There are various social issues in every country, due to which the life of common people is affected more. 

The people of developed countries have more control over these social issues. But the governments of underdeveloped countries are doing less work on social issues.

Mostly we hear that corruption is rampant in underdeveloped countries. Many tasks cannot be completed without paying a bribe. 

Today there are specific social issues like education, unemployment, corruption, lack of justice system, poverty, etc. 

People in some countries have no food to eat. Every day many people die just because of hunger. Let's find out what are the social issues that exist in almost every country in the world.

Essay on main social issues of every country of the world

Social issues at the national and international levels

  • Education system

Governments of developed countries have made education up to 12th free for the people of their country. 

As in many European countries, students are given free education up to Ph.D. The largest number of medical doctors in the world is in a small country, Cuba, because medical education there is completely free. 

But in many developed countries, medical education is still so expensive that students do not have money to pay the fees.

If we talk about India, business is done here in the name of education. If one wants to study MBBS then the student has to pay a 60 to 70 lakh rupees fee. 

While in countries like Ukraine and Russia, only a 25 lakh rupees fee has to be paid for medical studies.

Each country has a different level of education. Therefore, practical studies are given emphasis in a country, on the contrary, theoretical studies are conducted mostly in India. 

Many countries on the continent of Africa do not have a specific structure for studying. So no country can progress due to no education system and it is a social issue that affects people's lives.

  • Unemployment

In today's time, people from every country are studying. Because studying leads to employment. In America, Canada, and many developed countries, almost every person has to work. 

There is no shortage of work in developed countries. So everyone gets work. With which they complete their facilities.

On the contrary, unemployment in more populous countries has increased. Because the population is high, lakhs of people graduate every year. 

But the government does not create jobs for the people of the country. Young people are often seen staging sit-ins. 

Unemployment is the biggest issue in today's times. People of many countries of the African continent eat soil by roasting it. They do not have the facilities to live and eat. And the crime rate is also high.

Every year in India, many students obtain degrees like Ph.D., but those governments do not provide employment to the people of the country. 

Overpopulation in the country is also a major cause of unemployment. Unemployment is a social issue in almost every country.

  • Lack of growth

There are many countries where development is not happening even today. People are forced to live on the streets. 

Because the governments of the country develop only on paper. Even today there are many villages and towns in India which are deprived of electricity and road facilities. 

It is difficult for government transport to go due to the non-construction of roads. The level of education in most of the villages is very low. 

Villages have facilities up to primary school only. Due to this people cannot read and write more. Due to the lack of development, the people of the country have to face many difficulties. Governments make false promises to people and people take their words to heart.

  • Lack of medical facilities

Lack of medical facilities is also a particular social issue. Developed countries have provided many facilities to save their countrymen. 

But medical treatment is very expensive in developed countries like USA and Canada. But on the other hand, the medical facility in the European country Spain is absolutely free. 

But in many Asian countries, medical facilities are cheap, but it is not possible to treat every disease there.

Sometimes small countries lack medical or medical facilities. Many diseases are not curable in India even today. 

People die early because treatment is not possible. Due to this the average age limit of people living in India is only 60 years. Many children in African countries die of malnutrition.

The non-existence of government dispensaries in villages also causes trouble for people. Because there is no first-aid facility for the patient.

  • Corruption

Corruption is a problem in every country. No country is spared from it. Whether that country is developed or not. 

Corruption has affected every country. Most cases of corruption are seen in the countries of Asia and Africa.

In India, from peons to high officials and state leaders, everyone has become corrupt. Officers do many jobs only by taking money. Like land registries, sales, purchases,s, etc. 

Most corruption is done by the rich people of any country. Because a common person does not have enough power to do illegal things.

Common-class people are more exploited due to corruption. They have to pay money to meet their basic needs. In many countries, the drug business runs only with the connivance of police officers.

Corruption is a social issue that can hardly be eradicated. People from underdeveloped countries are suffering more than this. And governments tend to foster corruption instead of eliminating it.

  • Violation of the justice system and law

Each country has its own law and justice system. But bribery is so rampant in underdeveloped countries that criminals break the law without fear. 

Cases in courts take a long time. It is very difficult to get any kind of justice. As is the gun culture in America, anyone can carry a gun without a license without a specific age limit. We learn from the news that a person has opened fire indiscriminately.

Criminal activity is rampant in South Africa, where criminals can steal your loot at any time. Almost every country has criminal activities. 

But unfortunately, the justice system and violations of the law happen in every country. It is a national and international social issue.

There are many incidents of rape in India. The case goes to court, but the victim has little hope of justice. Or else the leaders are asked to bury the matter. 

Despite many robberies, the police do not pay much attention. If an honest officer wants to do it, he is transferred. 

This means that in underdeveloped countries, many things happen illegally and people do not get justice.

  • Poverty

Poverty has already increased in both developed and underdeveloped countries. It is a serious social issue for the government of every country. 

Even in developed countries, people are forced to live on the streets. Most of them are drug addicts. Because they squander their earnings on drugs and become homeless due to lack of money.

Due to the lack of any specific developments in Africa, people lack employment. That means they are always surrounded by the crisis of poverty.

Almost every country has a bad situation for the farmer. Because the farmer grows the crop with his own labor. 

Sometimes the crop gets damaged due to bad weather or the farmer becomes insolvent due to not getting the full value of the crop. Due to this, the farmer is also forced to live a life of poverty.

Fewer employment opportunities are provided by the government of the countries. People lack the money to do any work. That means poverty continues to increase. 

Robberies happen only because of poverty. Therefore, to remove poverty, governments should take measures to provide employment opportunities and control the population.

  • Drugs

Drugs are a serious issue in every country today. Because the youth of countries is being destroyed due to drugs. The whole world is affected by it. 

First, the youth are put on free drugs by drug dealers. When they gradually become addicted, they are abused. Illegal activities are done only by drug addicts. This makes drug-addicted women prostitutes.

It is because of drugs that the youth of the country is being destroyed. Heroin is mostly trafficked. Because it makes the drug dealers earn more. 

The Canadian government has recognized hemp drugs to save the younger generation. Opium cultivation is practiced in many states of India, but it is completely banned in the state of Punjab. But the drug has never been completely stopped by the government.

Drugs are the cheapest available in the form of tobacco. Governments open liquor contracts for their revenue. 

And many people use and sell drugs illegally. In which there is the complicity of the police. Governments should take efforts to eliminate serious social issues like drug addiction.

  • Brain Drain

Brain drain is also a particular social issue in many countries. Because the young generation is leaving their countries and migrating to other countries. 

This also affects the economy of the country. As many Indian students are going to study in European countries and Canada after doing +2 or graduation. Which is the reason that employment opportunities are less in India.

Another meaning of brain drain is the migration of good and brilliant students or common people to other countries. 

There are two reasons for this, one is to provide employment and the other is that there are facilities available in foreign countries. 

Students from the Indian state of Punjab are more willing to go abroad. Every day many students are leaving the country.

When the young generation of the country moves to other countries, foreign countries also earn in the form of fees. If the governments of underdeveloped countries work honestly in their own country, hardly anyone would want to leave the country.


In some countries, social issues of child marriage, child labor, and circumcision are also going on. But on the contrary, the governments of developed countries are paying more attention to human rights. 

People should also come forward to end all these social issues. People should solve some issues on their own. If the people themselves protest for some of their issues, then the governments also have to bow down.

All the above-mentioned issues are at almost every national and international level. Especially in small and underdeveloped countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc., there are a lot of social issues. 

Women should know about their rights. Every person should read and write. The general public should be aware of the injustices happening in society, only then the image of a country can change.