Education, without which life is incomplete. Studying is very important to do something in life. Because since man started reading and writing languages, the world has been progressing since that day. 

Education has been given importance in every era. Whether this study is about religion and science. As the field of learning has expanded, man has improved his economic and social life.

In many countries of the world, education is conducted for absolutely free. Because every country wants its country to progress. 

This can happen only when every citizen of the country graduates. Education is also called food for the soul. We see every day that the forward-thinking of educated people has taught the world a lot.

Essay on Education is third eye of human life for success

Essay on Education is the third eye of human life for a better future

1. Knowledge:

Nothing is achieved in life without knowledge. Without it, there is no respect in society. Man has to study to get knowledge. Because education gives us all kinds of knowledge.

We see that an illiterate person has to face many difficulties. In normal life, a person who cannot read and write, then he has to depend on others.

If we have any kind of knowledge it becomes easy to achieve success. An enlightened person also becomes a wise and good citizen. Therefore, education is very important for acquiring knowledge.

2. Positive thinking

Studying develops a person's thinking. He realizes that only good thinking can fuel the fire in life.

When a person suffers from stress, the doctor advises the patient to read good books. Because only by reading does our thinking becomes holistic.

Developed countries have made education almost free for their citizens. Due to this every person can read and write. Due to this, there is a change in their thinking.

Education turns negative thinking into holistic thinking. Which improves human life. Man has achieved progress in science and technology only because of education.

3. Development

Education is important for the development of every country. Today man is thinking of living on other planets with the help of science and technology. 

Students who study and do various engineering courses and participate in the progress of the country. As roads and buildings are being constructed. 

Human life has become much easier than before. All this has happened because of the education people have received.

We can easily talk to anyone in the world. Because the internet has connected the world. All this is due to education. Every person should study to develop.

4. Employment

By studying we get employment. Minimum graduation is required to get a job in the public and private sectors. MS Office course is also required in the private sector. So an educated person gets employment easily.

If anyone wants to start his own business then education is required. Because paying taxes is also necessary to do business. It is very important to be educated to understand the tax system.

An illiterate person gets less employment. Being educated is very important to get employment in this digital age.

5. Languages

If you have studied well about your mother tongue, it is easy to learn many other languages. Because illiterate people can only speak their mother tongue. 

So to learn other languages one should come to read and write one's mother tongue. If you want to get any degree then education is essential. 

If you want to do the job of a translator then you must have knowledge of your mother tongue as well as other languages.

Translators are often needed in companies. So it is important to study. This makes employment easy. IELTS centers are open in India, where students get English language training. Therefore, it is important to read and write your mother tongue.

6. Confidence

When a person reads, he gets knowledge about different things. His behavior changes. By studying, a person learns how to live life in the right way. 

This boosts his confidence. Because from student life to old age, one gets to learn something new every day.

With increasing self-confidence, a person progresses. Sometimes an educated person has to face failure. But with the confidence created after studying, success is definitely achieved.

The state leaders of every country always speak with confidence. Therefore, it is important for every person to study and learn to increase their confidence.

7. Success

It is also true that education leads us to the path of success. But along with studying, it is important to work hard. 

Because when a person will have the knowledge of studies and he will also work hard. It brings success in life.

We see that one has to work very hard to get a government job. Graduation is necessary for this. 18 to 20 hours of study is necessary if one wants to get a higher position in the public sector. 

Many times many tests have to be passed. But without studying there are many difficulties in life. 

A businessman succeeds in life because of his studies and hard work. Education is the only way that makes you gain a good status in society.

8. Improving society

Education changes a person's thinking. Because an educated person can make people around him aware of their rights. 

Education makes us aware of the injustices happening in our society. This improves society. Many educated people tell the government about such activities which no one pays attention to.

The youth of some villages have made their villages very beautiful by cleaning them. People's thinking has also changed. 

As the general public is also inspired to do some good deeds on the platform of social media. All this is due to education. The standard of living of people has improved due to education.

9. Leadership

Education develops the qualities of being a good citizen and leader in a person. We see that many students like to be leaders during their student life. 

Or if any work has to be done then a particular person is selected and made the leader. Education develops a person's thinking level. He seems to be doing well. 

Due to this sometimes the good leader of the people is also encouraged to contest the political elections. So that person can do good for society by becoming a good leader.


It is very difficult to advance in life without education. So education is a part of our life. That is why education is called the third eye of human life.

Many countries in the world have progressed despite having no money. This is the reason that the people there have paid more attention to studying. and has contributed to the progress of his country.

Education is a quality that no one can take away from you. Education doesn't just mean getting a degree, it means improving your life. And also to do more and more good deeds, which can benefit society.

It is important for every person to study. Because an educated person can achieve quick progress in life.