.

Being positive is also a special quality. We see around us that people who make progress by doing business, their positive thinking is the only thing that takes them forward.

Humility and kindness bring happiness to man. Only good thinking can do good for others. Religious people always help others, because they read religious books, and believe that humility makes us better people in life.

6. Humility and leadership

Only a humble person can become a good leader. Because to be a good leader, it is necessary to have humility in a person. We see that the prime minister of any country or the chairman of a committee is made only by him, who can do good for others.

It is a different matter whether a leader uses his position properly or abuses it. Because sometimes, due to pride in a person, they become oppressors.

Good officers, ministers, etc always take decisions with humility. For example, in a house where the humility of the elder makes him a good leader. So all other family members also respect. In politics, people choose for themselves a person with a humble nature so that he works well for the people.


Not everyone has the virtue of humility. But if one embraces it then life is well lived. Humility ends wars in the world. Countries establish peace by making treaties with each other.

All religions have given priority to humility. With this, the world runs and humanity is given priority. Pride spoils life. Pride can make the rich poor. So pride can never stand before humility.

Everyone should be spoken to politely. This makes a man always happy and his holistic thinking makes him special. There is progress in the business. A good leader is made with humility and gets respect in society. Because with humility man distributes love everywhere and humility makes us real.