"Knowledge is power and get anything with help of it"

Expansion of the idea that knowledge is power: Knowledge produces many qualities in a human being such as communication skills and wisdom etc. As man becomes enlightened, he speaks only according to need. 

Knowledge is acquired in many ways. In life, man learns something new every day. The desire to learn something also leads a person to success.

Knowledge has its own importance and every human being needs to acquire it. Immense knowledge has been given in books and religious texts, by reading which man is also doing many types of research.

Just making money is not enough. What we can achieve with the power of knowledge, hardly any other person can tell us.

Every day something new happens in our life and gives us a new experience. Knowledge is great in itself. It has no limits. There are many examples of this.

Such as Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, etc. great people gained knowledge and made the world aware.

Knowledge gained from books teaches us to move forward in life. Great scientists have paved the way for world development. All these things have been done by man only because of the acquisition of knowledge.

Essay on knowledge is power and achieve anything in life

The importance of knowledge and Its power

Each person's knowledge is very important. With this man gets progress in different fields. Sometimes some people could not complete their school or college education due to some reasons.

But they started working to advance in life and due to their hard work today they come to the list of the richest people in the world. 

People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Because they understood the importance of knowledge and applied it in their life.

Now let's read about what a person can achieve by having knowledge

1. Confidence

Gaining knowledge increases a person's confidence. Our elders or family members ask us to read from childhood. Mostly every parents and teacher always say to study and pass with good marks.

They want the children or students to gain maximum knowledge and advance in life. Because they know that knowledge is power and it gives us confidence, meaning we can do anything easily.

If a person's confidence is low then he should read books. Because reading more and more books increases a person's knowledge and has a holistic effect on the mind.

2. Conversation becomes easier

As a student or any person reads some good text he gains knowledge. Which increases his confidence. Whenever a person is confident then he can provide good information to any other person. 

Because having knowledge also improves a person's manners and can easily communicate with others. His body language shows that the person is well-informed. 

As many people read religious scriptures, they gradually get enlightened. Generally, they have more patience and contentment. They answer any question in a very intelligent manner.

When a student gets knowledge about studies, the way they communicate is also different from normal people. Students should start reading some good books from student life.

Which makes it easier for students to do the job after studying. They can easily clear any interview. Because wisdom also increases with the power of knowledge.

3. Business or Job

If you want to do any business or job in life, it is necessary to have knowledge about it. It is often seen that people fail in their careers because they lack knowledge.

While on the contrary some people first get a job before starting a business or get experience by doing a job. This makes them knowledgeable in their field.

When students apply for a job after completing their studies, sometimes they do not get a job the first time. Because they lack knowledge. When you get a job, you gradually get knowledge of the work.

Having knowledge also leads to progress in the job. Experience and knowledge never let one fail. Therefore, it is often said that one should associate with the elderly because they have experience and knowledge of life.

4. Success

It is also true that knowledge is necessary to be successful in life. Because without knowledge no one can be successful. There is so much power in the knowledge that man can change impossible work into possible work if he wants.

If a student or person has good knowledge about his field then he will get quick success in business or job. Owners of large companies have gained experience through employment or work in their field.

The knowledge they gained during this experience is the reason for their success. Like Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam. 

Who has created the atomic bomb with his knowledge and has an important contribution to many other discoveries. Succeeds after failing. Failure also gives knowledge to man. This knowledge is power and success is achieved with it.

5. Improvement in life

As a man gains knowledge, his life automatically begins to improve. His mind finds peace and he respects others. A man starts speaking less. 

He learns something new or tries to know something in his spare time. That means he starts valuing time. Many people lose their attachment to worldly things when they attain religious knowledge. 

Such as Mahatma Buddha, who with his meditation and knowledge has guided people to the right path by giving them good teachings. 

This is how a person gets knowledge, his attitude changes and humility starts to come into his mind. It means good qualities come from him.

6. To be a good teacher

To be a good teacher in life, it is important, to be honest, and knowledgeable about your studies. Because a person can become a good teacher only when he has good knowledge about his subject. 

We see governments taking a test to hire teachers. Through which only good teachers get government jobs.

Thus many teachers instead of taking jobs, tutor students at home and become successful teachers. Irrespective of the subject, one's knowledge always increases once one starts teaching students. 

To be a teacher means to be a guru. Guru becomes only when knowledge is attained. Guru is made by acquiring knowledge in any field. 

For example, in every field, someone becomes a teacher to teach us. A learner gets good knowledge from a good teacher or guru.

7. New discoveries

As knowledge increases, man will progress more than that. It means that much research is being done with the help of science and technology in today's time. 

Only if a man has acquired knowledge about science, then he has all the facilities. Knowledge about science has led us to progress and success. 

Today new discoveries are being made only because of the knowledge of scientists. It has become possible to cure many diseases.

Man has gained knowledge about medical science and it has become easier to save human and animal life. With the help of technology, man can sit anywhere in the world and communicate easily.

If a person does not understand another person's language, he uses a translator. It means that the power of knowledge has given new discoveries to our world and made our life easier than before.

8. Respect in society

In today's time, people think that if a person has money then they get respect. But this statement is not completely true. 

If you don't have any knowledge, no one else respects you. We see that people who inspire others to follow the good path and give knowledge, to people respect more.

For example, religious gurus, scientists, teachers, etc. get respect in that society only because of their knowledge. 

It is also not necessary that a person with money will have more knowledge. As much respect is given to a teacher in our society, hardly any other person is respected in any other field.

9. Economic situation

An economist can improve the economic condition of his country due to his knowledge. He strengthens the economy of the country. 

For example, Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh brought India out of the economic depression. 

His name is among the great economists. He helped America's banks. Because he has a great knowledge of economics, he is respected even today by people in society.

Often we see that many countries are not developing because they do not have enough money to strengthen their economic situation. 

Or let us say that there is a lack of knowledge to strengthen the economic situation. Because knowledge, honesty, and business conduct are necessary to strengthen the economic situation. The power of knowledge can strengthen the economic situation at the earliest.


Man has been able to progress in the world with the power of knowledge. He has acquired knowledge about science and technology. 

Success has been achieved through repeated studies in many types of research. Because knowledge is the power that makes a poor person rich and gives respect to society.

Many such people have gained fame in the world only because of knowledge. For example, Alfred Nobel created the technique of making bombs with his research. 

But alas, political leaders have misused his technique. Because if a person has any kind of experience and knowledge, he should always use it for good.

The invention of the airplane connected the world. Having knowledge of multiple languages ​​has helped people to communicate with each other.

Man has acquired knowledge in every field and recognized its power. So a person can participate in the development of the country if he has good knowledge. Wherever a chance to get knowledge, it should be acquired.