Introduction: Newspapers are an important part of our life. In today's era, the supremacy of the newspaper remains intact.

Almost everyone waits for the newspaper when morning comes. Because through the newspaper one gets information about the happenings in the country and abroad. That is why people read newspapers first.

With this, a person gets various types of information. Which help to know about politics, job, business, etc. People also advertise their businesses through this.

Each newspaper also provides a literary page, which carries entertainment stories, jokes, etc. Each sport is described on the sports page. So the newspaper has become an important part of life. It has many advantages and disadvantages.

Essay on uses and misuse of newspapers in our daily life

Uses and Misuses of Newspapers in our daily life

1. Resource of knoweldge:

Information about the country and abroad is available through the newspaper. This information is very important. As one gets to know what is happening at home and abroad. Through it, all kinds of articles are also published about the economic and social condition of the country.

Things that are useful in daily life are known through newspapers. In today's time, where social media has not been reached, there is a lot of information available through newspapers. As is known about scientific discoveries, weather, etc.

Students get to know about jobs. Tests for jobs can be passed through information given in newspapers. This also keeps the information about the sports world.

2. Publishing the latest news

The latest information is available in newspapers. Although the latest news is updated through the internet and e-paper. Because every single person has a smartphone. And almost every newspaper runs its own e-paper.

Sometimes getting the latest news through newspapers also gives pressure on the general public. As the government does good or bad work. Unemployment and inflation are increasing but the government is not doing anything about it.

3. The voice of the general public

A newspaper has a particular advantage in that the voice of the general public reaches the government. Good journalists write about people's problems through their articles. They tell about the injustices happening in society.

Because news is read by every person especially. Sometimes the common man cannot bring his problems to the leaders. Therefore, the state of the country is described through newspapers.

Sometimes people don't have jobs or an officer asks for a bribe, then journalists print about it in the newspaper. Which benefits the general public. If there is work to pave streets, roads, etc., governments are easily informed about it.

4. Business Benefits:

Business benefits through newspapers. Anyone can advertise their business through newspapers. So the owner of the newspaper also benefits. For example, if you have a clothing shop then you can advertise your shop in newspapers to reach customers.

Through this, trading is detected. People who invest in the share market benefit a lot. Because every share market is reported in newspapers. On the other hand, if the author wants to sell his book, he gets the newspaper published.

5. Useful for young people

Today's youth is facing many difficulties. Because of the increase in population, unemployment has also increased. 

Governments are paying no attention to rising inflation and unemployment. Young people get their writings published in newspapers. They tell governments about their problems.

If the government releases a government job, then the youth gets to know about it. If the youth want any information, they get it from the newspapers. 

They can convey their ideas to people. If the youth want to do good to society, it becomes easier to educate the general public through newspapers.

6. Selling trash:

Various functions are taken from newspapers such as old newspaper trash being sold. People earn money from it. 

Art lovers make many works of art from newspapers. Envelopes are made from it. which people use for their belongings.

Much school-children paste old newspaper covers on their copies and books. It means that even though the newspaper is old, it gives many benefits to the people.

Opinions of Political Leaders:

The views of political leaders can be easily read in newspapers. Every day they talk about the progress and development of the country. Whatever they speak, newspapers print their speeches in the newspaper.

People get information about the activities done by politicians only through newspapers. Because any news printed in the newspaper causes people's awareness. It shows what the politicians think about the people of the country.

Misuses of Newspapers

Newspapers have benefits for the general public. But it also has many disadvantages. As the people of the country are also misled through newspapers. Wrong news reaches people through newspapers.

Provoking thoughts

People believe the news published in newspapers. Sometimes the editors of the newspaper exaggerate news for their own benefit. Which the general public does not like it.

Sometimes such provocative ideas were printed in the newspapers that riots broke out among the people. This only harms the general public. When many political leaders make false statements, it only harms the people.


Many newspapers also print obscene photos on their pages. People who have a wrong effect on their mentality. Sometimes I feel ashamed to even when I start reading the newspaper. Many newspaper editors see obscenity as a means of making money, which is why they don't think it's wrong.

Every country has a different culture. But the editor of the newspapers should be careful about what is printed so that no one's mind is hurt.


Gurus or other religious books are often printed in newspapers. Photographs of gods and goddesses are often desecrated in newspapers. Because people throw newspapers on the streets. 

Due to this, the photos of the gods and goddesses printed in them are trampled and religious sentiments are hurt. Religious things should not be printed in newspapers.


Newspapers are an important part of our life. Correct information should always be given in these newspapers. 

Because newspaper editors sometimes print wrong news. This makes the general public lose confidence in the newspaper.

Newspaper editors should never publish news that harms the general public. If someone gives wrong news about the country, then he should be investigated.